The Difficult Path

Unquestionably, a dark side exists within us which we neither know nor accept.  We must carry the light of consciousness to this sinister side of ourselves.

The whole purpose of our Gnostic studies is to make the knowledge of ourselves more conscious.

When we have many things within ourselves which we do not know or accept, they complicate our lives dreadfully and, in fact, provoke all sorts of situations which could be avoided through knowledge of ourselves.

Worst of all is that we project this unknown and unconscious side of ourselves onto other people, and then we see it in them.

For example, we see others as liars, as unfaithful, miserly, etc., in relation to that which we carry within ourselves.

On this point, Gnosis says that we live in a very small part of ourselves.  This means that our consciousness only extends to a very limited part of ourselves.

The idea of the Gnostic esoteric work is to clearly expand our own consciousness.

Undoubtedly, as long as we do not have a good relationship with ourselves we will not have good relationships with others, and the result will be all types of conflict.

It is essential to become much more aware of ourselves through direct self-observation.

A general Gnostic rule in the Gnostic esoteric work is that when we do have a point of contention with another person, we can be certain that this is the very thing against which we must work on within ourselves.

Whatever it is that we criticize so much in others is something which lies on the dark side of ourselves, and which we neither know nor want to recognize.

When we are in such a condition, the dark side of ourselves is very large, but when the light of self-observation illuminates this dark side, consciousness increases through self-knowledge.

This is the path of the razor’s edge, more bitter than gall; many begin, very few reach the end.

Just as the Moon has a dark side which cannot be seen, an unknown side, the same is true of the Psychological Moon which we carry within.

Obviously, such a Psychological Moon is formed by the ego, the me, the myself, the “I.”

In this Psychological Moon we carry inhuman elements which frighten and horrify, and which we would never accept that we have.

Such a cruel path is this one of the Innermost Self-realization of the Being.  How many precipices!  Such difficult steps!  What horrible labyrinths!...

At times the inner path, after many twists and turns, hair-raising ascents and perilous descents, is lost in a desert of sand.  One does not know where to continue and not one ray of light illuminates the way.

This is a path filled with dangers from within and without, a path of indescribable mysteries where only the breath of death blows.

On this inner path, when we think we are doing well, in fact we are doing badly.

On this inner path, when we think things are going badly, it happens that things are going well.

On this secret path, there are moments in which one neither knows what is good nor what is bad.

That which is normally prohibited, at times is that which is right; thus is the inner path.

All moral codes on the inner path are irrelevant; a beautiful maxim or a splendid moral precept could at certain moments become a very serious obstacle for the Innermost Self-realization of the Being.

Fortunately, the Intimate Christ, from within the very depths of our Being, works intensively, suffers, weeps, disintegrating very dangerous elements which we carry within us.

Christ is born as a child in the heart of the human being.  However, as He eliminates the undesirable elements which we carry within, He grows little by little until He becomes a complete Human Being.

The State of Our World and How to Change It Through Practical Spirituality

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