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Genuine Powers and Inherited Powers

“Ganserbo,” the great sorcerer, narrated to me how he inherited the occult powers of his grandmother, who was an old Spanish lady. Ganserbo said the following:

“My grandmother instructed to me how I could attend to her when she was on her death bed. She acknowledged that I was going to be the heir of her power. So, when I left my home one day, the old lady entered into a state of agony but could not die; she asked my relatives to call me. When I returned home I comprehended everything and I understood that this was the supreme moment. I then rolled my pants up to my knees in order to tolerate the terrible coldness of that deliverance of power. Alone, I entered into her habitat of death. I held my grandmother’s hand, then the fire that was illuminating that dreadful abode went out. Then, a crystal glass filled with water fell and yet the water did not disperse. Finally, the old lady exhaled her last breath and left within my hand an enormous, terribly cold, and stiff spider. That spider submerged itself inside the pores of my hands. This is how I inherited the power of my grandmother.”

This narrative, which is as I heard it from the lips of Ganserbo the sorcerer, clearly demonstrates for us inherited powers. Subsequent investigations into the case of Ganserbo brought us to the conclusion that this was related with powers of black magic. The spider in question is a female black magician who has lived by adhering to the Astral Body of all the forefathers of Ganserbo. This female black magician likes to assume the horrible figure of a spider, because the Astral Body is elastic and can assume any animal figure.

Ganserbo is a great diviner and nothing can be hidden from him. Yet, in essence, he is nothing more than an unconscious medium. If it is true that he knows the secrets of all the world, this is only due to the “internal information” that he receives from that female black magician who is adhered to his Astral Body, as she was adhered to the Astral Body of his grandmother.

The Lost Word is another power which in the moment of his death the Master delivers to his disciple. The Lost Word of the black magicians is written “Mathrem” and they pronounce it “Mazrem.”

The Lost Word of the white magicians is kept hidden within the luminous and spermatic fiat of the first instant and is only known by the initiate.

No one has uttered it, no one will utter it, except the one who has incarnated it.