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March 12, 1952

Today, I have been thinking about someone. One night, I invited a gentleman to the holy Gnostic eucharist. Instead of the consecrated wine, the gentleman drank water; that is to say, that gentleman flatly rejected the blood of redemption.

Indeed, the tree is known by its fruits, and that fruit is black. That gentleman is an emissary of a black lodge called “The Order of Aquarius.”

No white magician would ever reject the blood of redemption. With this act in this moment of the twentieth century, that emissary of the black lodge of Aquarius committed the greatest of all infamies: rejecting the blood of the martyr of Golgotha.

The Holy Eucharist that Christ practiced in the house of the Roman senator Joseph of Arimathea contains a deep and transcendental meaning, which is the transubstantiation.

Epiphany is the ascension of the Christic forces in the human being. For this reason we exclaim in our ritual:

“This act of which I give faith symbolizes the transubstantiation.”

“And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.” - John 6: 35

“And he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me. Likewise also the cup after supper, saying, This cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you.” - Luke 22: 19, 20

The priest in a state of ecstasy perceives the substance of Christ, and then transmits that same substance to bread and wine, so that the Christic forces detach themselves from the material part, and then act on our organism, Christifying it and preparing it for our redemption.

When several people gather around a table to celebrate the Holy Eucharist, as Christ taught us in the house of Joseph of Arimathea, there is the invisible presence of the Martyr of Calvary; because the Master spoke clearly when he said:

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” - Matthew 18: 20

The Holy Eucharist should be practiced in the houses of all our Gnostic brothers and sisters, and not only in brick, stone or concrete temples. Each family can practice their Gnostic Eucharist daily, without the need to go to places of religious exploitation, such as all those Rosicrucian, Spiritist, Catholic, Theosophist classrooms, etc. The Holy Eucharist should take place around a table at home.

“And when the hour was come, he sat down, and the twelve apostles with him.” - Luke 22: 14

Thus, each home can become a Gnostic temple, and the head of each family in a priest. No more lodges, no more schools, no more sects, no more infamies, no more exploitation! The temple is within ourselves, and the High Priest is Christ. Aquarius is coming, the age of Light. Down with chains! Christ doesn’t want slaves.

When a group of people around a table are verifying the Holy Eucharist, the ceremony reverberates in all the seven planes of cosmic consciousness, and opens a channel through the seven worlds through which the sublime energies of the Solar Logos descend: and thus the bread and wine become true accumulators of Christic atoms, which upon reaching our stomach are diffused throughout our organism, Christifying and sublimating it for the initiation.

On a certain occasion I did the following clairvoyant study on the Gnostic Holy Eucharist. I was taken in spirit to the exquisite world of nirvana [Chesed]. There I saw seven sublime beings seated around a table. Among them were some ladies full of ineffable beauty... These beings celebrated the Holy Gnostic Eucharist. I sat between them around a table. Then I descended to the buddhic world [Geburah], there I found those same beings celebrating the Holy Gnostic Eucharist. The scene slightly diminished in beauty. I descended one more plane and arrived at the causal world [Tiphereth]... there I also saw those seven beings celebrating the Gnostic Holy Eucharist. The beauty seemed to diminish little by little... I descended to the world of the mind [Netzach], and the astral world [Hod], and as I descended, the luminous majesty of that sublime ceremony seemed to diminish more and more. Finally I appeared in the physical world. That was when I was able to find seven people who in flesh and blood were gathered around a table practicing the Gnostic Holy Eucharist. That ceremony was taking place on all cosmic planes of manifestation... The ceremony was taking place within a family home. Then I said to myself: How great is this! How sublime!

Today, we deliver in this book the Gnostic Mass so that every family can perform the Gnostic Holy Eucharist at home at their table. This ritual was the same that Christ celebrated in the house of Joseph of Arimathea, and that the apostles celebrated at that time when the master was incarnated with a physical body. This ritual has been kept secret for twenty centuries, but today we deliver it publicly, adapting it to home life, so that the family can verify the sacred supper within their own home.

Gnostic Mass

On the table the glasses, the bread and the wine will be placed. Seven lights or wax candles will be lit, and the ritual will take place. The Anointing will begin with these words:

Priest: I approach the altar of God, which edifies the mind and lights the splendor of an eternal youth. (Facing the congregation, he exclaims:) Chrestos be with ye!

Acolyte: May He illuminate thy Spirit.

Priest: (facing altar) Come, oh hallowed Word! Come, oh sacred name of the Chrestos force! Come, oh sublime energy! Come, oh divine mercy! Come, supreme Seity of the Most High! (facing the faithful ones he traces a cross on his forehead and another one on his chest. Then he traces a circle beginning at the center of his forehead, passing around his left shoulder, sexual organs, right shoulder and up to his forehead, closing the circle.) (facing the congregation, he says:) Chrestos be with ye!

Acolyte: May He illuminate thy Spirit.

Priest: (facing altar) Come, Thou, who uncovers the veil of mystery! Come, Thou, Mother of the seven centers, who rests in the harmony of the octave! Come, Thou, who were before the five senses, spirit, mind, sentiment, and reasoning! Allow us, the recently begotten ones, to participate in thine holy grace. Come, oh immaculate holy breath, blow and purify my internal glands where the rhythm of my life exists! Come and guide my disoriented heart so that my pure sentiments flow from that holy fountain!

Priest: (facing congragation) Chrestos be with ye!

Acolyte: May He illuminate thy Spirit.

Priest: (facing altar) Listen great Seity, Father of everything created, divine Light.

Congregation may be seated.

Priest: (facing altar) O Lord, our redeemer, let the many iniquities which we have committed and the iniquities of those who listen to us visibly or invisibly, be forgiven, so that all of us can be worthy to partake in the Kingdom of Justice and be with thee in the immensity of the Light! Bless and give strength to all who follow us since they fulfil the Law. Hear me, oh Angels! Help me, Father, Father of all fatherhood, infinite cause of everything existent, and give life to this populace! Assist whosoever follows us and grant necessary support to all of them in all the occasions of life so that they may become worthy of thine holy grace. We know thy power and I conjure thee: Come! Come! Come! Forgive all our iniquities, relieve all our pains. Give us a sign here or in the coming days.

Priest: (facing congragation. Advances one step towards the congregation and says:) I listen to your testimonies.

(In these moments the beneficiaries stand. With their right hand held up and their left hand on their solar plexus, they give testimony, relating their experiences in simple phrases.)

Priest: (facing congragation. After listening to everyone at the altar, he says:) We are grateful for your testimonies which ye give in good faith. Be comforted! For your errors are forgiven. The supreme power is with us.

Congregation: Amen. Amen. Amen.

Priest: (facing congragation) (Gives a talk or sermon.)

The Holy Sacrifice

Priest: (facing congragation) Then Jesus, the divine, great Gnostic Priest, chanted a delightful song of praise in the great name, and Jesus said unto his disciples: Draw near unto me! And they drew near unto him. Then he turned himself towards the four corners of the world, he extended his quiet look, and uttered the profoundly sacred name: YEW. He blessed them and breathed into their eyes. And Jesus exclaimed unto them: Look above! Now ye are clairvoyant! Then, they raised their eyes to where Jesus was pointing and saw a great, exceedingly mighty Light, which no human being in the world can describe. The great Priest Jesus said unto them anew: Look away out of that mighty Light and look towards the other side. Then, they saw a mighty fire, water, wine, and blood.

Priest will wash and perfume his hands thoroughly.

Isis places the bread and the wine on the altar.

Priest: (Blessing the bread and tracing a circle afterwards, he says:) Hoc est enim corpus meum. (Blessing the wine in the same manner, he says:) Hic est enim calix sanguinis meam.

Congregation may be seated.

Priest: (facing congragation) And Jesus proceeded and said unto his disciples: Amen, I say unto you: I have brought nothing into the world when I came, save the fire, the water, the wine, and the blood of redemption. I have brought the fire and the water out of the region of the Light of lights, from there where the Treasury of the Light is found. And I have brought the wine and the blood out of the region of Barbelo. And after a little while, the Father sent me the Holy Spirit in the form of a white dove. But hear me: the fire, the water and the wine are for the purification and forgiveness of sins. The blood, on the other hand, was given as a symbol unto me of the human body. This blood I received in the region of Barbelo, of the great power of the universal God. As in me, the Holy Spirit descends towards all souls, and will lead them unto the supreme region of the Light. For this cause I have said unto you: I have come to cast fire on the Earth, that is, I am descending to redeem the sins of the world with fire. And for this cause Jesus said again: If ye knew of the great gift of God, and who it is who saith unto ye, “Give me to drink,” you would beg of me, and I would give ye the eternal fountain that is a spring of sweet ambrosia, and there would be in ye a very fountain of water springing up for life. And He took the chalice, He blessed it, and offered it to everyone, saying:

(The Priest takes the chalice with his left hand and displays it on high to the congregation, saying:) This is the blood of the covenant which was poured out for you to redeem ye of your sins, and for this cause they have also thrust the spear into my side so that from there, from my wound, came forth blood and water.

(The Priest turns to his right, towards the altar, puts the chalice in his right hand and displays it on high to the congregation, saying:) And the great Priest Jesus said unto them: Bring me fire and vine branches. And they brought it to him. He then laid out the offering on the altar, and set down two wine-vessels, one on the right and the other on the left of the offering, and set a cup of water in front of both wine-vessels.

(The Priest places the chalice on the altar and, facing the congregation with his right hand on high, says:) And he laid loaves according to the number of the disciples who were listening unto him. And the great Priest Jesus kept himself dressed in white linen garments, which the Apostles imitated.

(He takes the chalice with his right hand, shows it to the congregation and says:) And in your hands, I tell ye, is the number of the name of the Father who is the fountain of Light. (He places the chalice on the altar.)

Congregation kneels.

Priest: (facing altar) (He raises his hands in a pleading attitude and says:) Hear me, great Seity, O Father, Father of all fatherhood! Divine Light! I.A.O., I.A.O., I.A.O.

Congregation: Amen. Amen. Amen.

Priest: (facing congragation) Chrestos be with ye!

Acolyte: May He illuminate thy Spirit.

Priest: (facing altar) Come, holy love! Divine, volitive essence! And transform my will, making it one with thine. Come, supreme power! And descend on those who know the mystery. Come, excelsior value! And give me the temperance and strength that is needed to penetrate it. Come, holy silence! that speaks of the power and magnitude that He embraces, and reveal to me the hidden. Come and discover the mystery for me! Descend on us, holy dove of white plumage. Thou art the Mother of the Twins. Respond, mystic Mother, who only manifests thyself in our works. Come closer, holy joy of the Heavens, and alight on our heads. Thou bearest the thread of gold that links all of us. Encourage us, the ones who partake in this holy sacrifice of the Eucharist, celebrated in this, thine holy remembrance, to purify and strengthen us. Help us to receive the Light! Thou who hast now called us towards the faithful ones.

Priest: (facing congragation) Chrestos be with ye!

Acolyte: May He illuminate thy Spirit.

Congregation stands.

Priest: (facing congragation) (The congregation repeats along with the Priest:) I believe in the unity of God, in the Father as an impersonal, ineffable and unrevealed entity who no one has seen, but whose strength, creative potential, has been and is moulded in the perennial rhythm of creation. I believe in Mary, Maia, Isis, or under whatever name, in the physical force symbolizing Nature, whose conception and childbirth reveals the fertility of Nature.

Acolyte: I believe in the mystery of Baphomet and of the Demiurge, Spirit between God and creature.

Priest: (facing congragation) I believe in a superior, transcendent church, maintained in the pure souls, in the White Lodges, represented by the universal fraternity and which has its exponent in the Holy Gnostic Church, ruled by Patriarchs, Apostles, Bishops, and Priests.

Acolyte: Our Law is: Light, Love, Life, Liberty, and Triumph.

Priest: (facing congragation) Our motto is Thelema. I believe in the communion of purified souls. As the material bread is transformed into spiritual substance, likewise I believe in the baptism of wisdom, which makes real the miracle of making us human. I know and acknowledge the essentiality of my life transcended as a totality without chronological end, that encompasses an orbit outside of time and space.

Congregation: So be it. So be it. So be it. (May be seated.)

Priest gives a talk or sermon.

Priest: (facing congragation) (Places himself facing the cross and says:) Filled with joy and overflowing with faith, we come to thee, oh cross! Oh holy rose, holy and divine! Thou, who gives the balm for every ulcer. Thou, who encourages the fire that lights life. Thou, who gives life, offer me thy cross that I recognize as my own. I know thy mysteries, of the sacred mystery that surrounds thee, since thou were bestowed in the world to make infinite limited things. Thine head straightens majestically to touch Heaven, for thou art the symbol of the divine Logos. For in thy structure presides the intersection of the crossed wood that forms thy two arms, like two large hands that extend themselves to frighten away the sinister forces and the inferior powers, so as to unite, in a church of holy fraternity, all human beings of pure and noble heart. Thy foot, like a spear, is nailed to the ground so that thou can redeem, so that thou can help in thy volitional impulse, all the entities who dwell beneath the ground, within the inferior regions of the world, and who through multiple incarnations can reach the Divinity to be reunited eternally in thee. Oh thou, cross of marvellous destinies, placed by the Highest in the multiplicity of the Universe, so that thou art the redemption of mankind! Oh cross, immaculate beauty who art the trophy of the victory of the Chrestos, who art a magnet of Life, who offers life with thine holy tree, who extends thy roots as giant fingers through the depth of the ground so as to bestow thy fruit in the infinite heavens! Oh thou, venerable cross! who art the holy gift of the sweet name, as a grapevine that blossoms in the garden of the Lord. Oh thou, light, divine rose on the cross, who gives thy strength and thy sacred power to those who deserve it in difficult battle, and thou leadest them through the mystical ladder that is extended from earth up to heaven, from the matter up to the Spirit. Oh holy and blessed cross, redemption is latent in thee, and under thy power and excelsior light all of us shelter ourselves so as to make the offering of this holy sacrifice of the Eucharistic Unction.

Priest, facing congragation, orders some minutes of meditation.

(Pronounces an end to the meditation.)

Priest will distribute the bread and wine, first to the Isis, Guardian, Acolyte, and congregation in general.

Priest: (Will give the bread, saying:) This is my body; receive it for thy redemption.

Priest: (Will give the wine, saying:) This is my blood; receive it since it has been shed to redeem the world.

Priest: (Placing his right hand over the head of the person receiving the Unction, without touching him, he says:) May peace be with thee, so that thou can partake in the Light.

Congregation: (Everyone kneels to celebrate the Gnostic Unction.)

Priest: (facing congragation) (With his right hand, he blesses the congregation, making two crosses, one for the neck and another for the lips, saying:) Receive ye the sign of the cross on your necks and on your lips so that ye can be heirs of the Light.

Congregation: (Everyone lifts his right hand.)

Priest: (facing altar) I.A.O., I.A.O., I.A.O.

Priest: (facing altar) (Crosses his hands on his chest and the congregation repeats along with him.) Holy, Holy, Holy Lord of Sabaoth. Holy, Holy, Holy Lord of Sabaoth. Holy, Holy, Holy Lord of Sabaoth.

Priest: (facing congragation) This convocation has ended. Receive ye the Aaronic blessing.

This is the simple form, taken from the fundamental works of primitive religion, and is in itself a powerful action of Ceremonial Magic that brings health and well being to the attendees. The priest can make a prayer chain at the end.


“Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.” - Matthew 7:6

Every family can perform the Gnostic eucharist in their own home or private residence. No unworthy person [fornicator] should be admitted to this Gnostic Mass, because then one commits profanation.

I, Samael Aun Weor, the initiator of the new Aquarian era, authorize all of humanity to perform the Holy Eucharist, each family in their own home. I, Samael Aun Weor, the great avatar of Aquarius, therefore ring the bell of the new era, and I open the doors of initiation to all of humanity.