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Medicinal Plants

Anti-rheumatic Plants

  • Ash tree (leaves): use as an infusion; use for rubbing; and use for fumigation (burning).
  • Lemon: use the juice for rubbing and drink the juice in water without sugar.
  • Sweet Basil: use as an infusion; use for rubbing; and use for fumigation.
  • Wormwood: use as an infusion; use for rubbing; and use for fumigation.
  • Sage: use as an infusion; use for rubbing; and use for fumigation.
  • Rosemary: use as an infusion; use for rubbing; and use for fumigation.
  • Elder: use as an infusion; use for rubbing; and use for fumigation.

Each one of these plants cure articular and muscular rheumatism. They clean the skin of bad fluids, etc.

Anti-nervous and Calmative Plants

Red Poppy (flowers, Papaver rhoeas L.), Orange leaves, tincture of Valerian, and Linden tree leaves are anti-nervous and calmative plants.

Any of these plants can be taken as an ordinary beverage in order to calm the nerves and to dispel headaches.

Each one of these plants is the physical body of an elemental creature of Nature. If you want to succeed in healing sicknesses by utilizing curative plants, then there is the need to bless the plant and to command the vegetal elemental to cure the sick person. Again, I repeat, the plants are not the ones that cure; it is the vegetal elementals or the vital principles that are occult within each herb, root and tree which cure.

This science of Elementotherapy is solidly based upon the medical wisdom of the Master of the White Lodge, Paracelsus. Therefore, all of those students of Spiritualism, Theosophy, and the Rosicrucian Order who criticize Elementotherapy are totally ignorant of this profound branch, which the illustrious Master Paracelsus granted to us.

Depurating Plants

Sarsaparilla (Smilax officinalis), “Gualanday” (Jacaranda spp.), grass, Ash tree (leaves), Walnut tree (leaves), Horsetail (the whole plant, Equisetum arvense L.), Maguey (root, Agave Americana L.), “Martin Galvis” (flowers and leaves) are purifying plants.

Each one of these plants has the following properties: expels away venomous substances from the blood; cures chronic head colds, old rheum, gout, rheumatism, lithiasis, white discharge, discharge from the urethra, venereal sicknesses, syphilis, gonorrhea, rashes, scrofula, sicknesses of the skin, fistulas, sicknesses of the kidneys, eczema; and in general expels bad fluids from the blood.

Diuretic Plants

Lemon (juice), Horsetail (the whole plant, Equisetum arvense L.), Pellitory-of-the-wall (Parietaria diffusa or P.officinalis), Licorice, grass, Avocado tree (its tender leaves), Medlar (seeds), Pine (cones), Cañaigre (Rumex hymenosepalus Torr.), Elder (flowers and leaves), Sarsaparilla (roots, Smilax officinalis), Cane (root), “Caracola” (Besleria spp; the part that looks like little eggs) are diuretic plants.

Each one of these plants serves against dropsy, gout, lithiasis, illness of the kidneys, urinary irritation, cold of the bladder, retention of the urine, etc., etc.

Emmenagogue Plants

Wormwood (leaves, Artemisia absinthium L.), Celery (seeds), Mugwort (leaves, Artemisia vulgaris L.), Chamomile (flowers), Feverfew (flowers, Chrysanthemum parthenium L.), Rue (Ruta graveolens L.), Fennel (seeds and leaves) are emmenagogue plants.

Any of these plants serve in order to bring on menstruation, to regulate its normal activity, to regulate suppressed, tardy or heavy menstruation, to fortify the organs, to tone the woman’s nervous system, to combat neuralgia, nervous vomiting, etc.

Febrifuge Plants

Chiquichiqui (orimaco), Borage, Chuquiragua, Cuacia, Zarpoleta, Eucalyptus (leaves), Quinoa (cortex), Ash (powdered cortex), Cedrón (seeds), Canagre, Guaco, Orange leaves, Rosemary.

These plants can be taken by infusion, decoction or maceration in order to cut the fever and to impede the reappearance of eruptive, ardent and bilious fevers.

Laxative Plants

Almond oil, Castor or Resin oil, Senna leaves, Rhubarb in powder are laxatives.

Restorative Plants

Wormwood (flowers and shoots, Artemisia absinthium L.), Chamomile (flowers), Cinchona (bark, Cinchona spp.), Coca (leaves, Erythroxylon spp.), Fennel (seeds), Lemon Balm (leaves, Melissa officinalis L.), and Parsley are restorative plants.

They can be consumed in a decoction, infusion or maceration. Any of these plants have the power to stimulate and increase the vital forces of the organism.

Vermifuge Plants

In order to eject intestinal parasites Garlic (cloves), pumpkin seeds in sugared water, lemon juice in sugared water on an empty stomach, etc., can be used.