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March 2, 1952

Yesterday I had thought to embark on a boat to Barranquilla but I couldn’t because my little daughter Hipatia fell ill. This worried me a bit, because I needed to give a lecture in Barranquilla for many spiritual brothers and sisters, but if I want to fulfill my duties towards humanity well, I have to start by fulfilling the duties of my home.

There is a vulgar proverb that says, “Charity begins at home.” Love is the law. Whosoever does not know how to fulfill the duties of their home will much less know how to fulfill their duties towards humanity and the cosmos.

What would be said of a master who goes on a trip leaving a sick child behind? I begat my children in the past before reaching high initiation. Today I am completely forbidden to engender children again. However, my home should serve as a good example for my fellow citizens, because a master must be an exemplary citizen.

Samael Aun Weor is already an angel. Samael Aun Weor is my true being. Samael Aun Weor is my real being.

Physically, my humble person has to be an exemplary citizen, because I am the bodhisattva of a master. So, I am a man, and my Being is an angel. My angel (Samael) works in the cosmos. He is the horseman of Chapter 19: 11-16 of Revelation, and I, his bodhisattva, live physically as a man among men. This is the mystery of the double personality, one of the greatest mysteries of esotericism. The bodhisattva of a master is made up of all the psychic, igneous, and ethereal extracts, which come to be something like the substractum of the inferior bodies.

The bodhisattva becomes the human soul of the master. We have two souls: one divine and the other human. The divine soul is the spiritual soul or buddhic body of the master. The human soul is the ethereal (bodhicitta) and igneous soul extract of the causal body of a human, along with the soul extracts of his inferior (astral and mental) vehicles.

In synthesis, we could say that all these soul extracts of the human soul expressing themselves through the mental, astral, and ethereal bodies is what we call the bodhisattva of a master, who lives as a man among men, when he is incarnated in a physical body. Thus it is said that after having entered nirvana, the Buddha sent his bodhisattva to finish his work. And his bodhisattva finished the work wonderfully, under the direction of an inner instructor named Shankaracharya. Shankara is a ray of the primitive light, he is a flame.

So, my humble person who is worth nothing is only the bodhisattva of the Master of the White Fraternity Samael Aun Weor, and logically, I must fulfill my obligations and responsibilities as any good citizen.

So I have been meditating today, March 2, 1952, inside this humble hut where I live on the shore of the Caribbean Sea, and while I write I hear the roar of the sea throwing its tireless claws to the beach. What a tenacious sea! It does not get tired of hitting the beach. And finally its tenacity will triumph when it has swallowed these continents where the Aryan race lives. Then the humanity of light will inhabit an island in the South Pacific Ocean, and at last all of us, the bodhisattvas, will be totally absorbed within the Innermost in order to enter in to that ineffable bliss of Nirvana.

Our Gnostic ritual states:

“Toast! Yes! Toast to Nut, to Nut, voluptuousness!”

The sexual, loving voluptuousness has a mantric name, which is Nut.

The Egyptian Symbol of the Divine Mother Nut Stretched Over Geb

The Egyptian Symbol of the Divine Mother Nut Stretched Over Geb

Sexual voluptuousness is indescribable. It is the Abraxas of us Gnostics. It is the fire of life. It is Nut, the great power that awakens the Kundalini and turns us into gods. It is that solemn enjoyment of the sexual connection.

The enjoyment of Nut is the breath of God, and therefore can never be bad. The sexual enjoyment of Nut is a legitimate enjoyment of human beings, but we must learn to toast to Nut without hurting ourselves. Our motto is the-le-ma. This Greek word is the mantric name of “willpower.”

“You go to women? Do not forget the whip!” exclaims Frederick Nietzsche. That whip is the whip of willpower; that is the whip that allows us to dominate the beast and enjoy Nut without harming ourselves. Nut turns us into gods, therefore the master, raising the chalice, exclaims:

“All powerful seity! Cosmic seity! Thou, whose sparkle enlightens the worlds; Thou, who art the breath that makes everything tremble and shake, with the sign of the cross (makes the sign of the cross) I conjure Thee, great Being, so that Thou mayest appear on Thy throne of the solar globe. Open then the way, the door of creation, and trace a path of relation among us, and may thy light enlighten our understanding, and revive our heart. Let thy glow infiltrate and enflame our blood so that we may achieve our incarnation.”

Thus, this is how the master chants to Nut, voluptuousness!

The whole secret is in husband and wife connecting sexually and withdrawing from the sexual act without spilling the semen. This is the solemn secret of Nut. This is how we invoke Isis in the flame of the serpent. Therefore Isis exclaims:

“Thou shalt be able to come to my bosom and rejoice, leaving a trail of extended incense. Thou shalt give everything, absolutely everything, for just one of my kisses.”

And the Master answers Isis:

“Thou shalt also give everything for one of my kisses.”

And the guardian, symbol of the force of willpower, ends exclaiming:

“But, whosoever in the glory of this moment gives dust, all shall be denied unto him, all shall be lost for him.”

Therefore, we men need willpower in order to enjoy Isis without spilling the semen, that is all. Our motto is the-le-ma (willpower).

Let us invoke the fire! Let us worship the fire of Nut, exclaiming, “Abraxas, Abraxas, Abraxas,” and let us not forget that our redemption is in the fire of Nut. And call the masters daily by chanting the following ritual mantras:

E.U.O.E., E.U.O.E,. E.U.O.E., I.A.O. (Ἰάω)

Sabaoth (Σαβαώθ)

Kirie Abraxas (Κύριε Αβρασαξ)

Kirie Mitras (Κύριε μήτραs)

Kirie Phalle (Κύριε Φαλλε)

E.U.O.E. Kirie Phalle (Κύριε Φαλλε)

E.U.O.E. Pan (Πάν)

E.U.O.E. Pan (Πάν)

E.U.O.E. Ischurion (Ισχυριων)

E.U.O.E. Athanaton (Αθανάτων)

E.U.O.E. Abroton (αβρωτον, from αβρωτος)

E.U.O.E. I.A.O. (Ἰάω)

Chaire Phalle (Χαίρε Φαλλε)

Chaire Pamphage (Χαίρε παμφαγε)

Chaire Pangenetor (Χαίρε παγγενετωρ)

Hagios, Hagios, Hagios (Χαγιος, Χαγιος, Χαγιος)


Vocalize these mantras after practicing sexual magic in order to invoke the masters, asking them to help you to awaken the Kundalini. Thus the masters will come and help you.

After a night of sailing I returned from Barranquilla. In that city I gave some esoteric lectures to the spiritual brothers and sisters. Wretched beings! I really don’t mind calling them spiritual “parrots.” These people know nothing. Deep down they are nothing but wretched theorists, full of theories and more theories, but they don’t really know anything. They all feel like “masters”. They have disconcerting vanity and pride, and they spend hours talking like parrots - yes, parrots without realization. I know highly intellectual people there, who indeed deep down are true intellectual donkeys. They have never had even a glimpse of clairvoyance, nonetheless they wait to disincarnate in order to see and feel the internal worlds, and yet they supposedly are great spiritual people, and they stroll in the conference rooms with a majestic air, pretending a brotherhood that they have never felt. Those are the spiritual brothers and sisters...

I know simpler beings. I know true initiates who work directly under the guidance of the sacred college of initiates of the White Fraternity, within the suprasensible worlds, and yet they are totally illiterate.

I know true enlightened initiates who know how to enter the internal worlds whenever they want, and yet in the physical world they have never read a single book of spirituality. They have no theories in their heads, and they are millions of times more advanced than those famous caged parrots, the “spiritual” people.

I am convinced that theories do nothing other than break a person’s hidden powers. In practice I have been able to verify it. I have been teaching the practice of astral projection to many people, and those who had not falsified their minds with so many theories could easily learn to enter and leave their physical body at will, but the spiritual parrots have been taught that astral projection “is very difficult.” Because they have falsified their minds with the foolishness of the intellect, they have broken their mental bodies and lost all their powers.

I have seen that intellectualism vampirizes, sucks, and absorbs all the psychic forces of the Being, and this is how I understand that the spiritual parrots do not have enough strength to consciously go out in their astral bodies.

The state of these beings is really lamentable. I have been speaking to them, but they do not understand me. Their minds are so petrified in their brains that when a true adept speaks to them, they simply interpret everything as fantastic and illusory. Because the mind of an adept escapes that crude materialism to which they are so subjected, and since they cannot understand it, they resolve rather to criticize and ridicule. This is the state of comprehension of those wretched spiritual parrots.

The spiritual schools are totally intellectual. Within these schools the human mind resolves to divorce itself from the Innermost in order to lock itself within theories. That is why I affirm: all spiritual schools in this century are black.

Let us understand by black as everything divorced from the Innermost. In the remote past, there were authentic mystery schools in the physical world, but today those schools of internal instruction must be sought within our inner universe. The current spiritual schools of the physical world are all, absolutely all, dens of black magic.

Now in Barranquilla (Colombia) there is another school. Some smart-alecks from Caracas (Venezuela) decided to found another school called “The Order of Aquarius,” and it seems that the business is working for them... they already have land, properties, etc., in some countries. They speak of a certain Ferriere whom they present as an avatar, and of course they are recruiting the unwary to make the cow fatter.

Nevertheless, the parrots of spirituality cover their weaknesses with that parochial statement that they need these so-called schools to learn the basics. What fools. Twenty centuries have passed since the Christ came to earth and they still have not learned the basics, the first letters... These fools are believing that they can mock the holy doctrine of the Nazarene with impunity. These fools believe that learning theories is how they will free themselves. These nonsensical ones do not want to realize that maxim of Christ that says thus:

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” —Matthew 6:33

Who among those nitwits has fulfilled the greatest commandment of the law of God?

“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and thy neighbour as thyself.” —Luke 10:27

Who among those eunuchs of understanding is capable of kissing the executioner’s whip?

Who among them fulfills the sixth Commandment of the law of God, which states: “Thou shalt not fornicate?”

You fools, you nitwits! Who of you has reached perfect chastity?

Do you believe that you can replace the law of God with theories and quotas from your dark schools?

You cretins! Do you not know that you are the temple of the eternal living God, and that the Most High dwells in your heart?

When are you being told that God is within your heart? When?

You were taught the Our Father precisely so that you would learn to converse with your inner God, and yet you are looking for loopholes within schools. How foolish you are!

Do you perhaps believe that you can know more than God?

If you understood the magical power of the Our Father... If you understood what that great gift of God means, then you would say: “Give me to drink, Lord, give me a drink.” And God would give you to drink from that fountain of eternal life, and he who drinks from that fountain will never be thirsty again.

A well prayed Our Father takes at least an hour.

You have to close your eyes and separate your mind from external things. Fall asleep a little, and then focus your mind on the Innermost, loving the Innermost, adoring the Innermost, and meditating deeply on each word of the Our Father in its conceptual content, as if conversing familiarly with the Father who is the Innermost, the beloved who resides within... deep within... in the depths of our heart...

This is how we can converse with the inner master, and after a certain time we will hear his voice, and we will see his face, and he will teach us the profound divine wisdom. So what is the need for schools if the master is within, and he calls us?

Let us purify ourselves, my brothers and sisters, so that the master can teach us. Do not go looking for loopholes. Practice the teachings of the Nazarene, and you will have solved all your problems.