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Halls of Black Magic within Cemeteries

As strange as it may seem for many people, there truly exist halls of black magic within cemeteries, which are situated in the Astral Plane.

Those dismal halls respire all the rottenness from the burial grounds and the black magicians from those halls utilize all of those horrible elements from the cemetery for their infernal purposes.

Many astral vampires exist within the astral environment of cemeteries. They nourish themselves from the cadaverous emanations and from the rottenness. Those vampires are utilized by the black magicians in order to cause harm to their hated enemies.

Since the earth inhales and exhales as we do, the soil from cemeteries constitutes great sources of infection for the urban populace. Great pestilence has gone out from cemeteries.

Typhus, variola, and all type of epidemic diseases have gone out from cemeteries.

The soil from cemeteries inhales oxygen and exhales epidemics. Scientists have already proven that the earth inhales and exhales. Therefore, our assertions are strictly scientific.

The hour has arrived in which the authorities of public health and sanitation must establish crematory furnaces instead of cemeteries.

The mourning relatives could establish in their homes altars where they can place the ashes of their beloved deceased relatives within beautiful and splendid “coffins.” Thus, the bonds between the ascendants and descendants will be maintained through those ashes.

Within the halls of black magic in cemeteries, a true swarm of perverse entities and malignant atoms are available to the black magicians in order to perform their operations of black magic.

Those black magicians recruit millions of perverse souls whose bodies have been buried in cemeteries, in order to put them to work under their command. All such actions make the cemeteries not only sources of physical epidemics, but also sources of moral epidemics.

Each atom is a trio of matter, energy, and consciousness—that is to say, each atom is an atomic intelligence. Therefore, the atoms from criminals and evil ones who are buried in the cemeteries constitute true moral epidemics, which are specifically concentrated within the cemeteries.

The atoms that we inhale in the cemeteries penetrate within our organism and they form their evil communities within the space that separates the objective system from our secondary system or grand sympathetic system. These atomic, evil communities falsify our own minds and they invisibly float within our own astral atmosphere. Thus, these atomic evil communities remain there, infecting us as a moral epidemic or as intelligences which excite us to perform all type of evilness.

Commonly, these colonies of evil atoms from cemeteries are more easily received inside the bodies of people during rainy weather.

The cemeteries are true infernos of evilness, weeping, and rottenness. The Ethereal Bodies of the deceased float as skeletons or horrible phantoms over and around the tombs. They constitute a fountain of spectral terror for the souls who are attracted to their physical bodies, which are in the state of decomposition within the burial grounds.

The Ethereal Bodies are simultaneously disintegrated along with the cadavers and they adopt their horrible spectral form. The tenebrous ones from the halls of black magic utilize those spectral phantoms in order to horrify the souls of the dead.

Moreover, these black magicians also utilize these spectral phantoms in order to frighten the living ones. There are innumerable cases of spectral apparitions which have been witnessed throughout time, in spite of the abundant mockery from ignorant chroniclers and superficial people of the epoch.

The phrase from the ignoramuses, which states that “No one can know what happens in heaven or of a supernatural nature,” or that “No one knows what is in the other world, because no one has gone there yet,” are truly phrases only among the fools from this epoch.