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St Francis

Sacred Sexuality for Singles

The Purpose of Single Life

The three greatest events in our life are birth, marriage, and death.

We enter physical life alone, and alone we leave it. Two of the three events are related to being single; we have to manage them ourselves, alone, and prepare for them when alone.

Life as a single is essential for our development.

In ancient times, it was understood that our youth and time as a single was precious, as it is the time for us to prepare ourselves for marriage. Those who do not prepare fail. Many marriages fail simply because one or both persons were not strong as a single; they mistakenly thought only a marriage would make them strong.

Man and woman are two columns that hold up a temple. Each column must be strong on its own, able to stand alone. Only two strong columns can support the weight of a temple; if one is weak, or both are weak, they will break, and the temple will fall. 

It is only as a single that one has the opportunity to focus intensely on self-improvement. When you enter a marriage, that time is over, and your focus shifts away from yourself. Those who are single should take advantage of that time to radically change, and become better. Those who do will inevitably attract a better partner. Everyone wants the perfect mate, but few want to earn it. Take advantage of being single: make yourself better and better, so that when you meet your future spouse, you are a better person than you were before, and your chances of entering a fruitful marriage are much greater. Do you want your future spouse to meet the you that is weak and needy, afflicted with so much degeneration? Or do you want them to meet the you that is conquering those defects, and becoming better every day?

Learn to be strong alone, and you will bring that strength to your future marriage. Those who are strong when single are strong always, whether married or single. Those who believe only a marriage will make them strong are confused and mistaken.

How do you become strong as a single? Eliminate your defects. To do so, you must become very skillful with:

Sexual Transmutation for Singles

Those who preserve their sexual power must transmute it daily. There are many techniques for transmutation.

Pranayama: Harness the Life Force

Pranayama is a method to transmute creative energy that relies on a combination of sexual chastity (restraint or containment of sexual energy), relaxation, concentration, imagination, and breathing. Here is a very simple pranayama:

"Single people must transmute the seminal liquor with deep breathing, keeping the lungs full thirty seconds or more. This svara [breathing] exercise must be performed daily." —Samael Aun Weor, The Mysteries of Life and Death

More Pranayama Techniques

Sacred Rites for Rejuvenation and Vajroli Mudra

"...this is the most practical and precise system of sexual transmutation for bachelors and bachelorettes." - Samael Aun Weor

The six rites for rejuvenation are very simple and powerful, especially for singles. Practice these rites every day to keep your sexual power harnessed and pure. You can learn the rites here:

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Runes are circuits for energy. By combining posture, relaxation, concentration, visualization, prayer, and sound, we can direct energy within us, to transform and elevate that energy for our development. There are very powerful runes for singles to transmute their sexual energy. Here are some examples:


An Effective Life While Single

Do not let your mind confuse you into thinking that one has to be married to make spiritual progress. That is not true. Those who are single can make tremendous spiritual advancements, and make great sacrifices for humanity. Do not let your single life be an excuse for not working on yourself. 

Life as a single provokes psychological defects related to that situation. Eliminate them now, because when you are married, they will no longer be provoked and will remain submerged in your mind, hidden, waiting to cause harm in the future. This is another way to take advantage of single life: it provokes defects related to lust, loneliness, fantasy, self-esteem, envy, and much more. Being married will not cure those defects, instead they will hide. So, while you are single, work intensely on observing and comprehending your psychological defects.

Student: Do we singles have the speed to eliminate defects?

Samael Aun Weor: Look, I am going to tell you a great truth: a single chaste person can eliminate with the help of the divine Devi Kundalini-shakti, they can eliminate about 50% of the undesirable elements that they carry inside..." -How Love and Meditation Remove the Obstacles to Real Liberation

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