Monday, 22 November 2021
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I have some questions about the nature of the sperm extraction campaigns done by extraterrestrials. (Link will be procided.) Master Samael says they could seduce 'any one of us' humans in order to create the 6th root race. That the e.t's have already been impregnated by earthly men.

Firstly, why would they seduce' us? Isn't it wrong to have lustful sex? Wrong to orgasm? And yet the e.t's would do this to us? Wouldn't having sex with and being coerced into impregnating extraterrestrials be classifued as adultery/fornication? If it were humans, certainly it would be the case. Do the e.t's have special moral rights? On what criteria do they choose who to seduce and mate with? Am I missing any important details that might clarify my confusion? (Sorry if my questions seem antagonistic, I just want to know)

Secondly, master samael references cases of men being transported out of the earth but not women? Are earthly women of no significance to the 6th root race? Please let me know if he has (maybe i just never read it)
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