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The Christic Work

The Intimate Christ emerges internally in the work related to the dissolution of the psychological self.

Obviously, the Innermost Christ only comes at the height of our deliberate efforts and voluntary sufferings.

The Advent of Christic Fire is the most important event of our own life.

The Intimate Christ then takes charge of all our mental, emotional, motor, instinctual, and sexual processes.

He is perfect, however, when he incarnates within us, He would appear to be imperfect.  Being chaste, He would seem not to be chaste.  Being just, it would appear as though He were not just.

This is similar to the different wavelengths of light.  If we wear blue spectacles, everything appears blue, and if we wear red we see everything as that color.

Although He is white light, seen from the outside, each one of us will view Him through the psychological glass through which we are looking.  For this reason, people looking at Him do not see Him.

Upon taking over all of our psychological processes, the Lord of Perfection suffers indescribably.

Transformed into a human among humans, he undergoes many trials and endures unspeakable temptations.

Temptation is fire.  The triumph over temptation is Light.

The Initiate must learn to live dangerously, thus it is written.  This is known by Alchemists.

The Initiate must travel, with determination, along the path of the razor’s edge.  There are terrifying abysses on either side of this difficult road.

On the difficult path to the dissolution of the ego, there are complex passages which have their roots precisely in the real path.

Obviously, from the path of the razor’s edge multiple paths diverge which lead to nowhere.  Some of them take us to the abyss and to despair.

There are paths which can transform us into the majesties of this or that zone of the universe.  However, they can never return us to the bosom of the Eternal Universal Cosmic Father.

There are fascinating paths of a most holy, ineffable appearance; unfortunately, they can only lead us into the submerged devolution of the infernal worlds.

In the work of the dissolution of the “I,” we need to devote ourselves completely to the Innermost Christ.

At times, problems appear which are difficult to resolve.  Suddenly the path is lost in inexplicable labyrinths and we do not know where it continues.  Only absolute obedience to the Innermost Christ and the Father who is in secret can, in such instances, wisely guide us.

The Path of the Razor’s Edge is full of danger, both inside and out.

Conventional morals serve no purpose; morality is a slave to custom, time, and place.

What was moral in ages past is now immoral; what was moral in the Middle Ages, in these modem times, can be immoral; that which is considered moral in one country is immoral in another, etc.

In the work of the dissolution of the ego, it sometimes happens that when we think we are doing well, we are in fact doing badly.

Changes are essential during esoteric progress, but reactionary people remain trapped in the past, petrified in time, and they thunder and flash against us as we achieve deep psychological progress and radical changes.

People cannot bear the changes in an Initiate; they want him to continue to be petrified in many yesterdays.

Any change achieved by an Initiate is immediately classified as immoral.

Looking at things from this angle, in the light of the Christic Work, we can clearly prove the ineffectiveness of the diverse moral codes which have been written throughout the world.

Unquestionably, the Christ, manifested though hidden in the heart of the real human, once he takes charge of our diverse psychological states, is actually labeled as cruel, immoral and perverse because people do not know him.

It is paradoxical that although people worship the Christ,  they classify him with such appalling labels.

Obviously, people who are unconscious and asleep only want an anthropomorphic, historic Christ of statues and unbreakable dogmas in whom they can easily fit all their clumsy, stale moral codes and all their prejudices and conditions.

People can never conceive of the Intimate Christ in the heart of the human being.  The masses only worship the statue of Christ, that is all.

When one speaks to the multitudes, when one declares the harsh reality of the Revolutionary Christ to them, the Red Christ, the Rebel Christ, one is immediately labeled as the following: blasphemous, heretical, evil, profane, sacrilegious, etc.

Thus, the masses are always unconscious, forever asleep.  Now we can understand why the crucified Christ on Golgotha exclaimed with all the strength of his soul, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Christ himself being one, appears as many.  This is why it is said that he is the Perfect Multiple Unity.  “For whosoever knows, the Word gives power to.  No one has uttered it, no one will utter it, except the one who has the Verb incarnated.”

To incarnate the Christ is vital in the advanced work of the pluralized “I.”

The Lord of Perfection works within us as we consciously strive in the work upon ourselves.

The work which the Intimate Christ must do within our psyche is terrifyingly painful.

It is true that our Innermost Master must live through his way of the cross in the very depths of our own soul.

It is written, “Strike with thy rod while thou beg to thy God.”  It is also written, “Help thyself when thou art in thy greatest need, and God shalt assist thee.”

To implore the Divine Mother Kundalini is fundamental when we attempt to dissolve undesirable psychic aggregates.  However, the Intimate Christ, in the utmost depths of the myself, operates wisely in accordance with His own responsibilities which He, Himself has taken upon His shoulders.