Arcanum 10

In this lecture we are going to study the Arcanum 10 of the Tarot. It is necessary to analyze the cosmogonic wheel of Ezekiel. In this wheel, we find the battle of antitheses. Hermanubis rises on the right and Typhon descends through the left of the fatal wheel. This is the wheel of the centuries, the wheel of reincarnations and of karma. Upon the wheel appears the mystery of the sphinx grasps the flaming sword between its lion’s paws. This is the wheel of antithesis. The serpent of brass that healed the Israelites in the wilderness and the terrible, tempting serpent of Eden are mutually combating each other.

Tarot 10

The entire secret of the Tree of Knowledge is enclosed within this wheel; the four rivers of paradise flow from this unique fountain, one of them runs through the thick sunny jungle watering the philosophical earth of gold and light and the other tenebrously and turbulently runs into the Kingdom of the Abyss. Light and darkness, White Magic and Black Magic, are mutually combating each other. Eros and Anteros, Cain and Abel, live within us in an intense battle, until by discovering the mystery of the sphinx, we grasp the flaming sword, and thus, this is how we become liberated from the wheel of the centuries.

Lunar Conscience

The lunar conscience is the outcome of our unfaithful memory; this type of consciousness sleeps profoundly. The humanoid has conscience of that which he remembers; no humanoid has conscience of that which he does not remember. The sinning Adam is memory, he is the same reincarnating ego, he is the lunar conscience. Clairvoyants affirm that the atoms of the secret enemy constitute this conscience and that it is a tenebrous remnant of our lunar past (a threshold’s larva).

Our Gnostic disciples must comprehend the significance of this type of conscience: the lunar conscience is something that must be conscious; and it needs someone who is conscious of it. The lunar conscience is submitted to every type of limitation, qualification, restriction, reaction; it is the outcome of matter, the outcome of our race’s inheritance, family, habits, customs, prejudices, desires, fears, appetencies, etc. The sinning Adam with his lunar conscience reincarnates with the goal of gaining more experiences within the school of life. However, life’s experiences complicate and strengthen the sinning Adam. The once innocent humanity from Eden is now this terrible and perverse humanity of the atomic and hydrogen bomb.

The innocent child (with the experiences of life) is converted into a sly, distrustful, malicious, avaricious, fearful elder; such is the lunar conscience. The devil is a devil and can never acquire perfection. The great Master H.P. Blavatsky stated: “Strengthen your soul against the stalking of your ‘I;’ make her worthy to bear the name of ‘Diamond Soul .’”

Solar Conscience

There exist changes in the lunar conscience and there exist changes of consciousness. Every improvement in the lunar conscience originates changes within it. These types of changes in the lunar conscience are superficial and useless. What we need is a change of consciousness. When we dissolve the lunar consciousness then the solar consciousness is born within us.

It is necessary for the sinning Adam to die within us so that Adam-Christ can be born within us. We grasp the flaming sword when we liberate the solar electronic energy that is enclosed within the seminal atoms.

Perseus descends into the flaming forge of Vulcan in order to decapitate the sinning Adam (Medusa) with his flaming sword. John the Baptist is decapitated and Christ is crucified in order to save the world. The slaughter of the innocent children (the initiates) is a repetitive action throughout the initiation. This is how the solar consciousness is born within us; this type of consciousness contains in itself the knower, the knowledge and the known thing, three in one and one in three. The solar consciousness is omnipresent and omni-penetrating. The solar consciousness liberates the human being from the fatal wheel of the centuries.

Sexual Cycles

Uranus is the octave of Venus. It governs the masculine and feminine facets of sex. It has a sexual cycle of eighty-four years. Uranus’s cycle is divided into two periods of 42 years, positive-masculine and negative-feminine. Uranus’ two poles are always facing toward the sun. For 42 years the positive pole is directed towards the sun and another 42 years the negative pole. Now we can understand where that alternated stimuli for both sexes comes from; the marvelous biorhythm of 84 years. The wheel of the centuries rotates in periods of forty-two years each. The masculine sex predominates for one half and the feminine sex for the other half. The sexual cycle of Uranus corresponds with the average length of a human life; this signifies that the antithesis of the sexual cycle in which we were born, vibrates within us during our adulthood. Then we feel sexually stimulated. We comprehend why mature men and women are indeed mature enough to work in the Great Work, because sexual sentiments are more vigorous at forty years of age.

Light and Consciousness

Light and consciousness are two phenomena of the same thing. The more levels of Christic Consciousness we develop the more levels of light we attain. The planets are gradually absorbing the Christic consciousness of the Sun. Thus when the planets of our solar system have integrally absorbed the divine Solar Consciousness, then life, light, and heat will no longer occupy only the astronomical place of the sun, but the entire solar system will then shine like the sun. This is the case of the gigantic sun Antares, which is a million times more rarified than our sun. The light of the solar system of Antares is not only localized in its sun, because each one of its planets has become a sun. The planetary humanities enjoy the solar consciousness; the outcome of this joy is the splendors of the solar system of Antares.

The Ten Sephiroth

kabbalah-the-tree-of-lifeTen Sephiroth are spoken of, but in reality, there are twelve. The Ain Soph is the eleventh, and the twelfth Sephirah is its tenebrous antithesis within the Abyss.

These are twelve spheres, or universal regions, which mutually penetrate and co-penetrate without confusion. These twelve spheres gravitate within the central atom of the sign of the infinite. A solar humanity unfolds within these twelve spheres. We have said that the sign of the Infinite is in the center of the earth, in the heart of the earth. The Ten Sephiroth of universal vibration emanate from the Ain Soph (the Microcosmic star) that guides our interior. The Ain Soph is the Being of our Being.

The Ten Sephiroth emanate from the Ain Soph as follows:

  1. First, Kether, the Ancient of Days
  2. Second, Chokmah, the region of wisdom
  3. Third, Binah, intelligence
  4. Fourth, Chesed, the world of the Innermost
  5. Fifth, Geburah, the world of soul-consciousness, the region of rigor and justice
  6. Sixth, Tiphereth, the causal world, the region of willpower, equilibrium and beauty
  7. Seventh, Netzach, the region of victory, the world of the mental man (anyone who liberates himself from the four bodies of sin is a Buddha).
  8. Eighth, Hod, the splendor, the region of the Astral Body
  9. Ninth, Yesod, foundation, sex, the ethereal plane
  10. Tenth, Malkuth, the kingdom in general, the physical world; Malkuth is a supreme filter; from this region we depart to the Ain Soph or to the abyss, such is the law.

The Sephiroth are atomic; these ten Sephiroth can be reduced to three tables:

  1. First: The Quantum Table of the radiant energy that comes from the Sun
  2. Second: The Atomic Weight Table of the Elements of Nature
  3. Third: The Molecular Weight Table of the Compounds

This is Jacob’s ladder, which goes from earth to heaven. All of the worlds of cosmic consciousness are reduced to these three tables.

All of the ten known Sephiroth come from Sephirah, the Divine Mother; She dwells in the Heart Temple.

Direct Clue for Direct Knowledge

It is necessary that our Gnostic disciples learn how to leave their physical body in order to travel with their internal vehicles with complete cognizance in order to penetrate within the distinct Sephirothic regions.

It is necessary to directly know the twelve spheres of universal vibration, where all of the being of the universe develops and lives. The disciple must concentrate on the chakra of the heart, which is where the Divine Cosmic Mother abides. The disciple must beseech Sephirah, the Mother of the Sephiroth; the disciple muse beg her to take him out of his physical body in order to take him to the distinct departments of the kingdom in order to directly study the Sephiroth of Kabbalah. The disciple must pray and meditate abundantly on the Divine Mother while mentally vocalizing the following Kabbalistic mantras:

Lifaros – Lifaros – Licanto – Ligoria

Vocalize these mantras by syllabifying them. If you carefully observe the intelligent phonetic structure of these mantras, you will see the three vowels I.A.O. of the great mysteries.

I.A.O. is hidden and combined in these sacred mantras of Kabbalah. The disciple must become sleepy while mentally vocalizing these four Kabbalistic mantras. It is necessary to practice a retrospective exercise when awakening from our normal sleep; this in order to remember what we have seen and heard during the dream.


Flee from those who sell initiations. Remember that the initiation is your own life. If you want initiation, write it upon a reed (whosoever understands this let him understand it, for there is wisdom within). The path of liberation is represented by the life, passion, death, resurrection, and ascension of our adorable Savior. Remember that your ego does not receive initiations. Thus, you must not boast of being an initiate; do not say, “I have these initiations” or “I have these powers” because this is arrogance and vanity. Only the Innermost receives initiations. You, wretched creature are nothing but the sinning shadow of the one who has never sinned. Exert yourself so that you can die more each time within yourself so that the “Son of Man” can be born within you.

The most ancient sciences in the world are Alchemy and Kabbalah,

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