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Sexual Magic

We left Eden through the gates of sex. Eden1 is sex itself.

We can only re-enter Eden by the gate we left through. This gate is sex. No one can enter Paradise through the wrong gate or gates. They do not exist in Paradise. Paradise has no such gates. We must enter the same way we left. Eden is sex itself.

Sexual forces are everywhere. Everything that exists in the world is a child of sex. We ourselves exist in the world because we had a father and a mother.

In Eden, there are two trees: the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the Tree of Life.2

We left Eden for having eaten the forbidden fruit. We cannot enter Eden so long as we continue eating this fruit.

At the base of the spinal column there is a bone called the coccyx; in this bone there is an ethereal center called Muladhara, and within this ethereal center there is an inlaid serpent of fire. This serpent is the fire of the Pentecost, the fire of the Holy Spirit. This fire is terrific; it has tremendous power. This is the igneous serpent of our magical powers. In India, this serpent is called the Kundalini.

The wise men of India awaken Kundalini with Sexual Magic. Sexual Magic is very easy: a man and a woman may sexually unite and become “one flesh.” Both, however, men and women, must withdraw from the sexual act before and without spilling the seminal liquor3 [through the orgasm]. The seminal liquor must not be spilled within the womb. Moreover, the seed must not be allowed to spill outside that organ. The man must withdraw from the woman, and the woman from the man, restraining the sexual impulse to avoid spilling the seminal liquor.

By restraining the sexual impulse, the semen4 is turned into very subtle energies that rise up to the brain through two delicate nerve cords.5 These cords are the two witnesses6 that we are told about in the Apocalypse.

“These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.” —Revelation 11:4

A yogi makes his home without needing to break the sixth commandment of the law of God:

“Thou shalt not fornicate.”

During the act of Sexual Magic, it is possible for a spermatozoon, which the lunar hierarchies use to fertilize the womb, to escape, without there being any need to spill the semen.

God is the Innermost, and his throne is the spinal column. Sexual forces are solar and lunar. When the solar and lunar atoms unite in the coccyx, then the igneous snake of our magical powers awakens. With this snake we can awaken all the powers of the wise.

This serpent enters through the lower orifice of the spinal cord. The cord is hollow inside. Along the spinal cord there is a canal through which the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit rises upward, little by little, until it reaches the brain. When the igneous serpent reaches the brain, then the soul is united with the Innermost and thus enters Eden.

The soul who unites with the Innermost has power over earth, over water, over fire. It can command winds and hurricanes. It can hear and see the things of the heavens, of the Earth and the abyss, and is able to know all divine things.

Jesus Christ said:

“Verily, verily, I say to you, the one believing in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do.” —John 14:12

…and so the only way to enter Paradise is through the gate through which we left it. That gate is sex. Nobody can enter Paradise through false gates.

Single people must transmute the seminal liquor with deep breathing, keeping the lungs full thirty seconds or more. This svara7 exercise must be performed daily.

  1. Eden is Hebrew and means “bliss, pleasure.” In the the Judeo-Christian scripture Bereshit or Genesis, Eden is the name of “Paradise,” the state of happiness that existed before sin (lust, pride, envy, etc).
  2. See Bereshit / Genesis 2
  3. The sexual energy of male or female that is lost through orgasm.
  4. In the esoteric tradition of pure sexuality, the word semen (“seed”) refers to the sexual energy of the organism, whether male or female. This is because male and female both carry their respective “seeds” within them.
  5. Non-physical energetic paths called variously Ida and Pingala, Adam and Eve, Od and Obd, Ying and Yang, etc.
  6. Apocalypse / Revelation 11
  7. (Sanskrit) “Svara sadhana, practice of breath...” —Swami Sivananda

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