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February 26, 1952

Here in Ciénaga, the day has been very warm, the people seem crazy, devoted to carnival. This carnival season is diabolical; people give free rein to their most brutal appetites.

I was at a friend’s house and I recommended some form of admonition to help a traitorous disciple, who was expelled from the White Lodge, and now he is in the Avitchi. The wretched “Judas” lost everything because of anger, and entered the Avitchi.

“Anger, lust and greed are the three doors through which one enters the abyss.” —Krishna, Bhagavad-gita 16:21

Avitchi is a state of consciousness that can be entered in life. My friend entered that pitiful state of consciousness, and although he is still incarnate, his lower ego is already an inhabitant of the Avitchi. This case is very painful. His Innermost or higher Being has already disincarnated, and the only thing that remains animating his physical vehicle is a lower “I.” The Divine Being of everyone who enters the abyss disincarnates: how sad this is.

These days I am locking millions of demonic souls in the abyss. Actually the mission that I, Samael Aun Weor, have, that concerns me, is terrible.

My conference with my disciple “John” has been long. I explained to him that all the wisdom of John the Baptist is enclosed within the human ethereal body. I also explained to him about the decapitation of John the Baptist. This symbolic decapitation belongs to the first canyon or cervical vertebra of the head, located at the nape of the neck.

When the second degree of fire power, or Kundalini of the ethereal body, (because each of the seven bodies has its Kundalini), upon reaching there, then the Initiate undergoes the symbolic beheading of John the Baptist; he exchanges his earthly mind for an ethereal and heavenly mind, leaves his filthy head to Salome (humanity) so that she can dance with it before King Herodes (the world), and the Initiate assumes a new mind, a heavenly and divine mind. How great this is! Too bad humanity doesn’t understand these things!

The midday sun has been very warm. The streets are full of people in costumes. People are crazy with pleasures. Wretched people!

I also explained to “John” the esoteric meaning of why Christ said that he could destroy the temple of God, and in three days rebuild it. And I also explained to him why the two witnesses to the Apocalypse were resurrected after three and a half days, and why Christ rose from the dead after three days.

“John” is a very faithful disciple, and he listens to me with sincere devotion.

Our astral body is our Krestos, and when the third degree of power of the fire, or Kundalini of the astral body, has reached the pineal gland, then the whole astral body becomes a resplendent sun, and all the chakras shine with indescribable radiance. The astral body is then made in the image and likeness of the Divine Rabbi of Galilee. It is Christified and stigmatized; acquires the ancient powers that he had in Eden and resurrects. This is the third initiation of major mysteries, and for this reason Christ and the two witnesses of the Apocalypse rose again on the third day from the dead. And as for the temple, this is very interesting: certainly the initiate builds in the astral world a temple for his/her Innermost to officiate. And that temple is finished on the third day, that is to say when the initiate receives the third initiation of major mysteries.

We destroyed that temple in the past and now we have to build it again, with the third degree of the power of the fire. This is the meaning of why Christ said that he could destroy the temple of God, and in three days build it again.

When our Chrestos is resurrected with the third initiation of major mysteries, we become omniscient and omnipotent, and all the luminous powers of the astral body enter into full activity.