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The Divine Mother Kundalini

Oh, ineffable Muses!... Inspire me. Here shall your excellence reveal itself so that my style does not detract from the nature of this matter...

Oh, Divine Mother Kundalini!... You are Venus, Lady of mine, You are Heva, Isis, Sophia Achamoth, Parvati, Uma, Tonatzin, Rhea, Cybele, Mary, or better if called Ram... Io.

Oh Devi Kundalini! You are Adshanti, Rajesvari, Adonia, Insobertha, Tripursundari, Maha-Lakshmi, Maha-Sarasvati.

By all means, without thee, oh adorable Mother, the manifestation of prana, electricity, magnetic force, molecular cohesion, and cosmic gravitation is something more than impossible.

You are the Matripadma, the Devamatri, Aditi or Cosmic Space, the Mother of the Gods!

You have, oh eternal Mother Space, three luminous aspects during cosmic manifestation, and two antithesis.

May humans listen to me! It is said that each living being has his own Devi Kundalini, his own particular Divine Mother.

To truly eliminate the Ahamkara Bhava, the egoic condition from our consciousness, would be absolutely impossible if we commit the crime of forgetting our own Divine Mother Kundalini.

The intellectual animal mistakenly called man is nothing but a compound of aggregates that sooner or later must become cosmic dust.

The only thing eternal within ourselves is the Innermost Buddha, and truly He is found beyond the body, mind, and affections.

To eliminate the vain and perishable aggregates is something cardinal and definitive in order to awaken the consciousness.

These aggregates are certainly those entities or tenebrous “I’s” that dwell within the five cylinders of the human machine.

We explained, we already stated with complete clarity in our former Christmas messages, that the five cylinders of the human machine are: intellect, emotion, movement, instinct, and sex.

Let us concretize that these devil-“I’s” constitute the ego (pluralized “I”). Thus, within each one of these “I’s” the consciousness sleeps.

In order to awaken consciousness, the elimination of those “I’s,” those entities, those aggregates that personify our defects, is vital. This is how we attain the Atma-Vidya, complete illumination.

To have deep comprehension, clear consciousness of the defect that we want to extirpate is fundamental, but it is not enough. The elimination of the defect is necessary, and this is only possible with the help of the Kundalini.

The mind cannot fundamentally alter anything. What the mind does is label things, hide defects, pass them onto other levels, etc.

To eliminate errors is another thing, and without Devi Kundalini, the magic serpent of our magical powers, this would be absolutely impossible.

One given night (the day and hour does not matter), I was travelling with my Astral Body within the parallel universe of the fifth dimension. Then, while inebriated by a certain spiritual voluptuousness, I ecstatically arrived before the mysterious threshold of that marvelous Temple of the Twice-born.

The hieratic and terrific Guardian of the great mysteries, as always, was at the door, and when I wanted to enter, something unusual happened.

While fixedly looking at me, he said with a severe voice, “Among a group of brethren who have worked in the Ninth Sphere, and who after having worked in that region, presented themselves in this temple, you were the most advanced one. But now you are stagnant in your progress.”

Those words, pronounced with so much severity by the Guardian at the threshold of the mystery, certainly left me perplexed, confused, and indecisive. I could think of nothing else but to ask, “Why?”

Then, the Hierarch answered my question, “Because of your lack of love.”

“How come?” I said, “I love humanity; I am working for all the human beings. I do not understand what you are telling me. In which way am I lacking love?”

“You have forgotten your mother; you are an ungrateful son,” explained the Guardian, and the way in which he intoned these words, I confess, produced in me not only pain, but moreover, terror.

“But, I do not know where she is, I have gone a long time without seeing her,” I replied, believing that it was all related with my physical mother, who I had to leave when I was still very young.

“How is it possible that a son does not know where his mother is?” replied the Guardian, then he continued, saying, “I am telling you this for your own good, because otherwise you are hurting yourself.”

Truly, I confess that only after various days of useless inquiring in order to find in this world my terrene mother, I finally understood the enigmatic words of the Guardian of the temple.

Ah!... But the literature of a pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist type, which is so abundant in the market, says nothing about this matter. If only I had known this before! To that end, I thought too many things, and then I prayed.

To pray is to talk with God, and I, in secrecy, prayed to the Eternal Feminine, to God as Mother.

Then, I knew that each creature has his own particular Divine Mother, and I even knew the secret name of my own.

It is clear that in that epoch I was suffering the unutterable when dissolving the ego, struggling in order to reduce it to cosmic dust.

What is most terrible is that I had already reached the Second Birth. I comprehended very well that if I did not achieve death within myself, I would fail by converting myself into an abortion of the Cosmic Mother, into a hasnamuss with a double center of gravity.

It seemed in that time that my efforts were useless; I was failing the ordeals and if I had continued like that, it is clear that complete failure would have been inevitable.

Fortunately, thanks to God, the Guardian of the temple knew both how to warn me and how to advise me.

The work was terrible; the failed ordeals indicated to me with exactitude where the faults were.

Each ordeal was enough to indicate to me, to point out to me, the basic defect, the error.

The meditation on each error was enough for comprehension, although I could clearly see that there are many degrees and degrees in relation with understanding.

There is a great deal of elasticity and ductility in relation with comprehension. Many times we believe we have integrally comprehended a defect of a psychological type, but only later, we come to discover that really we did not comprehend it.

Elimination is another thing. Anyone can comprehend a given defect, yet in spite of this cannot achieve its extirpation.

If we exclude the Divine Mother Kundalini, then the work becomes incomplete. Without Her, it is impossible to eliminate defects.

Frankly, I converted myself into an enemy of myself, thus I resolved to equilibrate comprehension and elimination.

Each comprehended defect was eliminated with the power of the Divine Mother Kundalini.

Finally, one given day, I was inspecting my work in the Tartarus, in the Averno, within the submerged mineral kingdom, in those infra-dimensional regions or submerged parallel universes.

Navigating upon the waters of the Acheron, inside of the boat of Charon, I arrived to the other shore in order to inspect the work; then I saw thousands of devil-“I’s,” my own aggregates, parts of myself that were living in those regions.

I wanted to resuscitate something, an effigy that symbolized my own sinning Adam, who was lying down as a cadaver within the muddy waters of the river.

Then, my Divine Mother, dressed with clothes of mourning, like a Mater Dolorosa, told me with Her voice filled with infinite love, “This one is already quite dead. I have nothing more to take from him.”

Certainly, my Mother had extracted from me the legion of devil-“I’s,” all of the conjunction of tenebrous entities that personify our defects and that constitute the ego.

Thus, this is how I achieved the dissolution of the pluralized “I.” This is how I attained the reduction into dust of all of those aggregates which form the myself.