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  Saturday, 20 May 2023
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Good video. Lots of wisdom. But unfortunately, I get kinda triggered every time you guys ask to 'Help bring viewers' or 'Spread Glorian's message to the world'... Two reasons. But before I say all of the issues with this tradition, I want you to know that I respect your desire to help people. Some things are indisputably helpful here... teaching us to not identify with ego or to follow lust. BRILLIANT. But let me lay out all my concerns in one post because I don't want to make numerous posts like this. I'll just lay out 5 inconsistencies because the list could go on for much longer but 5 inconsistencies should drive the point home....

1.) Lack of proof - and okay, I will concede that maybe there is an element of self-protection involved here. You guys don't want to get harassed or imprisoned, fine.

2.) This is inexcusable. There are so many inconsistencies in what Samael Aun Weor taught, and instructors teaching things that don't align with what Samael Aun Weor taught, instructors expressing views that contradict with other instructors...

You've gotta understand, I am not a spiritual master here and nor is it my mission to aggravate you by constantly making posts attacking/criticizing you. Truth is, I am here because I want to be liberated. I've shifted (Probably like many others too) from various traditions and finally landed into Glorian because all the rest were highly suspect/false/unfulfilling. Unfortunately, I see Glorian going down as just another false tradition too unless you guys can clear up the inconsistencies. Even so, I thank and respect you for TRYING to help. But seriously, it seems that you guys dont wish to clear up any inconsistencies. Like for example, one instructor on here says that you can get married to a non-gnostic and still get liberated as long as you have genuine love for each other when Samael himself says that if a man and woman have seperate religions, they can't experience true love???

Inconsitency no.1 Love and alchemy
Samael said and I QUOTE 'In order for love to exist, it is necessary for a true communion of souls to exist in the three spheres of thought, feeling, and will.' Okay. Now compare this with what the instructor Jang Mi says over here He says that a gnostic and a non-gnostic in a marriage can have genuine love aslong as they... respect each other's different beliefs? LOL. Come on... if you truly believe this Jang Mi, then why do you follow Glorian who follow Samael Aun Weor whole heartedly Inconsitency No.1

Inconsistency No.2 False traditions
Instructor Al-Mustafa declares that the hadiths of sahih bukhari are not entirely trustworthy since they rely on transmission of word of mouth in a chain until the original message could very well have been changed. But then another instructor declares that Sahih bukhari is divinely inspired works of kaballah. Okay... So Aisha's age could've been a non-literal, kabbalistic thing but then I dare you to kaballisticaly explain all the hadiths that talk about mohammed encouraging drinking of camel urine and of him stealing his adopted sons wife and calling black people raisin heads, talking about how women are deficient in intellignence etc etc!

Inconsistency No.3. Gambling
Samael Aun Weor himself promoted gambling and Instructor Alexis denounces this. Samael Aun Weor in a section talking about Tattvas said that one should buy lottery tickets at certain times. Instructor Alexis says that participating in the lottery is an entirely useless endeavor and I tend to agree with Alexis on this one. But even so, as with Jang Mi. if you have disagreements with Samael Aun Weor then why is he the figurehead of this tradition?

No other tradition is like this. In christianity or Islam, the propagators don't outright disagree with the figurehead of their religion. A priest doesn't disagree with Jesus and a sheikh does not disagree with the positions of Muhammad. So why is it that Glorian and it's instructors are constantly clashing ideologically with Samael Aun Weor??

Inconsistency No.4. Scientific blunder
Impossibility of 'pure sexual alchemy'. Glorian suggests that it is possible for a man to impregnate a woman without ejaculating inside her vagina. But you have to do it on the month of may, at dawn, after waiting for 9 months. The procedure was explained to me a long time ago by Alexis. But here's the thing. There is no scientific evidence that a single sperm can exit a mans penis. The process of ejaculation requires the semen to feed nutrients to the sperm so there's no way that a single sperm cell can survive the journey to a womans ovum because it would lose potency very quickly.,survive%20to%20facilitate%20successful%20fertilization. (Can't be bothered to quote a better scientific source from pubmed but there are many)

Inconsistency No.5 Extraterrestrial fornicators.
According to Samael Aun Weor, alien women visit certain humans, have sex with them, take their sperm in order to develop hybrid species. For a man who claims that extraterrestrials are highly moral, highly scientific and chaste people, it makes no sense as to why they fornicate with humans. Al-Mustafa provided an unsatisfactory answer by saying that they are not fornicators... when clearly they are? He made no attempt at proving how they are not fornicators.

Did these alien women stick around for these men and practice sexual alchemy like a couple? NO. they just come in, have sex, take their sperm and leave the scene lool. Now explain how that is not fornication. Instructor Benedictus, although providing good insight in his response also made no attempt at proving how extraterrestrials are not fornicators if they are undergoing sperm extraction campaigns in the way that they do.

Now you can ignore me, you can answer me if you wish. But if you decide to answer me, don't provide vague, unsatisfactory answers. Please.

Lastly. Again, YOU are the ones who said you want to reach the world.!Al9WDtpKy8Rxaaa6a3geQSqnto0?e=7IfCAk
But Alexis in another place says that Glorian does not intend on reaching the world. WHICH IS IT? What is your mission Glorian? Stop the mixed messages...!Al9WDtpKy8RxalCEPu5hwimd7Vo?e=RpIGov
1 week ago
Answer for number 4?

I am curious ( on a positive way :)
1 week ago
Glorian does provide the exacts steps to awaken, maybe we should focus on that bc we are asleep and easily confused. Maybe it will all make more sense if you awaken.
1 week ago
There are no issues here, just human errors. The instructors are not perfect -- they're learning and practicing just like us.

Your doubts are unjustified too. Try it out and see for yourself if this is a false tradition or not.

Or give up. Your choice.
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