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The Psychological Country

Unquestionably, just as there is an external country within which we live, there is also a psychological country within us.

People are never ignorant of the city or region within which they live.  Unfortunately, the psychological place in which they are, is unknown to them.

At a particular point in time, anyone would know what neighborhood or community they are in.  But psychologically speaking, it does not happen that way.  Normally, people do not have the slightest idea of where they are in their psychological country, at any given moment.

Just as there are communities of decent, cultured people in the physical world, the same occurs in the psychological region within each one of us.  Without a doubt, there are very graceful and beautiful communities within us.

Just as in the physical world, we have communities or neighborhoods with dangerous alleyways full of assailants, the same is true of the psychological regions within us.

It all depends on the type of person we associate with.  If we have drunkards as friends, we will head for the pub, and if they are ultimately daredevils, undoubtedly our destiny will be the brothel.

Within our psychological country, each one of us has our own companions, our “I’s” that will lead us where they need to, in keeping with their psychological characteristics.

A virtuous and honorable woman, a magnificent wife of exemplary conduct, living in a beautiful mansion in the physical world, might find herself within a den of prostitution (within her psychological country) because of her lewd “I’s.”

An honorable man of irreproachable honesty, a splendid citizen, could find himself in a den of thieves (within his psychological land) because of his vile companions, thieving “I’s” deeply submerged within the subconsciousness.

An anchorite and penitent, possibly a monk living austerely within his cell in a monastery, could find himself psychologically situated within a colony of murderers, gangsters, attackers and drug addicts.  This is due precisely to the infraconscious or unconscious selves, profoundly submerged within the most complex labyrinths of his psyche.

There is a reason behind the saying, “There is much virtue in the wicked and much wickedness in the virtuous.”

Many canonized saints still live within psychological brothels or dens of thievery.

That which we are affirming so emphatically may shock the sanctimonious, the pious, the learned ignoramuses and know-it-alls, but never the true psychologists.

Although it may seem incredible, in the incense of prayer, transgression is also hidden; in the cadences of verse, misconduct is also concealed; and beneath the sacred dome of the most holy sanctuary, crime drapes itself in the robes of sanctity and the sublime word.

Within the profound depths of the most venerable saints live “I’s” of brothels, of theft, of homicide, etc.

They are the inhuman companions hidden in the bottomless depths of the subconsciousness.

Many have suffered for this reason; many saints throughout history. Let us remember the temptations of Saint Anthony and all the abominations against which our brother Francis of Assisi had to fight.

Nevertheless, not everything was revealed by those saints, and the majority of anchorites kept quiet in this regard.

It astonishes one to think that some of the most penitent and holy anchorites live in psychological communities of prostitution and thievery.

Still, they are saints, and if they have not yet discovered these frightening things within their psyches, when they do, they will quickly use cilices upon their flesh, and quite possibly will flail themselves.  They will pray to their Divine Mother Kundalini to eliminate from their psyches these evil companions found in the dark caverns of their own psychological country.

Much has been said by the different religions about life after death and the great beyond.

Wretched people, they should not rack their brains anymore about what lies on the other side beyond the grave.

Without question, after death each of us continues living in our usual psychological community.

The robber will continue in the den of thieves; the lustful in the brothel will continue like a phantom of ill-omen; irritable, furious people will continue living in the dangerous alleyways of vice and anger where daggers gleam and gunshots ring out.

The Essence in itself is very beautiful.  It came from above, from the stars.  Lamentably, it is smothered deep within all these “I’s” we carry inside.

By contrast, the Essence can retrace its steps, return to the point of origin, go back to the stars, but first it must liberate itself from its evil companions, who have trapped it within the slums of perdition.

When those distinguished Christified Masters, Francis of Assisi and Anthony of Padua, discovered within themselves the “I’s” of perdition, they suffered terribly.  There is no doubt that by means of conscious work and voluntary suffering, they succeeded in reducing to cosmic dust the assembly of inhuman elements that lived within them.  Without a question, those Saints became Christified and returned to the point of origin after much suffering.

First of all, it is necessary, urgent and imperative that the magnetic center (which is abnormally established in our false personality) be transferred to the Essence.  In this way, the complete human can initiate his journey from the personality up to the stars, ascending in a progressive, didactic way, step by step up the Mountain of the Being.

As long as the magnetic center continues to be established within our illusory personality, we will live in the most abominable psychological dens of iniquity, although appearing to be splendid citizens in everyday life.

Each of us is characterized by a magnetic center. The magnetic center of a merchant is in trade, and for this reason they are involved in the marketplace and attract those with whom they have an affinity: buyers and traders.

Scientists have in their personality the magnetic center of science, consequently attracting all scientific things: books, laboratories, etc.

The esotericist has the magnetic center of esotericism within.  This type of center evolves differently in relation to the personality.  Undoubtedly, for this reason transference occurs.

When the magnetic cnter is established in the consciousness, that is, in the Essence, then the complete human begins his return to the stars.