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Diagnostic System

Presently, innumerable systems of diagnosis exist which in depth are nothing more than simple guides for the blind. These systems guide fanatical blind people of different medical schools throughout their complex and tortuous ways of organism symptomatology.

Ninety percent of people die ignoring the cause of their sicknesses.

There are many who say that the human being is a microcosm. Yet, few are those who comprehend what this signifies.

Just as the universe is an organism with all of its constellations, likewise, the human being is a world in himself. Just as the visible firmament (space) is not governed by any creature, likewise the firmament which is within the human being (the mind) is not subjected to any other creature. This firmament (mental sphere) in the human being has its planets and stars (mental states), as well as its elevations, conjunctions and oppositions (states of being related with sentiments, thoughts, emotions, ideas, love and hatred) and can be labeled as you wish.

Just as all the celestial bodies in space are united to one another by invisible links, so the organs within the human being are not entirely independent of one another, but they are subordinated amongst themselves by certain degrees.

“The heart is a Sun, the brain is its Moon, the spleen is its Saturn, the liver its Jupiter, the lungs its Mercury and the kidneys its Venus.” - Paramirum III, 4, Paracelsus

Esoterically, the sun of our organism is Saturn, Mercury is the chest and the “Fior” are the sexual organs. The map of the stars is within the human organism. Saturn is the sun which governs the belly. For more details read our Zodiacal Course.

Organs, nerves, muscles, etc., are only the physical instruments of certain principles and powers in which their activity is based.

In order for one to exactly diagnose a sickness, clairvoyance is necessary. Every sickness has its causes within the interior universe of the human being. Thus, in order to penetrate within this profound interior universe, one needs to be clairvoyant.

Freud approached this reality with his psychoanalysis. However, he did not delve into it completely, because he lacked the development of his clairvoyance or sixth sense.

The diagnosis by percussion and auscultation is already very antiquated. Consequently, a major amount of doctors are abandoning it.

Iridology, so proclaimed by the great iridologist Vidarrauzaga, is also deficient, because the lines of the iris are so extremely fine that even with lenses that are six times magnified they can easily mislead the medic.

Medical chirology, so proclaimed by Dr. Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha), has the same defects as iridology, since the lines of the hands present signs of sicknesses very complex and very difficult to diagnose. These are confusing and untranslatable in many cases.

We bring into account the scandalous event that happened some years ago in a college of Bogota, Colombia. A commission of physicians, sickened by carnal passion, presented themselves at a college for girls in order to perform sexual examinations. It was then that the Dr. Laureano Gomez energetically protested in the name of society because of this kind of infamy.

This clearly reveals to us to what limit the sadism of these false apostles of medicine has reached. Their refined lechery does not even respect the purity of innocent girls.

The doctors from hospitals of charity have converted those institutions into centers of corruption.

The pregnant women within the maternity halls are despoiled from their dresses and in the most sadistic and criminal way their sexual organs are publicly exhibited. This is in order for those groups of bookworm-students from the university (who are filled with hidden anxieties of copulation) to study and excite their own passions before the sad spectacle of their defenseless victims.

The most horrible crimes are executed daily within the clinics with all of their instruments for surgery. A doctor who took advantage of his patients for the benefit of advertisements by exhibiting them in the supreme moment of child deliverance before strange people, had to escape from the city of Cali.

The innovative systems of diagnosis in laboratories have only achieved the increasing number of sicknesses and defunct ones. The invalids from hospitals of charity are scoffed at and humiliated as if they were not human beings, but outcasts.

These civilized “gentlemen physicians” have converted the human organism into a simple “thing” for experimentation, for an essay, for a test.

This lack of respect for the bodies of our fellowmen is rooted in the ignorance of the existence of the internal vehicles.

Newborn children are separated from their mothers at the moment of birth, with the pretext of hygiene. These “doctors” ignore that the newborn child needs the vital aura of his mother for the development of the biology of his body which is in formation. These “scientists” ignore that when the newborn child is placed far away from the irradiation of the Vital Body of his mother, he gets sick and is in danger of dying.

To want to correct Nature is pedantry. It is unforgivable imbecility.

If we observe creation in its entirety, we will then see every mother sleeping with her newborn creature. The hen spreads her wings and covers her chicks during the night. All the animals give heat and protection to their children.

Only the deranged scientists want to correct the work of God. The mother’s placenta, which should be buried within a hot place in order to avoid consequences, is often thrown into the dunghills. These “doctors” ignore the intimate bio-electro-magnetic relationship which exists between the placenta and the organism of the sick woman. A placenta that is thrust into the dunghill or into the water is the cause of multiple and future sicknesses of the womb and other organs.

Therefore, when those poor mothers present themselves asking for health and medicine within the clinics, the physicians, with their false diagnosis, prescribe to them a countless amount of remedies, which instead of healing them make them even more sick.

When the Arhuaco doctors need to excite their sixth sense in order to diagnose, they drink a special medicinal decoction which then puts their clairvoyant power into total activity. The formulae is as follows:

Obtain a bottle of rum, ten centigrams of internal seed of lemon verbena, one seed from inside the fruit of the sandbox tree (Hura crepitans DC., “Jabilla”) and five sage leaves. The whole of this is left to macerate for several days. This beverage has the virtue of raising the blood towards the head in order to give force to those glands where the sixth sense is situated. We, the Gnostics, do not need this beverage. These plants can be found in the state of Magdalena, Colombia.

In the systems of diagnosis of medical wisdom, the magician uses an apparatus called a clairteleidoscope in order to clairvoyantly observe the organism. This lens is constructed in the following way: Inside of a steel-tube of about twenty centimeters in length and five centimeters in diameter, two small crystal balls with stripes of blue, green, yellow and red colors must be inserted. This lens is for clairvoyance as the microscope is for the optical nerve of the medic.

This clairteleidoscope must be blessed with a branch from a pine tree and three fruits of “cadillo mono” must be hung from its sides like balls. The “cadillo mono” is a plant which grows one or two meters tall in Colombia.

The Gnostic medic will take the sick person into his healing sanctuary. Then, with his sixth sense and with the help of his clairteleidoscope, he will perform the corresponding exam of the organism. Thus, he will give an exact diagnosis.

Within this sanctuary, the young females will not need to undress their bodies. They will not entertain any passionate person. Neither will the women need to renounce their integrity in order to submit themselves to the exam of any sexually unsatisfied one, since here, only wisdom and respect will exist.