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The Sacred Fire

The sexual energy polarizes itself in the two following ways: static or potential (Kundalini), and dynamic. These polarizations, known by all cultural and spiritual persons, are certainly active forces within the organism.

It is obvious that within the dorsal spine, seven very special magnetic centers exist. Infinite igneous powers are found latent within them.

All of the multiplicity of divine powers enter into activity with the ascension of the sacred fire along the medullar canal.

The fundamental clue in order to awaken this sacred fire, the Kundalini, is certainly hidden within Sex Yoga, within the Maithuna, within the sexual connection of the lingam-yoni, phallus-uterus, but without the ejaculation of the Ens Seminis (entity of semen). This is because the whole Ens Virtutis of the fire is enclosed within this semi-solid and semi-liquid substance.

The refrained desire makes the sexual energy flow inward and upward towards the brain.

When the solar and lunar atoms of the seminal system make contact in the coccyx near the Triveni, the base of the dorsal spine, then the sacred fire is awakened and begins its ascent through the medullar canal to the brain.

It is urgent to comprehend, it is necessary to know, that if the entity of semen is spilled, then the ascending fire descends one or more vertebrae, according with the magnitude of the fault.

The Kundalini, the divine fire, ascends slowly in accordance with the merits of the heart.

Those who walk upon the path of the razor’s edge know very well by direct experience that the Divine Mother Kundalini, the sacred fire, conducts Shiva, the Holy Spirit, to the cerebral center and finally into the heart temple.

No authentic esotericist would dare to deny that a static state always exists behind any activity.

We can undoubtedly find the fundamental static center of the human organism in the coccygeal bone (base of the dorsal spine).

This coccygeal chakra is in itself the Church of Ephesus of Christian esotericism. It is the root-support of the physical body and of all movements of vital forces within the interior of our organism.

We know by direct experience that in this specific center of the body, the igneous serpent of our magical powers is found coiled three and a half times. This is the serpentine annular fire that is marvelously developed in the body of the ascetic.

A very careful analysis of this magnetic coccygeal center permits us to comprehend that this in itself is consciousness. There is no doubt that this center possesses very special qualities.

The Kundalini, the contained power within this cited coccygeal center, is efficient and definitive for the awakening of the consciousness. It is obvious that this sacred fire can open the igneous wings of the Caduceus of Mercury upon the dorsal spine of the initiate. Thus, this is how we can consciously penetrate into any department of the kingdom.

The Hindustani adepts make a distinction between the supreme cosmic consciousness and its active energetic power, which is capable of penetrating within the most profound zones of our subconsciousness in order to truly awaken us.

The oriental wise men say that when cosmic consciousness is manifested as energy, it possesses two identical faces, the potential and the kinetic.

The Kundalini, the sexual fire, is without a doubt a Vedantic and Jehovistic truth that perfectly represents the whole universal process as a wise polarization in the consciousness itself.

To utilize this sacred fire, the igneous serpent of our magical powers, in order to awaken the consciousness, is an intimate, vital, and indispensable necessity.

The human being, or better if we say, the poor intellectual animal mistakenly called man, has his consciousness completely asleep. Therefore, he certainly is incapable of vividly experiencing that which is not of time, that which is the Reality.

The sacred fire possesses very special and effective virtues in order to take the poor human biped out of the unconscious state in which he is.

Whosoever develops this sacred fire with all of its seven degrees of power, obviously acquires certain faculties with which he can command the creatures of fire, air, water, and earth.

Nevertheless, it is urgent to comprehend that the sword, forged by Vulcan, must be incandescently tempered within the spermatic waters of the Styx lake.

Disgraceful is the one who spills the Cup of Hermes.

It had been good for that man if he had not been born. - Matthew 26:24


It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea. - Matthew 18:6

Aeneas, the eminent Trojan hero, with his flaming sword on high and looking up fixedly at the sun, uttered words while in prayer. Such words could only be comprehended by those who work in the magistracy of fire. He put as his witness the Cosmic Christ, his blessed land which he invoked, also the all-powerful Father who dwells in secret, and Saturnian Juno Kundalini, the eternal spouse of the Third Logos.

He called to glorious Mars, Lord of wars, and to all the elemental creatures of the fountains and rivers, to all the children of the fire, to all divinities of the blue sea. He even promised that if victory should chance befall to his enemy Turnus, he would withdraw to the city of Evander defeated. But, if victory were granted to him with Mars being in his favor, then he would not convert the Italians into slaves. He would only think to co-exist with them as friends, and that is all.

The following oath of the good King Latinus is very significant to all of those who work in the magistracy of fire. When he looked up fixedly to the sun, and called as his witness the sacred fires that stand lit within us and the divinities, he said:

The day shall not come when men of Italy shall violate this treaty or break this peace, whatever chance will bring.

King Latinus put the same divinities to witness all his oaths: the earth, sea, and stars, the two children of Latona, the unmanifested Prakriti (Diana and Apollo), and Janus (Ianos) with his I.A.O., the three vowels which are chanted during the sexual trance of the Maithuna.

This great King Latinus did not forget in his prayer the terrible abode of Pluto and the Infernal Gods, those divine Beings, those sacred individuals who renounced the happiness of Nirvana, in order to live in the Infernal Worlds to fight for the decidedly lost ones.

All of these prayers, all of the supplications and oaths from the ancient classic world, certainly are incomprehensible without the sacred science of fire.

The advent of the fire within our own selves is the most formidable cosmic event. The fire transforms us radically.

The four letters written upon the cross of the Redeemer of the world come into my memory in these instants: INRI. Ignis natura renovatur integra. The fire renews Nature incessantly.

There, in the profound night of the centuries, in the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs, the great Kabir Jesus, while practicing the Maithuna with a Vestal of a pyramid, chanted the mantras INRI, ENRE, ONRO, UNRU, ANRA. He resounded each letter in a prolonged and profound way. It is obvious that each one of these mantras is divided into two esoteric syllables for its pronunciation.

We need to be swallowed by the serpent. It is urgent to convert ourselves into living flames; it is indispensable to achieve the Second Birth in order to enter into the Kingdom.