May 9, 1952

Santa Marta Sierra Nevada Sanctuary.

Today I have been meditating on the wisdom of the serpent.

Max Heindel wrote books that are now out of date. The “Rosicrucian Concept of the Cosmos” is of no use to anyone. Whole pages and pages full of theories and more theories that do not reach any practical conclusion. Flamboyant cosmogony and no actual realizations: that is the Hindu mysticism. Max Heindel did not become a master of major mysteries, and today those works are no longer useful for anything. You have to be practical, dear reader; no more theories, no more vagueness.

Humans need to become Dragons of Wisdom, and all power resides in the sacred serpent.

Redemption resides exclusively in the sexual act.

Instead of theorizing, it is better for a male to have a good female, and practice sexual magic daily.

The human being has seven bodies, and each body has its own Kundalini, its sacred serpent ... The seven bodies thus become the seven scales of our seven igneous snakes.

Whosoever wants to become an omnipotent god of the universe has to free his seven serpents from their scales... Then we become Dragons of Wisdom... The Dragon is the most perfect pictorial animal, because it can live on earth , in water, in air, and in fire ... A Dragon of Wisdom is a god of the universe. A Dragon of Wisdom has seven tongues of fire... seven igneous serpents ...

We therefore have seven serpents that form two groups of three, with the seventh snake, which as a sacred crown unites us to the law and to the Father.

Whosoever wants to unite with the Father, that one has to vibrate in unison with the great mother nature. Abandon urban life and artificial life, and return to the bosom of the blessed mother goddess of the world. Practice sexual magic intensely, and climb the seven fiery steps...

Humans of genius! Have no more children! May your children be your books, and may they be fortresses of blood and fire before the solemn verdict of the public conscience. Become superhumans! Become Dragons of Fire. Become solemn omnipotencies of the universe, and do not surrender your heads to tyrants. We, the lions of the law, await you from the other shore... You were already humans, now you become angels.

The whole secret of your redemption lies in the sexual act, and in the wisdom of the serpent. To battle! To battle! To battle...

May peace be with all of humanity.


The originals of this book, which deals with the wisdom of fire, was taken out of the flames, and therefore bears the mark of fire on the edge of its pages. This is how things happen... It is very interesting that a book that deals with fire bears the mark of fire... I invite you, dear sibling reader, to penetrate the powerful fiery wisdom. I invite you, dear sibling reader, to enter the fiery spheres of the fire dragons.

A diary of Samael Aun Weor written when the church imprisoned him for "healing the ill."

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