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Harsh Reality

Soon millions of inhabitants of Africa, Asia, and South America may die of starvation.

Gases released from aerosol sprays could put an end to the ozone layer of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Some experts forecasted that after the year two thousand the subsoil of our Earth will be exhausted.

It has already been proven that marine species are dying due to pollution of the sea.

Unquestionably, at this rate, by the end of this century all the inhabitants of large cities will have to wear oxygen masks to protect themselves from fumes.

If pollution continues at this alarming pace, before long it will be impossible to eat fish.  Living in totally infected waters, fish will become a serious danger to our health.

Beginning with the year 2000 it will be almost impossible to find a beach where one can swim in pure water.

Due to excessive consumption and exploitation of the topsoil and subsoil, soon the land will be unable to produce the agricultural products necessary to feed the world.

By contaminating the oceans with so much waste, poisoning the air with fumes from cars and factories, destroying the Earth with underground atomic explosions and the excessive use of elements harmful to the Earth’s crust, clearly the ‘“intellectual animal”—mistakenly called a human being—is subjecting the planet Earth to a long, appalling death, which will undoubtedly end in a great catastrophe.

It has been difficult for the world to cross the threshold of the year 2000 since the ‘“intellectual animal” is destroying the natural environment at breakneck speed.

The “rational mammal” mistakenly called the human being is intent on destroying the Earth, making it uninhabitable.  Obviously, he is succeeding.

As far as the sea is concerned, the nations of the world have clearly changed it into some sort of huge dump.

Seventy percent of the entire world’s waste is going into the sea.

Enormous quantities of oil, all kinds of insecticides, numerous chemical substances, poisonous and neurotoxic gases, detergents etc., are annihilating all the species that live in the oceans.

Sea birds and plankton—essential for life—are being destroyed. Without a doubt, the extermination of marine plankton is of incalculable severity, for it is this microorganism that produces 70 percent of the Earth’s oxygen.

Scientific research has produced verifiable evidence that certain parts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are polluted with the radioactive waste of atomic explosions.

In capital cities of the world, and especially in Europe, they drink a fresh type of water, then they eliminate it, purify it, and later drink it again. Drinking water goes through the human organism many times in large, “super-civilized” cities.

In the city of Cucuta, Colombia, near the Venezuelan border in South America, the inhabitants are obliged to drink the defiled water from the river that carries all the filth from the sewers of Pamplona. I am referring emphatically to the Pamplonita River, which has been such blight for the “Pearl of the North” (Cucuta). Fortunately, there is another aqueduct supplying water to the city, but people still have to drink the putrid water of the Pamplonita River.

Huge filters, gigantic machines and chemical substances attempt to purify the dirty waters of Europe’s big cities.  However, epidemics continue to break out because of the frequency with which this filthy waste water has passed through the human organism.

Famous bacteriologists have encountered all types of viruses, bacilli, pathogens, tubercular bacteria, typhus, small pox, larvae, etc., in the drinking water of all large capital cities.

Although it seems incredible, the poliomyelitis vaccine has been found in the water of treatment plants throughout Europe.

Moreover, the waste of water is shocking. Modern scientists have asserted that beginning with the year 1990 the “rational humanoid” will die of thirst.

Worst of all is that the underground fresh water reserves are endangered by the abuses of the “intellectual animal.”

The merciless exploitation of oil wells continues to be fatal.Oil extracted from the Earth’s interior gets filtered through the underground water routes, which then become contaminated. Consequently, for more than a century, oil has polluted the Earth’s subterranean water supply.

Obviously, a result of all this has been the death of vegetation as well as a multitude of people.

Let us talk briefly about the air which is absolutely indispensable for the life of all creatures… With every breath, our lungs take in one tenth of a gallon of air, which amounts to 3,170 gallons per day. Multiply this quantity by the current population living on Earth, and we have an accurate amount of the daily intake of oxygen consumed by humanity. This does not take into account the oxygen consumption of all the other animals on the face of the Earth.

The total amount of oxygen we inhale is found in the atmosphere and comes from plankton, which we are now destroying with pollution, and also from vegetation photosynthesis.  Unfortunately, the reserves of oxygen are being exhausted.

The “rational mammal”—mistakenly called a human being—through his innumerable industries, is constantly diminishing the Solar radiation essential for photosynthesis.  For this reason the quantity of oxygen currently produced by plants is significantly less than it was in the last century.

The gravest world tragedy caused by the “intellectual animal” is that he continues to contaminate the sea, destroying plankton and exhausting the vegetation.

Regrettably, the “rational animal” proceeds to destroy his oxygen sources. The smog that the “rational humanoid” is constantly discharging into the air is lethal and is endangering the life of planet Earth.

Smog is not only exhausting the oxygen reserves, but it is also killing people. It has been shown that smog causes strange, dangerous, incurable illnesses. Smog impedes the entrance of sunlight and ultraviolet light, causing serious disorders in the atmosphere.

An era of climatic changes is approaching: glaciation, the advancement of polar ice toward the equator, terrifying cyclones, earthquakes, etc.

Beginning with the year 2000, some regions of the planet Earth will heat up, not because of the use of electrical energy, but because of its abuse.  This will contribute to the revolution of the Earth’s axis. Soon the poles will become the Earth’s equator and the Equator will end up at the poles.

The poles have begun to thaw out and a new great flood is approaching, preceded by fire.

Forthcoming decades will see an increase in carbon dioxide, which will form a thick layer around the Earth’s atmosphere. Unfortunately, such a filter or layer will absorb thermal radiation and cause a deadly Greenhouse Effect.

The Earth’s climate will become warmer in many areas, and this will melt the polar ice caps, causing a shockingly rapid rise in the level of the oceans.

This is a very serious situation. While fertile soil is disappearing, two hundred thousand people who need to be fed are being born every day. Surely, the coming worldwide famine will be terrifying.  It is already at our doorstep.

Nowadays, forty million people die of starvation every year because of a lack of food.

The criminal industrialization of the forest and the merciless exploitation of mines and oil wells are turning the Earth into a desert.

While it is certainly well-known that nuclear energy is fatal for humanity, the existence today of “death rays,” “microbial bombs,” and many other terribly destructive and malignant elements invented by scientists is no less certain.

Unquestionably, the production of nuclear energy requires vast amounts of potentially uncontrollable heat, which can cause a nuclear disaster at any time.

To obtain nuclear energy requires enormous quantities of radioactive minerals of which we use only 30 percent. This is rapidly exhausting the world’s subsoil.

The atomic waste that is left in the ground is horribly dangerous. A safe method for the disposal of atomic waste simply does not exist.

If gases were to leak out from one of those atomic dumps, however minute the amount, thousands of people would die.

Contamination of food and water brings about genetic mutations and human monstrosities: creatures that are born deformed and abnormal.  

A serious nuclear accident occurred before the year 1999 that caused real alarm.

Certainly humanity does not know how to live. It has degenerated terribly and, frankly, has sped towards the abyss.

Gravest of all these facts is that the factors of such desolation—starvation, wars, destruction of the planet on which we live, etc.—also exist within us. We carry all of these things inside, within our own psyche.