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March 19, 1952

The lawsuit is already won, thus they are only waiting for the Mayor to arrive at his office so he can dispatch the ticket for my freedom.

However, today they celebrate the festivity of San Jose, and I heard that the Mayor "apparently" is "partying." A disciple of mine informed me that at ten (10 a.m.) the Mayor will go to the office, "apparently" just to dispatch the ticket for my freedom. I ask myself: would the Mayor leave "the party" even for a moment just because he thought of my subjugated person?

Two faithful disciples came from Barranquilla to visit me. I answered their greetings by telling them, “Here they have me locked in this jail ‘apparently’ because of the ‘very serious crime of healing the ill.’”

Both of my disciples pensively answered, “So, to do good they take as doing evil?”

I followed their conversation immediately by telling them, “Here, I feel joyful and powerful; nothing intimidates me, and I have turned my jail into a monastery. Thus is how esoteric degrees are gained...”

I conversed a little more with my disciples, and thereafter they pensively withdrew, hoping that at ten in the morning I would leave in freedom. But, I continued asking myself: would the Mayor leave his "party" just because he thinks of me?


Indeed, already 10 a.m. hour cited by the Mayor has gone; the eleventh hour of the morning approaches and the Mayor has not gone to his office, because he is "partying."

My lawyer and Don Julio Medina V. have concurred to the palace at the hour proposed by the Mayor, but everything has been useless; the Mayor has not arrived. "He is partying."

Certainly, today is the day of the celebration of San Jose and there is no service in the offices; but last night the Mayor gave his word that at 10 a.m. he would go to his office solely to extend the ticket for my freedom. Nevertheless, "his word" was not fulfilled. Why?

Back in time some years ago, so many documents were not necessary in order to conduct business, neither so many certificates, nor so many requirements. A man gave "his word" and the word of that man was his document. Today, things have changed; man has already lost the notion of the responsibility of the word, and even in the judicial offices only the ink and the paper are acceptable.

In ancient times, it was prohibited for the "Initiates" to publicly speak about ancient cataclysms, because of the fear of bringing them into existence again. The "Initiates" knew well that the word has an intimate relation with the four elements of nature, and so to speak about a cataclysm is as much as to evoke it and bring it into existence again; this is why it was prohibited for the "Initiates" to speak outside the temple about ancient catastrophes.

Every word crystallizes by means of the Tattvas; thus, this is how the present humanity has created its present life (disastrous and terrible): by means of the power of the word. This is why it was impossible for the "rooster" to be absent from the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. The rooster symbolizes the "word"...

In high, esoteric Masonry, the laryngeal chakra is represented by the hidden degree of the "rooster."

The rooster of the Passion sings when the Kundalini arrives at the "canyon" or vertebra related to the thyroid gland. All the power of the word resides in the sexual force of the rooster.

The five vowels of nature (I.E.O.U.A.) live resonating in all the nature.

The vowel "I" [pronounced “ee” as in bee] makes the pituitary and pineal glands vibrate and grants us the power of clairvoyance.

The vowel "E" [pronounced “eh” as in bed] makes the thyroid gland vibrate and grants us the power of the occult ear.

The vowel "O" [pronounced “oo” as in toe] makes the center of the heart vibrate and grants us "intuition."

The vowel "U" [pronounced “uu” as in you] wakes up the solar plexus and grants us the power of "telepathy."

The vowel "A" [pronounced “ah” as in fall] wakes up the pulmonary chakra and grants us the power of remembering past reincarnations.

One hour of daily vocalization opens all of these hidden powers to us. They must be vocalized as follows:

  • Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • Oooooooooooooooooooooo
  • Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Mary Magdalene became filled with terror when she heard the whistle of fohat and heard the word "Tibo," "Tibo," "Tibo," that sentenced the Christ to the tragedy of Golgotha. "Mary Magdalene” was at the foot of a wall when she listened with her spiritual ears to the terrible sentence. This is because a sacred language exists in eternity which all the Masters of humanity utter: that is the golden language, which the Gods and the angels utter. That is the creative word.

"Talitha cumi," said the Christ when he performed a work of resurrection. "Talitha cumi" is a mantra in order to resuscitate the dead.

Huiracocha stated, “Whosoever knows, the word gives power to. No one has uttered it; no one will utter it, except the one who has the Word incarnated,” which means, the word can be uttered only by the one who already Self-realized the word in depth.

Let us see some words from the great language of light:

  • Aibu (a word of greeting)
  • Aeodon (affliction)
  • Masleim (duty)
  • Shu shah shu (indecent, immodest, etc.)
  • Pitres (canyons or vertebrae of the dorsal spine)
  • Venar (to venerate it)
  • Presem (superior)
  • Reidististina (reinstitute)
  • Equidencias

The Christ taught a great mantra in order to cure the ill: "Ephphatha" (be opened) to open the ears of the deaf and stammer. (Mark 7:32-37)

All of these great words of the light are a sublime language. Let us see some other words of the great golden language:

  • andudu
  • ururu
  • kuyo

These three words are pronounced by the prophets in deep meditation, in order to prophesy, and thereafter they contemplate the future in ecstasy:

  • Ja: The cane, or the sacred cane of our spinal column
  • Pa: Argentine milky tree; it symbolizes redeeming blood
  • Brahame: "Adam-Eve." Masculine-feminine, the cause of every existing thing

The verb of the light is an infinite verb, and the Gods use it in order to create. The final roots of all the languages are found in that great universal cosmic grammar, that the men of Arcadia once uttered. Those were the times in which the rivers flowed with milk and honey; that was the time of the "Titans"...

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The same was in the beginning with God.

All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. - John 1: 1-5

When Hadit, our igneous serpent, arrives at the larynx and we receive the degree of the "rooster," then we utter the golden language, and we create as the Gods, with the power of the word. This is why it is written in our Egyptian ritual:

Be thou, oh Hadit, my secret, the Gnostic mystery of my Being, the central point of my connection, my heart itself, and bloom on my fertile lips, made Verb!

When the Kundalini reaches the level of our throat, it blooms in our fertile lips, made Verb. The angels can create anything with thought and materialize it by means of their word. Sexual magic is the path in order to utter the golden language.

Already the Sun of this afternoon is setting and I remain locked up in this jail waiting for the ticket of my freedom. The mayor is at the celebration, and in regard to myself, I have to be patient...

A black magician incarnated in a physical body arrived just now in order "to tempt me." He was the "Judas" for my "Initiation." He delivered a false message to me, trying to mislead me from the path. Yet, I answered the black magician in a compassionate tone, "That message is for you; apply it to yourself.” Thus the tenebrous one withdrew.

At these moments, the lawyer arrived with the ticket for my freedom. I received the ticket calmly and serenely and said goodbye to the gendarmes; thus, this is how this day ended. I went to my house and there I found Frater Julio and many other spiritualist brothers who gladly received me and hugged me.

What the Spiritualists of the Twentieth Century Were

Children of Aquarius, let me now narrate for you what the "spiritualists" of the twentieth century were:

They were a horde of pseudo-sapients who disputed amongst themselves for the most abject and abominable supremacy that has been known in the history the world. Daily they were founding “new schools” where they were making the most flattering promises, which at heart did not have any objective other than the coin purses of the people. Rojistas, Theosophists, Rosicrucians, Spiritualists, Chenrezists, tented dunce cap people (and similar yuppies in each country), with an infinite variety of aromas and shades, were joined in a terrible fight for supremacy, within the most aggravated, never before known competition for the merchandise of souls.

Everywhere, innumerable imposters, false masters, and even "Avatars" were constantly appearing. All of them were assuming the most varied pietistic poses and pronouncing the most eloquent lectures, which hundreds of crazed, frenzied dimwits applauded. This was what the spiritualists of the twentieth century were.

What were they studying? Theories.

What were they reading? Theories.

What did they know? Theories.

All of them were filled with fornications and adulteries, and when I, Samael Aun Weor, invited them to chastity and taught them the powerful wisdom of the sacred snake, then they, filled with fear, answered me that scientific chastity was impossible, and thus they neither entered into Eden, nor suffered they that were entering to go in. These were the spiritualists of the twentieth century.

All of them rejected the messages of the superior worlds, and they only agreed with those schools that allowed them to fornicate. Those people neither saw nor heard, nor understood the language of the light; they only knew how to discuss theories and more theories. These were the spiritualist of the twentieth century.

When I, Samael Aun Weor, understood the pride and vanity of those people, I put my back to those groups of sanctimonious ones, and I went with the children of the villages. I went with the humble ones, the simple ones, the wretched pariahs of life, with the children of the village: the tortured people, the downcast people, the people who are daily humiliated by the evildoers, and I, filled with euphoria, exclaimed:

Lord, Lord, Lord, behold here your people, so simple and as wise as the sign of Aquarius, as great as the pyramids of Egypt, so ardent and so heroic as the revolutionary hordes of the children of the fire.

Now, indeed, we can exclaim from the summits of Calvary:

"Deo juvanti." We have made a race of Gods. We have made a race of heroes, a new lineage of Angels. Warriors, to the battle!

May peace be with the entire humanity.

Samael Aun Weor