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When that which is called death occurs, then the ego abandons the physical body. The ego or soul is united to the physical body through the silver cord. This cord of astral matter is the one which maintains the soul united to the physical body. Yet, when that cord is cut, then the soul can no longer enter into the physical body. Commonly, that cord is cut three days after death has occurred.

The silver cord is united to the left ventricle of the heart. When we travel in the Astral Body, the soul can return into the physical body thanks to that cord. However, when death occurs, the soul can no longer return into her physical body, because the cord is already cut.

In the last moments of life, the dying person sees the Angel of Death as if he was a skull or a spectral being. The Angel of Death, or Angels of Death, are perfect beings whose mission is to take the souls out of their bodies in the supreme instant of death.

These Angels of Death have to cut the silver cord and their intervention is always sensed by those who are dying. Once this work is done, the Angel withdraws and the soul of the deceased continues living in the same environment. However, we have to declare that an irresistible fluidic attraction continues between the soul and the body after death.

Commonly, the souls of the dead that are attracted by their physical bodies, which are in the process of decomposition, inundate the graveyards or cemeteries. This is why cemeteries have a horrible appearance before the sight of the exercised clairvoyants.

The deceased ones mold the astral part of their tombs by means of their imagination. Thus, they give to their tombs the aspect of bedrooms or hospital rooms. The astral matter is essentially flexible. Therefore, that matter takes any form that the imagination gives it. For example, if you, beloved reader, imagine a hat, then that hat will be converted into a reality in the Astral World.

Accordingly, by means of the Astral Light and their imagination, the souls of the dead give their tombs the same appearance as their room, sleeping compartment, or the room in which they were in their last days. This is because the image of such a bedroom is strongly recorded in their minds.

The cadaver attracts the soul and the soul acts upon the plastic matter of the Astral World by means of the imagination. This is how the soul transforms the tomb into a bedroom or into a hospital room.

The exercised clairvoyant can see the souls of the dead walking by in the cemeteries. They talk about their sicknesses, about their bitterness, about a possible healing, about medicines, etc.

Before the imagination of the souls of the dead, the cemetery is not a cemetery. For them the cemetery is hospitals, halls, bedrooms, clinics, etc. Each tomb is for them a hall, a clinic, a bedroom, etc. Those souls still believe they are in flesh and bones. Therefore, they feel the same sicknesses that were the cause of their death.

Commonly, those souls exhale the filthy smell of their cadaver in putrefaction. Those souls suffer the same bitterness of their former life. Thus, they hope to be healed from their sicknesses.

This horrible attraction of the souls towards the cemeteries disappears as soon as the cadaver has become ashes. Hence, when the cadaver is already ashes the soul feels healed and happy and abandons the cemetery, which, with her turbid imagination, she believed to be a clinic, rooms, halls, hospitals, etc.

Nevertheless, if the cadaver is burned, then, the soul avoids passing through all those horrible sufferings in the cemetery.

Therefore, for charity, for compassion, for pity and for love towards our beloved, the cadavers must be burned, because suffering within cemeteries is horrible.

It is very hard for a soul to live within a tomb that is believed to be a hall or bedroom. This is the cause of the horror that the living ones have towards the cemeteries, because as long as the body continues existing, it will attract the soul towards the tomb, and the soul will suffer the unutterable.

It is a thousand times preferable to pass through the pain of burning the cadaver of a beloved defunct, than to leave his poor soul to be tormented within a cemetery.

You must be compassionate towards your beloved relative. Burn his cadaver, so that the soul can be liberated from the horrible bitterness of the cemetery. You must not be cruel with your beloved relative, so burn the body in order for that beloved soul to be free from the cemetery.

What has been explained about the cemeteries is what has been experienced by some seers.

When I was in the city of Pamplona (north of Santander, Colombia), I knew about an interesting case related with this theme about which we are commenting.

On one of those solitary and cold nights, a certain gentleman, whose name I do not want to mention, was walking through a street of that city which is surrounded by paramount hills.

Then, this gentleman saw a beautiful lady. With compliments, he offered to accompany her to her house. The lady inflamed upon this gentleman the desire of an intimate relation and she did not reject his company.

Thus, this fellow was happily walking with the lady while longing for a romantic Don Juan-type of adventure.

Suddenly, the lady stopped before the elegant door of a luxurious mansion which was surrounded by magnificent gardens. Then, sweet words and lovely phrases were uttered there. Finally, the lady invited the enamored gentleman to enter inside her enchanted dwelling. Feeling himself happy, this handsome man, who was filled with an irresistible sexual desire, entered into that beautiful lady’s bedroom.

The enamored man lay down over the improvised nuptial bed and he fell asleep there without the lady lying herself next to him.

When this handsome man awoke, the sun was already illuminating the vast horizons and the humid summits of those paramount hills that surround Pamplona city. He felt a little bit uncomfortable in the bed and he saw that the walls of that room were menacingly closing themselves over him. “Where am I?” he asked himself. “Where is that lady?”

Then, by meticulously staring around him, he saw with horror that he was inside a large tomb of the cemetery. He could not utter a word. He became filled with a horrible panic and collapsed. Several hours later, some visitors found this gentleman within that tomb and subsequently, they took him unconscious out of the tomb.

After medical intervention, the gentleman recuperated his lucidity and told the authorities all that had occurred. Naturally, the authorities declared that he was insane.

Many years ago, a cadaver of a beautiful lady had been buried within that tomb. Yet, the lady with her imagination within the Astral Plane had converted that tomb into an elegant mansion. Undoubtedly, she was already liberated from the attraction of that cadaver. However, she was not free from the attraction towards that beautiful mansion constructed by her in the Astral Plane or within the Astral environment of that tomb.

The lady took this gentleman out from this chemical region (physical dimension) and thus, she placed his physical body and the whole of him inside the Astral Plane. This is what is called in occultism the “Jinn State.”