March 8, 1952

Today I was visited by a peasant from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. I was talking with that humble man, and he made me immensely happy with his simplicity and understanding. That man knows our book entitled, “The Revolution of Beelzebub,” and he has understood it very well. He is a humble peasant, but he completely surpasses so many parrots, who read and read and do nothing. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a true bastion of Colombian “spirituality.”

Today, a spiritual sister said something about the transmutation of lead into gold. In Barranquilla there were some naive people who absolutely believed in a certain gentleman. Supposedly he was an alchemist who knew how to make gold... The funny thing is that some fools totally believed everything he said... but they are waiting for the coveted metal... Alas! This is how humanity is!

In the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, behind the sierra of the paramos, there are some native initiates who know how to make gold... but they have that secret very well kept in their Mayan mysteries, which the profane will never know. They make gold with a plant; they mix the leaves of the plant with saliva, and thus make pure gold, with which they make sacred images. In the Sierra Nevada there is a great White Lodge of the Mayan ray, to which the great indigenous masters belong. I was talking about all these things today with a spiritual sister, until the moment the humble peasant from the Sierra knocked on my door.

A diary of Samael Aun Weor written when the church imprisoned him for "healing the ill."

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