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Zodiacal Perfumes

Sick people must smell their zodiacal perfume on a daily basis:

  1. Aries: perfume of Myrrh
  2. Taurus: perfume like Costus root, an aromatic herb
  3. Gemini: perfume of Mastic
  4. Cancer: perfume of Camphor
  5. Leo: perfume of Frankincense
  6. Virgo: perfume of White Sandalwood
  7. Libra: perfume of Galbanum
  8. Scorpio: perfume of Coral
  9. Sagittarius: perfume of Aloeswood (Lignum aloe)
  10. Capricorn: perfume of Pine extract
  11. Aquarius: perfume of Spikenard
  12. Pisces: perfume of Thyme

The whole organism of the sick person vigorously reacts when under the activity of the scent of his own zodiacal perfume.

Astrologers, magicians, and perfumers were always in the courts of Europe. Louis XV always demanded that his room be perfumed daily with a distinct essence. Catalina of Medici, wife of Henri II from France, relied on certain poisonous essences (which she slyly hid within her glove) in order to reject a suitor whom she did not accept.

Great healings with perfumes were performed in Mexico, India, Greece, and Rome. Many books exist in the libraries of Spain which the Moors left behind in that nation. Such books contain innumerable recipes for odoriferous essences.

When Popea Sabina, Nero’s wife, died in the year 65 A.D., Nero exhausted the whole Arabian perfume production for his wife’s funeral.

The priests of “Tlaloc,” in the country of the Aztecs, were used the colors of the solar cult and a Copal sack. The incense from this sacred tree was mixed with the vapors which were discharged from the hearts of their children who were burned alive. This was done as a sacrifice to the Sun God. These Aztec magicians were eagerly breathed in the spiritual forces from their incinerated creatures, with the purpose of incarnating within themselves those spiritual forces. These priests felt as if they were in the presence of the gods when they allowed this vapor to mysteriously act upon them...

Nevertheless, this type of cruel and savage rite engendered a horrible karma for Mexico. Therefore, the arrival of the Conquistador Hernán Cortés to Mexico and the downfall of the Aztec civilization was the punishment that this people received because of such horrible and monstrous crimes.

Many secret formulae of alchemy existed in the temples of mysteries.

The great Masters from the temples in the Jinn state possess secret formulae in order to prepare perfumes. When their disciples inhale them, they then momentarily abandon their physical shape, or they are placed in the state of ecstasy.

These alchemical recipes have never been published because humanity would use them for evil purposes.