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Sexual Yoga

Three types of Tantras exist in India: first, White Tantra, second, Black Tantra, and third, Grey Tantra.  In White Tantra, Sexual Magic is practiced without the spilling of semen.  In Black Tantra there is spilling of semen.  In Grey Tantra, the semen is and is not spilled; sometimes the semen is spilled, and sometimes it is not spilled.  This type of Tantra leads the devotee to Black Tantra.

Within Black Tantra we find the Bons and Drukpas of the “Red Cap,” terrible and perverse black magicians.  These malignant people have disgusting procedures in order to reabsorb the semen through the urethra after having miserably spilled it.  The outcome is fatal because the semen, after having been spilled, is charged with satanic atoms, which upon re-entering the body acquire the power to awaken the Kundalini negatively.  It then descends to the atomic infernos of the human being and becomes the Tail of Satan.  This is how the human being separates himself permanently from his Divine Being and sinks forever into the Abyss.  Everyone who spills the Cup of Hermes is properly recognized as a black magician.

In Hindustan, Sexual Magic is known as Maithuna.  It is also known as Urdhvareta Yoga and those who practice it are called Urdhvareta yogis.

In all truly serious and responsible yoga schools, Sexual Magic is practiced in a extremely secret manner.  When a yogi couple, man and woman, have been well prepared, they are taken to a secret place where they are instructed about the Maithuna (Sexual Magic).

The couples unite sexually to work in the Great Work under the supervision of a Guru (master).  The man, seated on a rug on the floor in the Buddhic position, with his legs crossed in oriental style, enters into sexual contact with the woman.  She sits upon the legs of the man so that her legs encircle the male’s trunk.  It is evident that the woman absorbs the phallus by sitting upon the man in this way.  Thus, the man and woman are sexually united.  The yogi couple remains in this state for hours without spilling the semen.  It is the obligation of the yogi not to think during the practice of Sexual Magic.  In those moments both man and woman are found in a state of ecstasy.  Thus, in this way, the couple become deeply in love. The creative energies rise victoriously through their respective canals to the chalice of the brain.  Animal desire is rejected.  Then, the couple withdraws from the act without having spilled the semen.

The way Sexual Magic is practiced in the oriental style may be very uncomfortable for Westerners.  Nevertheless, it is recommended for those people who are not capable of  avoiding the spilling of the Cup of Hermes.  Gnostics can sexually train themselves with this practice in order to learn how to refrain and avoid the spilling of semen.  Gnostic couples do not need the physical supervision of a master; however, they could invoke the masters of the Astral to help them (the couple must be alone.)

It is necessary that animal desire does not prevail during the practice of Sexual Magic.  Remember that desire is diabolic.  The “I” is desire.  The “I” is diabolic.  Where there is desire, there cannot be love, because love and desire are incompatible.  It is necessary to know that desire produces illusion.  Whosoever desires, believes himself to be in love, feels himself to be in love, could swear he is in love.  This is the illusion of desire.  How many times have we seen couples who claim that they adore each other?  After marriage, the castle of cards falls down and what remains is the sad reality.  Thus, those who believed they were truly in love in reality hate each other. Once desire is satisfied, failure is inevitable.  Then we only hear complaints and regrets, reproaches and tears.  Where was love?  What happened to love?  It is impossible to love when there is desire.  Only those who have already incarnated their Soul truly know how to love.  The “I” does not know how to love.  Only the Soul knows how to love.  Love has its own atmosphere, its flavor, its happiness.  It is only known to the one who has already killed animal desire.  It is only known and experienced by the one who has already incarnated his Soul.  Love in no way resembles that which people call love.  What people believe love to be is only deceiving desire.  Desire is an illusory substance that is combined astonishingly in the mind and in the heart to make us feel something that, though not love, makes us firmly believe that it is love.  Only the horrible reality that appears after the consummation of the act and the satisfaction of desire shows us clearly that we were the victims of illusion.  We believed we were in love, and really we were not.

The human being does not yet know that which is called love.  Actually, only the Soul knows and is able to love.  The human being still has not incarnated his Soul.  The human being still does not know what it is to love.  Satan does not know what love is.  The only thing that the human being presently has incarnated is Satan (the “I”).  The human being does not know how to love.

Love can only exist from heart to heart, from Soul to Soul.  Whosoever has not incarnated his Soul does not know how to love.  Satan cannot love and this is what the human being has incarnated.  The Perfect Matrimony is the union of two beings, one who loves more, and the other who loves better.  Love is the best religion that the human being can profess.

Desire is a substance that separates into many substances.  These substances of desire manage to deceive the mind and the heart. The man who despairs because his wife has left him for another man was not actually in love.  True love demands nothing, asks nothing, desires nothing, thinks nothing, only wants one thing: the happiness of the beloved one.  That is all.  The man who loses the one he loves only says, “I am happy that you have found your happiness.  If it is with another man that you have found it, I feel happy that you have found it.”

Desire is another thing.  The passionate man who has lost the woman he loved because she left him for another, may even go so far as to kill and also kill himself.  He falls into the most horrible desperation.  He has lost the instrument of his pleasure.  That is all.

Actually true love is only known by those who have already incarnated their Soul.  Humanity still does not know that which is called love.  Indeed, love is like an innocent child; it is like the white plumed swan.  Love is like the first games of childhood.  Love does not know anything because it is innocent.

When we dissolve that horrible phantom that continues after death (the “I”), then that which is called love is born within us.  When we reach that state, we recover our lost innocence.

The human being of this day and age has only incarnated an embryo of the Soul.  At times this emits some sparks of love.  The mother who adores her child is a very good example of that which is called love.  The embryo of the Soul can be strengthened with the blessed flame of love.

Sometimes man and woman feel the radiations of love which flow from the embryo of the Soul, but they are immediately suffocated by the violent and terrible passions which Satan gives to both man and woman.

If we cultivate those divine vibrations of love, we can then fortify and strengthen the embryo of the Soul, so that later we may live that which we call love intensely.

Love strengthens the embryo of the Soul.  When the embryo grows stronger, then we achieve the incarnation of the Soul.

Rare are those human beings who come to feel the divine loving vibrations that radiate from the embryo of the Soul.  What humanity normally feels are the forces of desire.  Desire also sings, becomes romantic and infinitely tender.  Desire is the most deceptive poison that exists in the entire cosmos.  Anyone who is a victim of the great deceiver would swear that he is in love.

Men and women, I invite you to love.  Follow the footprints of those few in the world who have known how to love.

Gods and Goddesses make love in the nuptial enchantment of Paradise.  Blessed are the beings who truly love.  Only love can make us Gods.


Although it may appear incredible, it is true, and factually certain, that science is closer to transmutation and sexual yoga than many students of yoga.  Endocrinology is bound to produce a true creative revolution.  Already the men of science know that the sexual glands are not sealed capsules.  They absorb and secrete hormones.  The hormones of secretion are called “conserving,” because they perpetuate the species; the hormones of absorption are called “vitalizing,” because they vitalize the human organism.  This process of hormonal absorption is transmutation, the transformation of one type of energy-matter into another type of energy-matter.  Maithuna, Sexual Magic, is intensified sexual transmutation.  The Gnostic absorbs, transmutes and sublimates the totality of the sexual energy-matter.  The rich and abundant sexual hormones inundate the circulatory system of the blood and reach the different glands of internal secretion, stimulating and inciting them to work intensely.  Thus, with intensified sexual transmutation, the endocrine glands are super-stimulated, producing (as is natural) a greater number of hormones which animate and modify the entire liquid nervous system.

Already, science recognizes sexual transmutation in every individual of normal sexuality.  Now it is only a question of advancing a little further to recognize the intensified sexual transmutation of suprasexual individuals.  Whosoever studies the thirty-two capital signs of Buddhahood biologically will reach the conclusion that the secondary sexual characteristics of Buddha were really those of a Super-Man.  These secondary sexual characteristics of Buddha indicate, point to, a very intense sexual transmutation.  There can be no doubt that Buddha practiced Maithuna, Sexual Yoga, Sexual Magic, the Arcanum A.Z.F.  Buddha taught White Tantra (Sexual Magic); however, he taught these teachings in secrecy to his disciples.  Zen and Chan Buddhism teach Maithuna and couples practice this Sexual Yoga.

Secondary Sexual Characteristics

There are primary sexual characteristics, and there are secondary sexual characteristics.  The primary are related to the sexual functions of the creative organs, and the secondary to the distribution of fats, the formation of muscle, hair, speech, body shape, etc.  Obviously, the body of a woman is a different shape from that of a man and vice versa.  It is also very true that any damage to the sexual organs modifies the human organism.  The secondary sexual characteristics of a eunuch are those of a degenerated one.  The secondary sexual characteristics of an individual of intermediate sex, or sodomite, reveal someone who is inverted, an infrasexual person.  What could we deduce from an effeminate man or from a manly woman?  What kind of primary characteristics would correspond to people with secondary sexual characteristics opposite to those of their own sex?  There is no doubt that infrasexuality exists in such people.

Sexual Yoga, Maithuna, the Arcanum A.Z.F. (Sexual Magic) is a type of suprasexual function that in fact modifies the secondary sexual characteristics producing a new type of Man, a Super-Man.  It is absurd to suppose that the Super-Man is the outcome of beliefs, theories, sectarianism, fanaticism, schools, etc.  Really, the Super-Man does not come from what one believes or ceases to believe, or from the school with which we are affiliated, or from the school that we cease to belong to.  The secondary sexual characteristics are only modified by changing the primary characteristics.  With sexual yoga, with Maithuna, the authentic Yogi initiates are able to modify the secondary sexual characteristics in a positive, transcendental and divine manner.

Psychology and Endocrinology

Psychology appeared to be stagnate.  Fortunately, the science of endocrinology appeared.  Now, psychology has taken on a new life.  There have already been various attempts to study the lives of the great Sages based on their biological types.  It is said, for example, that the decline of Napoleon coincided with a retrograde process of his pituitary gland.  Psychological characteristics are determined by the endocrine glands and the primary sexual characteristics.

The psychological bio-type is definitive and can no longer be denied.  This depends on the primary sexual characteristics.

Indeed, the psychological bio-type belongs to the secondary sexual characteristics, and it is totally determined by the primary sexual characteristics.  On this basis, we can affirm that if we want a psychological bio-type being, we must work with the primary sexual characteristics.  Only with Sexual Magic, Maithuna, or Sexual Yoga, do we succeed in producing the psychological bio-type of the master, the Super-Man, the Mahatma.


In this chapter we have made statements that infrasexual people mortally hate.  They in fact really consider themselves to be suprasexual, super-transcendent.  Infrasexual people believe themselves to be more perfect than the Third Logos, and they have no trouble affirming that sex is something gross, filthy, materialistic.  Infrasexual people ignore that sex is the creative force of the Holy Spirit, without which they will never reach intimate Realization of the Self.  Unfortunately, they insult the Third Logos and His marvelous sexual force.  For the infrasexual person, the divine sexual force of the Holy Spirit is something sinful, gross and material.

Infrasexual people have the vain illusion of attaining Realization of the Self by means of lectures, philosophies, beliefs, respiratory exercises, the “bellow system,” etc.  It is clear that with these things they will never transform their secondary sexual characteristics, and the result is failure.

Evolution and Devolution

In this day and age, as much in the oriental as in the occidental world, many philosophical doctrines based on the dogma of evolution are being disseminated.  Evolution and devolution are mechanical forces that simultaneously process themselves in all of Nature.  We do not deny the reality of these two forces; we explain them.

Nobody can deny the creative and destructive processes, evolving and devolving, generative and degenerative.  What occurs is that things are attributed to the mechanical force of evolution that it does not have.  Neither evolution nor devolution can liberate anyone.  This idea that with evolution everybody will achieve liberation, the goal, is a fantasy of deluded people.  Jesus the Christ spoke clearly and never promised salvation to everyone.  The great master emphasizes the tremendous and terrible difficulty implied by the struggle to enter the sanctum regnum, the kingdom of magic and esotericism.

For many are called, but few are chosen.

Of thousands that search for me, one finds me; of a thousand that find me, one follows me; of a thousand that follow me, one is mine.

Here, we are not dealing with a matter of believing or disbelieving, of considering oneself chosen, or of belonging to such and such a sect.  This question of salvation is very serious.  One must work with the grain, with the sexual seed.  From nothing comes nothing.  It is necessary to work with the grain.  From the grain itself an effort is required, a total revolution.  Only from the sexual grain is the Inner Angel born.  Only the Inner Angel is admitted into the kingdom of esotericism.  Maithuna, Sexual Yoga, Sexual Magic, is imperative.  The forces of devolution and evolution are simply mechanical forces, forces which liberate no one, which save no one.  That is all.

Many organisms are the result of devolution and many others of evolution.  The indigenous and anthropophagus races are not evolving; really they are undergoing devolution.  They are the degenerated products of powerful civilizations that preceded them in the course of history.  All these tribes say that they descend from Gods, Demigods, Titans etc.  All these races conserve traditions that tell of the wonders of their glorious pasts.

The lizard is a degenerated crocodile.  The archaic ancestors of ants and bees were Titans who existed before mankind.  The humanity of this day and age is a degenerated product of preceding races, as the secondary sexual characteristics of the people show.  

Manly women who fly airplanes and fight wars are infrasexual women. Infrasexuals are also the effeminate men who perm their hair and who manicure their nails in beauty salons.

Those writers who consider the former statement to be evolution, the return to a divine hermaphroditic state, etc., are mistaken.  The authentic hermaphrodite is not of intermediate sex.  The hermaphrodite of the submerged continent of Lemuria was complete, having both sexes totally developed and evolved.  They were not infrasexual people.  They were not of intermediate sex.  Today it is only possible to find the divine hermaphrodite in the Spirit and Soul that is fused and perfect.  The completely feminine Soul and the completely masculine Spirit are fused in initiation.  An Angel is a divine hermaphrodite.  No Angel is of intermediate sex.

It is necessary to place ourselves upon the path of the revolution of the consciousness.  This path is apart from the laws of evolution and devolution.  Indeed, this is the straight, narrow and difficult path of which the great Kabir Jesus spoke.

Yoga Exercises

We do not condemn yoga exercises.  These are very useful and contribute to inner development.  Nevertheless, every yoga that does not teach the Maithuna and the White Tantric Sadhanas is incomplete.  The great Yogis of the east and the west attained Realization of the Self with Sexual Yoga.  The Yogis of the New Era, the Agni Yogis, will have to make a profound study of endocrinology, and give public teachings about Sexual Yoga.

The Tantric postures of the Kama Kalpa are very exaggerated and many of them degenerate into Black Tantra.  We only recommend the Tantric posture of this chapter.