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The River Lethe

The Divine Mother Kundalini always accomplishes Her word. Therefore, I waited with supreme patience for the given day, date, and hour [mentioned in Chapter 35].

The Purgatorial region is very painful and I wanted to leave from there; I was longing for my emancipation.

Caton, the Angel of Purgatory, fights in those molecular regions for the freedom of souls.

This Angel greatly suffered when he lived in this world. Any initiate knows that when in Utica, Africa, this being was a man who preferred death to a life under the chains of slavery.

I also wanted liberty, therefore I asked for it, and it was granted unto me. Each time that a soul abandons the Purgatorial region, an intense joy surges from within the heart of Caton.

So, the longed for moment arrived... Since I had known the temporal and eternal fire and had departed from rash ways and from narrowness, I had to encounter the Sun inside of my own soul.

Thus, I felt that from the unknown, something mysterious was forcing, straining the intimate atomic doors of my interior universe.

My fears were useless, vain was the resistance, “It” was compelling me, constraining me, pressing me, and finally (oh God of mine!) I felt myself transformed. The Cosmic Christ had entered within me.

But, my individuality? Where had it gone? What had happened to my vain human personality? Where was it?

Only remembrances of the Holy Land were coming into my memory: the humble birth in the stable of the world, the baptism in the River Jordan, the fast in the wilderness, the Transfiguration, Jerusalem (the beloved city of the Prophets), the human multitudes of those times, the doctors of the law, the Pharisees, the Sadducees, etc.

I floated in the surrounding environment of the temple. I courageously advanced towards a table before which were seated the modern Caiaphases, the most high dignitaries of the Failing Church. They were vested with their sacerdotal habits and the cross hung from their necks. They were projecting, planning, tracing insidious and perfidious plans against me in secrecy.

“You thought that I would not return, but I am here again.” This was the only thing that occurred to me to utter.

Moments later, the Lord had gone out of me, and I again felt myself an individual. Then, together with Litelantes, I rested for brief moments at the foot of my cross.

I cannot deny that lamentably the thorns of the heavy crosspiece were hurting me, and I had a brief discussion with Litelantes about it.

Afterwards, she and I advanced towards the platform of the temple. A Master took the floor in order to say that Christ has no individuality, and that He incarnates and manifests Himself inside any Man who is properly prepared.

It is clear that the word Man is extremely demanding. Diogenes did not find a single Man in Athens.

The intellectual animal is not a Man (human being). In order to become one, one needs to be dressed with the Wedding Garment of the soul, the famous To Soma Heliakon, the body, or better if we say, the bodies of the Solar Man.

Fortunately, I built those bodies of gold in the forge of the Cyclops, in the flaming forge of Vulcan.

Hercules had repeated all of his tasks, all of his labors, inside of me. He had to strangle all of the poisoned serpents that wanted to take his life when he was still a child. He had to decapitate the Hydra of Lerna, to clean the stable of Augeas, to kill the lion of Nemea, to take Cerberus the infernal dog out of the frightful Tartarus, etc.

Hercules, the Christ, practices what he teaches, and each time he incarnates inside of a Man, he repeats the whole of his cosmic drama. This is why the Lord is the Master of Masters.

It is written that the Son of Man has to descend into the atomic infernos of Nature.

It is written that the Son of Man has to ascend to heaven, after passing through the Purgatorial region.

The Son of Man has to carefully submerge himself within the waters of Lethe in order to reconquer innocence.

With great urgency, we need to forget the sinful and absurd past that is the origin of much bitterness.

The Lethe and Eunoe are certainly, and without the least bit of doubt, a single river of clear and profound waters.

On one side, its waters delectably descend, singing upon its rocky bed, carrying the marvelous virtue that erases the memory of sin, the remembrances of “myself.” Its name is Lethe.

The other very holy and sublime shore has the delectable enchantment of fortifying virtues, and its name is Eunoe.

It is obvious that the tenebrous remembrances of too many yesterdays must be erased, because to our own disgrace, they have the tendency of actualizing, projecting themselves into the future through the alley of the present.

In the name of truth, I have to say that the profound work within the waters of Lethe is frightfully difficult and more bitter than bile.

The matter of passing beyond the body, affections, and the mind is not easy. Too many beloved shadows live within time... The memories of desire persist; they refuse to die; they do not want to disappear.

But, what about sex? The Maithuna? Sex Yoga? Then what, oh God of mine?! The Twice-born already know very well that they cannot return into the flaming forge of Vulcan.

It is obvious that the Maithuna is vital, cardinal, and definitive in order to build the Wedding Garment of the soul, the To Soma Heliakon. However, any initiate knows that this is only the inferior work of the Initiation.

Sex is forbidden for the Son of Man; this is known by the Gods, and as thus it is written.

First, we must work with the Third Logos in the Ninth Sphere until reaching the Second Birth (which the great Kabir Jesus spoke of to the Rabbi Nicodemus).

Afterwards, we need to work with the Second Logos, and then sex is prohibited.

The error of many pseudo-esotericists and pseudo-occultists, monks, and anchorites consists of renouncing sex without having previously built the Solar Bodies in the forge of the Cyclops.

These sincere mistaken ones want to work with the Second Logos without previously having worked with the Third Logos. Behold, here is their mistake.

The definitive and radical sexual abstention is only commended for the Twice-born, for the Son of Man.

Whosoever is admitted into the temple of the Twice-born must dissolve the ego, must incinerate the seeds of the “I,” and must bathe in the waters of Lethe. This is known by the Gods, the Sparks, the Flames, the resplendent Dragons of Wisdom.

Truly, no one could pass beyond sex, the affections, and the mind, without having previously bathed within the waters of Lethe.

After the Second Birth, we need to tear the sexual Adamic Veil (or Veil of Isis) into pieces in order to penetrate into the Great Mysteries.

Children of the Earth!... Listen to your instructors, who are the Children of the Fire.

Adepts of the Light! You must invoke your Divine Mother Kundalini and then submerge yourselves into the profound waters of Lethe.