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February 28, 1952

A new morning full of fog, on the beaches of this immense and long sea.

My wife prepares breakfast, and my son Osiris fights with his little sister “Isis” who is five years old, over some wild fruits. How beautiful children are!

I have been discussing with my priestess wife something about the temple of the masters of the ray of power. Truly, the unprepared disciple would feel unspeakable terror upon entering the temple of the ray of power. All the masters of the ray of power attend this temple in the astral body. The terror of power and the empire of love reign there. How terrifying is that temple! The forces that are at work there are terrifying.

All the masters of that temple are true veterans in the battle of life. On their faces you can see the painful traces of the terrible struggle for daily bread; in all of them the painful traces of the terrible battle for daily subsistence are clearly visible. All of them have become masters fighting the great battle for existence. What a harsh reality this is!

Here in this temple of force I do not see any believers. Where are the Theosophists? Where are those sublime theorizers of Rosicrucianism? What did all those “parrots” of the spiritual schools, who talk and talk so much, become? Where are they?

In this temple I only see warriors of life, veterans of the great battle, faces that reveal a lot of suffering in the physical world... Here in this temple there are no theorists. Here I do not see those bombastic spiritual people who speak so beautifully in the physical world. Here what I see are stark realities, and masters with long-suffering faces...

I sat to talk with one of them who looks like a beggar. His superiors severely admonished him so that in the physical world he will groom himself and dress with more decorum, since it is not good for a master to walk with broken shoes and a dirty suit. The master must always dress decently, and live neatly dressed according to the time, and the environment in which he is called to work.

Everything that is done in the physical world has repercussions in the astral world, and if in the physical world we walk like a destitute, that is how we will see ourselves and others in the astral world. So we must be careful with our appearance.

When Christ comes in the age of Aquarius, he will be born a man among men, and he will dress and groom himself according to the fashion of the age. Those who think that he will present himself according to the fashion of ancient Jerusalem are mistaken, and it will only be known that he is the Christ by his works, by his deeds, since the tree is known by its fruits.

The coming of “Christ” is needed so that he can explain and clarify well the doctrine that he taught to us, and that all religious sects have totally disfigured. When Christ comes, there will no longer be any wicked ones, because all the wicked of this age will have already fallen into the abyss. Christ will come in Aquarius, and when he comes there will only be people of goodwill on Earth.

Another comment made with my priestess-wife after breakfast, and as she was getting ready to go grocery shopping at the market, was about sexual magic.

Certain wicked, tempting demons of the astral world “tempted” me last night with the tenebrous phallic cult that Omar Cherenzi Lind teaches in his book entitled “The Kundalini” or “the fiery serpent of our magical powers.” Those demons wore horns on their foreheads and spoke to me in the following terms, “Your practice of sexual magic is very wrong, you can spill semen and the Kundalini still rises.”

This is how answered those tempting demons, “You do it that way, but I do not. I follow my practices as I do because I am a member of the White Lodge.”

Those demons withdrew, defeated. They wanted to make me fall, thus they were as wrong as Javhe was when tempting Christ.

The abyss is full of wrongdoers. Nature is very wise, and although it is true that she put seminiferous channels in the male to ejaculate or expel semen so that they could reproduce their species and make their apprenticeship as a human male, it is also true that nature put two energetic, spermatic channels around the spinal column so that they could make their seminal energy rise upwards towards the head, so that they could learn to do it like the angels.

These two energetic, spermatic canals are the “two witnesses” of the Apocalypse, the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks before the throne of God (the Innermost).

When these two witnesses are resurrected, the human then becomes an angel. We male white magicians enjoy the female, but we enjoy her wisely without harming ourselves. We introduce the virile member into the woman’s vagina, and instead of expelling the semen, we make it rise as energy upwards, towards the head, withdrawing before the spasm, to avoid the spilling of that wonderful substance within our Christonic semen.

The restrained desire makes our seminal energy rise through the spermatic channels to the head or sacred chalice of the initiate. This is how we awaken our Kundalini and become angels.

We are tired of being reproductive donkeys, and through so many million years, we have already done our apprenticeship as humans, and now we want something better, we want to do our apprenticeship as angels, we want to be angels, and mother nature is so wise that she gave us our two candlesticks so that we could light them before the throne of God (our Innermost).

I think that we as humans have already suffered too much, and that we have the right to be angels. We want happiness. We need to be happy, and happy angels! No more pain! No more bitterness! Happiness, come!

Let the demons fornicate. Let them awaken their negative Kundabuffer. Let the cherenzi-ists fornicate, if they please. But we, the members of the White Lodge, never, never, ever fornicate, nor will we fornicate, because we follow the path of perfect holiness and chastity.