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The Fourth Coordinate

Secret in Order to Function Within the Superior Vehicles

Every Gnostic medic must learn how to freely function in his Atmic and Buddhic vehicles in order to investigate the Nirvanic, Super-Nirvanic, Adic, Monadic, etc., planes.

The essences from superior planes are worthy of being studied. We can receive sublime teachings from the Buddhas of Contemplation while in Nirvana.

We can enter by will any time we want into those superlative planes of consciousness. The light of Atman the ineffable reigns there.

The disciple will start by learning how to depart from his physical body in his Astral vehicle.

Later on, when he is out of his body, he will beg his Innermost to take his inferior vehicles out from him. Then, his Innermost will take his Astral, Mental, Causal, etc., vehicles out from the atomic doors of his spinal column.

When we are without those inferior vehicles, we learn to move ourselves in the Buddhic and Atmic vehicles by will.

It is also true that in the Astral Body we can visit the Buddhic, Nirvanic, Adic, etc., worlds. The Theosophists do not know anything about this. Hence, they are worthy of pity.

It is also very true that through meditation we can visit the superior worlds. The Innermost can enter into any department of the kingdom.

The Mental World

Even though it seems incredible, black magicians also exist within the Mental World.

The black magicians from the Mental World are the most dangerous of the universe. Those black magicians from the Mental World are extremely fine, subtle, erudite, and delicate.

They can easily turn aside many investigators because they have the appearance of Masters. When the Master is christifying his Mental Body, then he has to confront great battles against these very dangerous adepts of the shadow.

The Mental Body is christified with the fourth degree of the power of the Fire; that is to say, with the Kundalini of the Mental Body. Each one of our seven bodies has its own Kundalini.

The Mind

All the problems that we the human beings have to resolve, all the sufferings from our life, all our desires and passions, all our bitterness, reside within the mind.

If somebody throws a stone into a crystalline lake, then we will see a vast amount of waves which come from the center towards the periphery. These waves are the reaction of the water against the exterior impact.

Our mind is similar to this. The external impacts fall into the lake of our mind, which make us react towards the exterior world with waves of anger, desire, envy, slander, etc., etc.

For example: When we see a pornographic illustration, this image strikes the retina of our eye. Afterwards, it passes towards our sensorial cerebral center, and finally it goes into our mind. Thus, our mind reacts over that exterior image with waves of carnal passion.

If somebody insults us, the insulter’s words arrive to our senses, and afterwards they pass into our mind. Subsequently, our mind reacts with waves of fury and violence against the insulter.

Therefore, the mind is the cause of all our bitterness. It is the wild horse which hauls our wagon. If we do not dominate it with the whip of willpower, then it will haul our wagon into the abyss. The magician must manage his mind. The magician must dominate his mind by means of willpower.

When our mind is filled with passionate desires, then let us stop for a moment and let us imperiously command our mind as follows: “Mental Body, withdraw those thoughts from me. I do not allow you to bear them.”

When our mind is filled with anger, then let us command our mind like this: “Mental Body, withdraw this anger from me. I do not allow you to bear anger.”

When our mind is filled with hatred, then let us command our mind like this: “Mental Body, withdraw this hatred from me. I do not allow you to bear hatred, etc., etc.”

The Being is not the mind, the Being is the Being. He is the Innermost and He can control our mind by means of willpower.

The den of desire is within the mind. The Body of Desires is nothing else but an emotional instrument of the mind.

We can converse with our mind in the internal worlds, when we momentarily have deprived ourselves from it.

Then, the mind seems to be almost an independent subject which sits in front of us, face to face, in order to converse.

This interesting experiment is performed in the following way:

1.    The magician must abandon his physical body and depart within his Astral Body.

2.    Once out, he must feel himself having a childlike heart.

3.    Then, he must command his Astral Body as follows: “Astral Body, withdraw from me.”

4.    He must cast his Astral Body out from himself, through his spinal column.

5.    Subsequently, his Astral Body will fall out of him from his back and will go out.

6.    The disciple will remain within his Mental Body.

7.    Now, he has to command his Mental Body as follows: “Mental Body, withdraw from me.”

8.    The disciple must throw his Mental Body out towards his back.

9.    Now, the magician will feel that something else is moving within his own Being.

10.    At this moment, a rare personage comes out from his spinal column.

11.    The disciple must question this rare personage: “Who are you?”

12.    This subject will answer as follows: “I am your Mental Body. Do you not know me?”

13.    The disciple must now invite his own mind to sit.

14.    This is now the precise moment in which the disciple can converse with his mind face to face, front to front.

After this profound investigation, the disciple will be aware that his mind is a wild horse, a savage man, which he must control, command and direct with the whip of willpower.

All the torments of our existence come from the Mental Body.

No insults, no bitterness can ever reach our Innermost, because all bitterness, all insults only reach until the Mental Body. Therefore, it is only the mind which reacts towards the exterior world with tempests of pain and bitterness.

The Innermost cannot suffer. The Innermost suffers only when he identifies himself with his mind, when he still has not learned how to control his mind by means of his willpower.

The tempests of our existence come from the exterior, from the world of the mind. They do not come from within, from the profundities of the infinite, because there is where the Innermost always lives full of happiness.

Jinn Humans and Jinn Lands

Ms. Neel comments to us in a book about the semi-flying ascetics from Tibet who travel Tibet in all directions while in a type of somnambulistic dream state. They do this without eating or resting in any place. Their journeys last for many days, without them getting tired.

The peyote was utilized by the Aztec priests in their temples of mysteries in order to submerge the sick people into a profound dream, from which they were subsequently coming out from healed.

After a very profound dream, the mystos were coming out totally illuminated from the Greek, Toltec, and Egyptian temples.

Freud spoke to us about the tremendous energy of the subconsciousness and the Master Huiracocha taught us how to cure sick people with perfumes by taking advantage of a patient’s dream.

This is because, in reality, the curative forces of the organism reside within the subconsciousness and the medic can manipulate them during the patient’s dream.

The physician Dr. Schwab states that the brain and the nervous sympathetic plexus are the exponents of the curative force from the organism. He states that this plexus rules the involuntary functions and that it intervenes over the endocrine glands.

The subconsciousness is the base of the vital energies and the storage of all the forces.

A disciple of the “Mamas” named Juan Bautista Miranda lived in the state of Magdalena (Colombia). He cured cases of leprosy in the final stages and he made the scientists from the official medicine grow wan.

On a certain occasion, Miranda said to his people: “A sick person is near at hand in coming, but you must deny that I am here, otherwise I am lost.” Subsequently, the sick person who was clairvoyantly predicted by this medic, arrived at the precise hour noted. Miranda’s people tried to deny the medic’s presence, yet the sick person answered: “The medic is here, and he must cure me.”

This case was related to a work of witchcraft which Juan Bautista Miranda could easily cure. When the sick person was healed, then Juan Bautista Miranda became sick and he sent for his son. However, his luck was bad, because he died before his son’s arrival.

The physical body of Juan Bautista Miranda was buried as is customary. Yet, the next day, the tomb was empty, as the cadaver had disappeared. What happened? Well, Juan Bautista Miranda lives in the Sierra Nevada from Santa Marta, performing marvelous healings. His death was only simulated, because the “Mamas” took his body from the tomb.

How did the “Mamas” take Juan Bautista Miranda’s body? Dr. Steiner states that a physical body can remain within the internal worlds without losing its physical characteristics. This is what is called “Jinn State.”

In the case of Juan Bautista Miranda, the “Mamas” operated by submerging his assumed dead body within the Astral Plane. This is how they transported him to the Sierra Nevada.

We know that there are fakirs in India who bury themselves alive and they endure months in this buried state. The case of Miranda was analogous.

When the Spanish Conquistadors came to America, the wise Indians hid their sacred temples by putting them into the Astral Plane. Those temples still exist in this day and age. However, they are hidden to the eyes of the profane. This is called “Jinn State.”

Various of these occult (hidden) temples exist in the Sierra Nevada from Santa Marta (Colombia). The “Mama” Matías, before his death, was officiating in “Pueblo Hundido” (sunken town) from the Sierra Nevada. This “Mama” was asking forgiveness for his sick people and also health and life for them within that temple.

Another temple is the one in “Cheruba.” The “Saga Catalina Alberto” was officiating there.

The “Mama” Matías was starting to officiate in the temple of “Chinchicua” before his death.

All of these occult temples are called “temples from the God Nature” by the indigenous people.

There also exists in the Sierra Nevada a land in Jinn State where the black magistracy abides. It is called “Guanani.” The river “Ariguani” runs there. The first door of this black magistracy exists in a waterfall from this river. A huge dragon was seen there by the natives. The black magicians leave in the night through this door. All of these black magicians worship the demon “Ikanuse,” who in this day and age has a physical body.

During a certain part of the year, the “Mamas” use special herbs in order to humiliate and defeat the black magistracy. They throw their bunches of herbs in that previously mentioned door. This is how they subdue these magicians from darkness.

An occult temple also exists in the mountain of Monserrate of Bogota, Colombia. Some Chibchas Initiates dwell there. Occult temples exist in the whole of South America.

Every student of Gnosticism has to learn how to transport himself in a few seconds towards his sick patients in order to visit and cure them. The procedure is in the following way:

The disciple must lie down on his left side with his head rested over the palm of the hand of the same side. Then, he has to get sleepy with his mind fixed in the process of the dream. Dream images emerge during the state of transition between vigil and dream. The disciple must reject such images, because if he does not do it, then he will remain abstracted within them and he will fall asleep.

The attention of the disciple must be fixed only and exclusively in the process of the dream. Then, when he feels that the dream has already invaded his brain, he must abandon all of his laziness and get up immediately. The whole secret of this matter rests in leaving our home, going out towards the street. Yet, we have to conserve the dreamy state.

When already on the street, the disciple has to jump with the intention of suspending himself in the air as if he was a bird. Then, he can transport himself in flesh and bones towards the residence of the sick person.

In this way, the disciple will learn how to travel in a few seconds to the most remote places of the earth in order to cure sick patients. He can also take his herbs and remedies with him.

The physical body enters, in this case, within the Astral Plane and remains out of the law of gravity. This process is performed by the powerful energies of the subconsciousness. This is why we insist that the disciple must leave his house while preserving his dreamy state.

The dream has its power and that power is the energies of the subconsciousness. It would be impossible for the physical body to enter into a Jinn State without the energies of the subconsciousness.

The Master Litelantes, The Harpocranian Forces, the Orphic Egg, and the Jinn States

The Guru Litelantes, known on the Earth with the profane name of Arnolda de Gomez, taught me about the Jinn State.

This Lady-Adept is my priestess-wife and my esoteric collaborator.

I have read much occult literature, yet I have never found concrete data about the “modus operandi” for Jinn States.

The venerable Master Huiracocha relates to us in his Initiatic Novel the interesting case of the commander Montenero who, with his physical body in Jinn State, entered into the Temple of Chapultepec, Mexico, in order to receive Cosmic Initiation.

Don Mario Roso de Luna also speaks marvelously to us about the Jinn States.

However, never has any Spiritualist writer taught us the concrete formula in order to place the physical body in the Jinn State.

I learned this formula from my own priestess-wife. She taught it to me in a practical way. Regarding this, many interesting things from that time come into my memory.

Back in time, in the year 1946, my wife and I were living in the tropical town of Girardot (Cundinamarca). One certain day, the Lady-Adept told me, “Tonight I will transport myself with my physical body in Jinn State to the home of Mrs. E... I will make my appearance felt by her. Then, I will leave there a material object for her.”

Being somewhat inquisitive, I asked her, “Is it possible to transport oneself with the physical body through the air and without the necessity of an airplane?”

While smiling, the Guru Litelantes told me, “You will see...”

The following day, very early, I went to visit Mrs. E... This lady, somehow overwhelmed, told me that during the whole night she had felt noise within her house and the steps of a strange person. Then, she told me that inside her home, which was properly closed with a lock, she had found certain material objects which were belonging to Mrs. Arnolda.

I, overwhelmed from this matter, went to the Lady-Adept to tell her about the case. Smiling, she told me: “You see that it is possible to travel with the physical body in the Jinn State.”

Later on, she invited me to execute an excursion with the physical body through the dominions of those marvelous Jinn lands which Don Mario Roso de Luna spoke about.

Hence, one night, the most quiet, the most silent night, I was lying down on my bed in a perfectly vigil state. Suddenly, the Lady-Adept told me: “Get up from your bed and let’s go...”

This Lady-Adept had placed her physical body in Jinn State. Thus, she was surrounded by the tremendous cosmic forces from the God Harpocrates.

I got up from my bed and filled with faith I followed her, walking with a firm and decisive step. A spiritual voluptuousness was inebriating me. So, I decided to float in the air. I comprehended that I had submerged myself within the Astral Plane, yet, I did it with my physical body. I understood that when the physical body is submerged within the Astral Body it can levitate and remain under the laws of the Astral Plane, yet without losing its physiological characteristics.

Once, while in Jinn State, the Lady-Adept made me fly over great precipices and mountains in order to prove my courage.

After having a very interesting excursion, which was performed in remote Jinn lands, the Lady-Adept and I returned to our dwelling.

I continued experimenting by my own account. Thus, I discovered that in order to transport oneself with the physical body in the Jinn State, only a minimum quantity of dream and a lot of faith is necessary.

Later on, the Lady-Adept explained to me something about the Orphic Egg and the Jinn States.

The Golden Egg of Brahma, which symbolizes the universe, comes into my memory.

Our planet Earth has an oviform figure. The first manifestation of the cosmos in a form of an egg was the belief that was most spread in antiquity.

It is stated in the Egyptian rite that Seb, the God of time and the earth, laid an egg, or the universe; an egg which was brought into existence at the hour of the great ONE of the double force.

The God Ra is represented by the Egyptians in a process of gestation within an egg.

The Orphic Egg appears in the Dionysian Mysteries.

In Greece and India, the first visible masculine being who was reuniting the two sexes in himself was represented as emerging from an egg.

The egg symbolizes the world.

Therefore, logic invites us to think that great occult powers exist within the egg.

The Guru Litelantes explained to me the magic formula of the egg.

The Guru Litelantes told me that one can place the physical body in a Jinn State with the egg.

A small orifice must be made on the endmost pointed part of the egg. Then, the yolk and the white part of the egg have to be taken out through that orifice.

The egg must be slightly warmed up in boiling water before making the orifice.

The disciple must paint the egg a blue color.

That empty shell must be placed next to our bed. The disciple will fall asleep while imagining to be inside, within the egg.

The Master Huiracocha says that in those instants one must invoke the God Harpocrates, by pronouncing the following mantra:


Then, the God Harpocrates will carry the disciple within the egg. The disciple will feel a great itchiness or rash on his body.

The disciple will feel himself uncomfortable, because he will have that uncomfortable position with which the pigeon, while inside of an egg, is represented. However, the disciple must not complain, because the God Harpocrates will transport him to any far away place. The God will open the egg and will leave him there.

In the beginning, the student will only transport himself in his Astral Body. Later on the student will transport himself with his body in the Jinn State. This is a matter of much practice and tenacity.

The Jinn States permit us to perform all of these marvels. The Guru Litelantes showed me in a practical way how a physical body while in Jinn State can assume distinct forms, such as enlarging and shrinking itself by will.

Indeed, official science does not completely know about the physical body, but only about its purely primary or elementary aspects.

The scientists totally ignore that the physical body is plastic and elastic. Official anatomy and physiology are still in an embryonic state.

The forces which the Guru Litelantes taught me to command are the Harpocranian forces which boil and palpitate in the whole universe.

The Har-po-crat-ist forces are a variation of the Christic forces.

Wherever a Jinn State, an Astral projection, a temple in Jinn State or an enchanted lake exists, the Har-po-crat-ist forces are found in an active function.

The disciple is accumulating these Har-po-crat-ist energies when he performs the practices of Har-po-crat-ist. Then, later on, these energies will truly allow him to perform marvels and prodigies.

I learned this marvelous science from the Guru Litelantes. She is my priestess-wife, who works in the superior worlds as one of the forty-two Judges of Karma.

Mantra to Place the Physical Body in a Jinn State

The disciple who wants to travel with his physical body within the Astral Plane must enchant his body. The disciple must get sleepy by pronouncing the mantra:

To the Little Heaven, Philip

To the Little Heaven, Philip

To the Little Heaven, Philip

Then, he will leave his room and will direct himself in flesh and bones towards the house of his sick patients in order to medicate them. This is a type of voluntary somnambulism, a modification of somnambulism. What is needed is a lot of faith and tenacity until achieving success.

Another Jinn Practice

We, the Gnostics, can enter with flesh and bones into the other world any time we want to do so. Therefore, whosoever wants to enter into the other world in order to know and visit it with the body of flesh and bones, very well dressed with hat and fashionable shoes as when someone enters a garden party, then I give the clue:

1.    Lie down on the side of your heart, with your head rested over the palm of your left hand.

2.    You must become sleepy.

3.    Reject from your imagination every type of dreaming and mental images.

4.    Concentrate only and exclusively in the process of the dream.

5.    When you feel that you are “asleep,” then perform the following movements:

Sit on your bed. However, when you make this movement of sitting, do it with a lot of carefulness, in such a way that you will not awake. In other words, preserve your dreaming state, because the power is within the dream.

Stand on the floor with your feet, with the same carefulness of not awakening, because the power is within the dream.

Perform a little jump with the intention of floating in the other world.

If you do not float, then lie down and repeat the experiment again.

There exist people who after having received this clue perform this experiment immediately. Yet, other people take weeks, months and even entire years in order to perform what others can do immediately after learning the clue. Everything depends upon the degree of evolution of every one. This is what is called in occultism “Jinn State.”

The powerful, energetic forces of the subconsciousness are the ones which take the physical body out from the chemical-physical region and place it within the Astral Plane. This is how the physical body abandons the law of gravity and this chemical region in order to penetrate within the Astral Plane, where the laws of levitation reign.

As the smoke of the chimney is mixed with the atmosphere without confusion, in the same way these two worlds, Astral and physical, are mixed and they are interpenetrated without confusion. Therefore, everything that I say can be confirmed by all those people who have the kindness of listening to me and have faith.

Nevertheless, I am sure that the thousands of readers from this XX century will mock these clues, because the people from this century only want to cohabit and get money, more money and a lot more money. Therefore, this book is not for the barbarians of this XX century. This book is for the luminous humanity of Aquarius.

Those who perform this secret in order to enter with their physical bodies into the Astral Plane will transport themselves to the most far away places of the earth in a few seconds, because time and space do not exist within the Astral Plane. There, everything is an eternal “now,” an eternal present.

The supra-sensible worlds are the celestial heavenly home of the Spirit.

Death is swallowed up in victory. O death where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory...? - Corinthians: 15:54-55