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Arcanum 19

Let us now study the Hieroglyphic of the Nineteenth Arcanum of the Tarot: a radiant sun and two children holding hands.

Tarot 19

In the Egyptian Tarot, the hieroglyphic is of a man and a woman, holding with their hands the symbolic Egyptian tau cross. This type of cross is phallic. The Nineteenth Arcanum is the Arcanum of the Alliance.

In the third lecture of our course, we broadly spoke about the Salt, the Sulfur, and the Mercury. Indeed, these are the passive instruments of the Great Work. The Positive Principle is the Interior Magnes of Paracelsus. We need to transmute and thereafter sublimate the sexual energy to the heart. It is impossible to advance in the Great Work without the force of love. The psychological “I” does not know how to love; because the psychological “I” is desire.

It is easy to mistake desire with that which is called love. Desire is a substance that decomposes into thoughts, volitions, sentiments, romances, poetries, tenderness, sweetness, anger, hatred, violence, etc. The poison of desire always cheats people. Those who are in love always swear that they are loving, when in reality they are desiring. Present humans do not know that which is called love; nevertheless, we have within the most recondite parts of our Being a principle that loves. Unfortunately, we do not have this principle incarnated. This principle is the Soul (the Inner Magnes of Paracelsus).

If people would have that soul-principle incarnated, then they could love; only from heart to heart, from Soul to Soul is it possible to love. Unfortunately, people only have Satan incarnated and the latter does not know what love is; Satan only knows about desire, that is all.

Daily we see multitudes of lovers that swear eternal love to each other; yet, after they satisfy their desire (that desire that they believed to be love) disillusionment, along with disenchantment and total disappointment arrives. Desire is a great swindler.

Whosoever wants to work in the Great Work has to annihilate desire. It is necessary to know how to love. Love has its peculiar happiness and its infinite beauty. People do not know that which is called love. Love is similar to the sentiments shown by a new born baby. Love forgives everything, gives everything, it does not demand anything, it does not ask for anything, it only wants the best for the one that loves and that is all. The true sentiment of love is perfect and Satan knows nothing of perfection, because Satan is desire.

If you want to love, be prudent; do not confuse love with desire. Do not allow yourself to be cheated by desire, the great swindler.

You have an embryo of a soul within and this can love. Indeed, this is an embryonic love because it is an embryo of Soul; yet if you annihilate desire you will feel that spark of love. When you learn how to feel that spark, then that spark will become a flame and you will experience that which is called love. Therefore, strengthen your embryo of soul with the blessed flame of love, and then you will achieve the miracle of your incarnation. It is necessary for you to be integral and that is only possible by loving.

In the Nineteenth Arcanum, a great Alliance is established between two souls. Man and woman must kill desire in order to achieve the great Alliance. If you want to incarnate your soul, you must then celebrate the great Alliance of the Nineteenth Arcanum.

Reflect a little; until now you are just a living specter, a sleeping specter. You, wretched specter, sleep during the slumber of your physical body and after your death, asleep you escape from the graveyard or cemetery… Miserable specter! Wretched, soulless creature! Reflect and meditate. You must celebrate the great Alliance of the Nineteenth Arcanum so that you can incarnate your soul and thus truly BE, because you, wretched creature, are not being yet. You are dreams; you die without knowing why and are born without knowing why. Only the blessed flame of love can make you truly exist because you do not have a true existence yet.

Only with the Arcanum A.Z.F. can you engender your Christic Vehicles. Your Inner Buddha will be dressed with those vehicles first, thereafter your Inner Christ. This is how you will become integral; you need to become integral. Remember, good disciple, that now you are nothing but a sleeping specter and that your present internal vehicles are only mental formations that you must disintegrate, reduce to cosmic dust. Be patient in the Great Work. If you want to incarnate your Inner Christ, then you must be sour like the lemon: be displeased, kill not only desire, but even the very shadow of desire. Be perfect in thought, word and deed; be pure… pure… pure..!

The Philosophical Stone

Sex is represented by the Philosophical Stone; this is the Heliogabalus Stone. The Elixir of Long Life cannot be acquired without this stone. The two columns of the temple, Jachin and Boaz, are the man and the woman who are in alliance in order to work with the Philosophical Stone. Whosoever finds the Philosophical Stone is transformed into a God.

The Great Tempter

The psychological “I” is the great tempter. The “I” hates Sexual Magic because the “I” wants the complete satisfaction of desire. The “I” is the one who thinks and searches whereas the Being does not need to think or search. When we are working in the Great Work, the “I” does not feel secure; thus, it searches for that which is called security. The students of the luminous path always fall into the abyss of perdition when searching for security. Therefore, do not allow yourself to be seduced by the great tempter. When the mind goes around searching for something, when the mind is searching for security, when the mind is looking for end results, it is because we are not prepared for the Great Work. Satan always goes around hunting for something; thus do not allow your mind to be poisoned by Satan. Do not waste your mental energy torpidly.

You waste your mental energy with the battle of reasoning; remember that your “I” is the one who reasons, whereas your soul does not need to reason. It is painful to see the specters of death reasoning about problems that do not exist. Sleeping specters are worthy of pity. Indeed, the “I” is the one who reasons.


When the mind does not search anymore, when the mind does not search for refuge, when the mind does not go around coveting more books or knowledge, when the mind ignores the memories of desire, then only that which is called love will remain within us. How great it is to love! Only the great souls can and know how to love.