The Five Causes of Illness

The five causes of illness are the following:    

  1. Ens Astrale    
  2. Ens Veneri
  3. Ens Espirituale
  4. Ens Naturae    
  5. Ens Dei

Master Paracelsus states:

“All sicknesses have their beginning in some of the three substances: Salt, sulfur and Mercury; that is to say, they can have their origin in the world of matter (symbolized by the Salt), in the sphere of the soul (symbolized by the sulfur) or in the kingdom of the mind (symbolized by the Mercury).”

In order to better comprehend this aphorism of Master Paracelsus, let the internal constitution of the human being be studied. (Read The Perfect Matrimony and The Revolution of Beelzebub).

There is no danger of harmful discordance if the body, soul and mind are in perfect harmony. Yet, if a cause of discordance originates in any of these three planes, then the disharmony is communicated to the other planes.

The Being is not the physical body, nor the Vital Body which serves as a foundation for the organism’s chemistry. It is not the Sidereal Body, which is the very root of our own desires, nor is it the mind, a marvelous organism whose physical instrument is the brain. The Being is not the body of the consciousness, where all volitional, mental or sentimental experiences are based. The Being is something much more profound.

Very rare are the human beings who have comprehended what the Being is.

The Glorian is the ray who “strikes His bell” when He comes into the physical world.

The Glorian is the Law and the incognito root of the human being.

The Glorian is the Being of the Being.

The Glorian is the Law within ourselves.

When the human being obeys the Law (the Glorian) he cannot become sick. Therefore, sickness comes because of disobedience to the Law. When the seven bodies want to act separately as if they were seven “I’s,” sickness is then the outcome.

The physical and vital bodies must obey the Soul . The Soul must obey the Innermost and the Innermost must obey the Glorian. Body, Soul , and Spirit must convert themselves into a very pure and perfect universe through which the majesty of the Glorian can be expressed.

Let us look at a concrete and simple example: if we throw stones into the water, then inevitably waves will be produced. These waves are the reaction of the water against the stones. If someone casts an offensive word against us, then we feel anger. So, anger is the reaction against the offensive word and the consequences could be indigestion or a headache or simply a loss of energies, which will be the cause of a future sickness.

If someone frustrates a plan which we have projected, then we are filled with deep mental preoccupation. This preoccupation is the reaction of our Mental Body against the exterior incitement.

No one doubts that a strong mental preoccupation brings sickness to the head. Therefore, we must govern our emotions with our thought. Thought must be governed by willpower and willpower by the consciousness.

Then, we must open up our consciousness as when a temple is opened, in order for the priest (the Innermost) to officiate at his altar, before the presence of God (the Glorian).

We must dominate our seven vehicles and cultivate serenity in order for the sublime and ineffable majesty of the Glorian to be expressed through ourselves.

When all the acts of our daily life, even the most insignificant acts, become the living expression of the Glorian in ourselves, we will then never be sick.

Let us now study the five causes of sickness in a successive order.

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