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Mysteries of Life and Death

"After death, souls see the sun just as they used to, the clouds, the stars as always, everything just as before. For a while, the souls of the dead do not believe that they have died. These souls see all the things of the world just as they did before; therefore they do not believe that they have died."

The subject of death is a vital one in Gnosis, and is touched upon in many of the primary works given by Samael Aun Weor. The comprehensive study of these materials, combined with profound meditation and practical experience, is the surest guide to the living realities we must all face in the processes of death.

In truth, one can say that the practice of Gnosis is the perfection of death in all its aspects. The Gnostic faces death and does not fear. On the contrary, death, as the crown of life, offers a wisdom that is sublime and penetrating. To become a master requires mastery of the forces of life and death. As such, we offer this small text as a key to unlock the mystery of those forces.

The Mysteries of Life and Death was originally published in Spanish as "Los Misterios de La Vida y de La Muerte (1962), and is one of several books collected in the print and ebook editions of Beyond Death.