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Certainly, one of the most difficult problems of our epoch stems from the intricate labyrinth of theories.

Undoubtedly, in these times there is an exorbitant multiplicity of pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist schools here, there, and everywhere.

The marketing of souls, books, and theories is frightening.  Rare are those who really manage to find the secret path among the many cobwebs of contradictory ideas.

Gravest of all is intellectual fascination. There is a tendency to nourish ourselves only intellectually with all that reaches the mind.

The vagabonds of the intellect are no longer content with all the subjective literature and the ordinary types of books found in abundance in the bookstores. Now, to make matters worse, they also stuff themselves to the point of indigestion with cheap pseudo-esotericism and pseudo-occultism that abound everywhere like weeds.

The result of all this is a gibberish of confusion and manifest disorientation amongst the villains of the intellect.

I constantly receive all sorts of letters and books. Those who send them to me usually inquire about this or that school, this or that book.  I confine myself to the following reply: “Refrain from idle mental curiosity. There is no need for you to be involved in other people’s business. Disintegrate the animal ego of curiosity, for the business of other schools is not your concern. Become serious, know yourself, study yourself, observe yourself, etc.”

Really, the important thing is to know ourselves profoundly in all mental levels.

Darkness is unconsciousness; light is consciousness.  We must allow light to penetrate our own darkness; obviously, light has the power to defeat darkness.

Regrettably people find themselves incarcerated within the fetid, filthy environment of their own minds, worshipping their beloved ego.

People do not want to realize that they are not masters of their own lives.  Indeed, each person is controlled from within by many other persons.  I refer emphatically to the multiplicity of I’s that we carry within.

Evidently, each one of these I’s puts in our minds what we must think, in our mouths what we must say, and in our hearts what we must feel, etc.

Under such conditions the human personality is no more than a robot governed by different people, each disputing its superiority and aspiring to supreme control of the major centers of the organic machine.

In the name of truth, we solemnly affirm that the poor intellectual animal mistakenly called human being, though believing himself balanced, lives in a complete psychological imbalance.

The intellectual mammal is by no means unilateral, otherwise he would be balanced.

Unfortunately, the intellectual animal is multilateral, as has been proven repeatedly.

How can the rational humanoid be balanced?  In order for perfect equilibrium to exist, we need an awakened consciousness.

Only the light of consciousness, directed not from different angles, but fully focused and centered upon ourselves, can put an end to the contrasts, to the psychological contradictions.  Only thus can we establish within ourselves the true inner equilibrium.

The awakening of our consciousness will come if we dissolve the whole collection of I’s that we carry within, thus the consequence or corollary will be the true balancing of our own psyche.

Unfortunately, people do not want to realize that they live unconsciously.  They are deeply asleep.

If people were awake, each one of us would feel our fellow beings within ourselves.

If people were awake, our fellow beings would feel us within themselves.

Then, obviously, wars would not exist and the Earth would be, in truth, a paradise.

The light of consciousness endows us with true psychological balance and comes to establish each thing in its place.  Anything that previously entered into intimate conflict with us, in fact, stays in its appropriate place.

The unconsciousness of the multitude is such that they are even unable to find the relationship existing between light and consciousness.

Unquestionably, light and consciousness are two aspects of the same thing.  Where there is light, there is consciousness.

Unconsciousness is darkness, and the latter exists within us.

Only through psychological self-observation do we allow light to penetrate within our own darkness.

And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. - John 1:5