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Secrets of Practical Magic

Folklore from the Sierra Nevada

Many wise Indians are venerated in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta (Colombia). In cases of grave sicknesses, we can call them with our thought and our heart. Let us see a list of these wise Indians:

  • “God Kogi” (Mamankú)
  • “Mama” Yuisa Quintana Ríual
  • “Mama” Iskaviga
  • “Mama” Rayintana
  • “Mama” Marrocorrúa
  • “Mama” Cajaka
  • The “Saga” Catalina Alberto
  • The “Saga” Sinkiri
  • The “Saga” Yuila
  • “Mama Serancua”

These wise Indian medics live in the Astral Plane and they concur to the bed of the sick person who calls them with his thoughts and heart filled with faith.

A small temple exists in Buringueca where the Indians “pay” the Goddess Mother of the world (Nature) by carrying offerings to her.

A temple in Jinn State exists where the degree of “Poporo” is attained. This temple is called “Sokarua” (from Yoburo).

Temples in Jinn State also exist in Garua and Gamaque. The Temple of “Guicanuma” is also very important.

Therefore, the Sierra Nevada from Santa Marta is the “Tibet” of Colombia. The Indians adore Blessed Nature. They worship and bring offerings to her.

In the temple of Tierra Nueva, they often use in their worship a very important relic, which is called “Gurrumaya.” It is a relic of Cansamaria or Concoruba, which is a seashell in the form of a small plate or small cooking pan.

Many marine shells exist that the Arhuacos use in their worship. Romantically, they call the Caribbean Sea “macuriba.” The seashells which they use in their temples are called “chengues,” which they have qualified into four types: red chengue, yellow chengue, black chengue, and white chengue.

These four colors remind us of the four races that have existed in the world:

  1. Red race (Native American red-skinned people)
  2. Yellow race (Asiatic people)
  3. Black race (African people)
  4. White race (Occidental people)

These four races are symbolized by the four horses from the sacred scriptures (Revelation).

A small fruit called “Gulaba” exists, which the Arhuaco Indians employ in their worship to pay the blessed Goddess Mother of the world, Goddess Nature (Isis, Adonia, Insoberta, Mary).

Another small fruit called “Seitamaca” exists, which also has great occult powers and is very sacred for them. The “Concalva” is a big fruit from the Sierra Nevada, which they use in their sacred rituals.

The sacred rituals of the wise Arhuaco Indians and their wise utilization of the elementals allows them to control the Tattvas, although only in a partial form. This is because the mastery over the Tattvas can only be achieved by the Adepts of the White Fraternity. However, Adepts from the White Fraternity also exist among the Initiates of the Mayan Ray.

The founder of the College of Initiates is the “Maha-Guru,” who dwells in Eastern Tibet. We, the Masters of the White Lodge, achieved the mastery over the Tattvas. We converted ourselves into Kings and Queens of Creation after we fused ourselves with our own Innermost (Spirit), also after we redeemed our animal soul. This is accomplished by assimilating the psychic extract of the Ethereal Body, the psychic extract of the Astral Body and the psychic extract of the Mental Body, within our own Spiritual Soul.

We have two souls which are mentioned by Goethe in his Faust. These are the animal soul and the Diamond Soul. The beautiful Sulamite (Diamond Soul) is betrothed with Solomon (the Innermost) when one achieves the High Initiation. This is how the Soul and the Spirit are fused and become “one.”

Afterwards, the Adept has to liberate his animal soul by assimilating the psychic extracts from his Ethereal, Emotional (Astral) and Mental bodies, so that he can verify the Ascension of the Lord, which is the fusion with the Glorian. This is how the Master is transformed into a Divine Angel, into a medic of the Light and into a Theurgist.

The Divine Rabbi from Galilee practiced the Gospel and healed the sick because he was a true magician and theurgist, a true God.

“Magic” comes from mag which means “priest.” It signifies great power from the Divine Wisdom, the Ineffable Light, the Solar Substance which the medic magician manipulates in order to heal those who are ill.

When the human being fuses himself with his own Innermost, he converts himself into a God of Nature. This is why the Masters from the Mayan Ray are ineffable Gods of Nature.

Introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina and withdraw it without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm). Whosoever renounces fornication and practices this secret daily, living a holy life, will also be converted into a God of Nature and into a medic-magician.

We also will become Gods by becoming Initiates of the “Green Snake.” The Priests of the Snake were also venerated in Egypt.

Let us now see some Gods or Masters from the Mayan Ray, who are venerated by the Indians of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta (the “Tibet” of Colombia):

  • Kakamulkuabi, a major secretary of the “Udumasi” hills, father of hailstorms.
  • Sabatamena Laguna
  • “Gualinutukua” is a temple where the Moors dance.
  • Seyirico, “papa” of the “Jayo” (Mayan Master)
  • The Master Ucua, mother of boncuá (the water).
  • The Master Abusudimba, mother.

There is a sacred temple called “Kembiterna” where the Moors dance. Another interesting temple is the one from Geingeka.

There is a sacred lagoon called “Sidigua.” Pilgrims who walk towards the Indian Masters who dwell in “Takima” and “Makutama” bathe themselves in this lagoon.

A very ancient dance called the “Cansamaria” is still danced in this day and age. The whole wisdom of these Indians is kept in secret behind the jagged mountain-chain of the Paramos.

A sacred well and a guardian who remains seated are in a certain place of the Sierra Nevada where the Mayan mysteries are cultivated. Those who are not prepared, that is to say, the unworthy, become enchanted when they arrive there... They cannot pass beyond this place.

The pilgrims bathe themselves in the lagoon in order to purify and cleanse themselves.

A temple which is called “La Gloria” exists at the shores of the Caribbean sea between Gaira and “Pozos Colorados.”

The Masters from the Mayan Ray are true Dragons of Wisdom, initiates of the snake. All of the inventions from Atlantis and Lemuria, which are kept as sacred relics, exist within the Temple of Kalusuanga, the Son of the Seven Red Seas and of the Seven Rays of the Sun. He is a Mayan Master.

The Arhuaco Indians know in depth about the occult powers of the marine snail-shells. They use them as amulets. The “muchulo” is a marine shell with the shape of the feminine genitalia. There are large and small sizes which are carried around the necks by the female Indians. The large shells are for the women and the small shells for the girls. The occult powers of these snail-shells assist these female Indians against the sly and perverse fornicators.

Certain snail-shells with the shape of cartridges exist, which are called “deriches” by the Indians. There are large and small sizes. The small ones are carried around the necks of the boys and the large ones are used by the men. These snail-shells assist them against witchcraft and evil entities.

The Arhuaco Indians always carry two “calabacitos” (calabash) when they travel through their mountains. They also chew coca leaves (“Jayo”) and dab a small stick within a “calabacito” with “ambira.” Then, they put the stick into the other “calabacito” with marine shell flour. They carry this small stick in order to dab the coca (“Jayo”) with these, so they may perform long walks without getting tired, because the marine shells totally re-calcify them. Thus, when the osseous system is re-calcified in this way, it tolerates long walks.

Perverse black “Mamas” also exist in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta who are capable of all type of evilness, since there are many things existing in the world.

In Eastern Tibet, many Mahatmas exist. However, many Drukpas and Böns of the Red Cap also live there who are capable of all mischief and evilness, since they are black magicians.

A gigantic and very ancient city called “Maoa” exists in the flatlands of Casanare (Colombia). That city is found in Jinn state. This city will never be found by the “civilized” ones.

Another city in Jinn state also exists in the Florida peninsula. This city will also never be found by the civilized ones.

Secret cities exist in California that are inhabited by Lemurians, who are survivors from the continent “Mu.”

A subterranean city exists under the thick jungles of the Amazon. Enormous riches from the Atlanteans are held here. This city is also inhabited.

The medical wisdom is preserved in all of these cities and Jinn lands. Lawfully, their inhabitants have the right of laughing about the “university horses” from our faculties of medicine.

The Egyptians mummified their cadavers. This mummification was performed by introducing the deceased person’s Ethereal Body within his physical body. This is how the Ethereal Body suspended the decomposition of the cadaver.

When the “Nous” atom leaves the left ventricle of the heart, then the atoms of death direct the process of disintegration of the cadaver, and the physical body disintegrates. Thus, each atom has its own intelligence. These atomic Angels have also soul and body, because each atom is the body of an atomic Angel.

The Egyptians suspended the work of the atoms of death by introducing the “Nous” atom within its sanctuary again. This sanctuary is situated in the left ventricle of the heart.

Nevertheless, the mummies from the Arhuaco Indians are much more perfect, because in addition to the mummification of the cadaver, they “reduced” those cadavers to the size of small Lilliputians, and conserved perfectly the features of those cadavers.

Still, in this day and age, the “foolish scientists” from the official medicine cannot mummify a cadaver because they do not know the internal anatomy of the human being. The embalming of a cadaver can never be coequal to a mummification work, because the mummy is very much perfect.

As well, the modern scientists have not invented a remedy in order to preserve the youth and the life of the physical body for an unlimited time.

Indeed, we, the Gnostic medics, have that secret. We know that the Count Saint Germain, who was mentioned by Giovanni Papini, lives in Tibet with the same body which he used in the XVII, XVIII and XIX centuries in Europe. This is because we, the Gnostic Masters, can preserve the physical body for an unlimited time.

The Master Mejnour lived seven times seven centuries. Zanoni was initiated in ancient Chaldea and disincarnated by the guillotine during the French Revolution.

What do the foolish modern scientists know about this? The only thing that they want is money and more money.

The whole wisdom of the Arhuaco Indians is found behind the jagged mountain-chain of the Paramos. Yet, that wisdom will never be accessible to the civilized ones of this XX century.

The Indians who live in the lower part of the Sierra Nevada are ignorant. If the “foolish scientists” believe that those Indians know something, then they are very mistaken.

The true Mayan medical wisdom is only found behind the jagged mountain-chain of the Paramos, and no profane one can enter into those temples of the Mayan Ray.

The Masters from the Mayan Ray, the Masters from Eastern Tibet, the Masters from the secret temple of Juratena in Boyacá (Colombia) have the authentic occult wisdom enclosed within their subterranean sanctuaries.

The distinct indigenous tribes of the whole world are the possessors of that archaic, ancient wisdom of the Green Snake.

The occultism that is known in the cities is nothing else but a grotesque caricature of the ancient wisdom which is hidden within the subterranean Sanctuaries of the Andes, Bohemia, Tibet and in all the subterranean caverns of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, in the Alps and the sandy deserts of Asia and Africa.

The authentic occult wisdom is found in Manoa, the secret city from the flatlands of Casanare and in all the secret cities of the thick jungles of the whole world.

One needs to be humble in order to acquire wisdom, and after one has acquired it, there is the need to be even more humble.

I, Samael Aun Weor, the Avatar of the new Aquarian Era, am the first one teaching the ancient wisdom of the Green Snake to all the disciples who are lovers of the light.

The Gnostic Movement advances in a mighty way, and now nothing, not anyone, can stop us in this luminous and triumphal march.