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Beloved disciples, I shall speak to you of the problem of death.

Death is our crown. After death, the soul enters into the Astral Light.

When the hour of death comes, the angel of death approaches the deathbed. There is a choir of angels of death. This choir is conducted by the planet Saturn. Each angel of death carries a book. In this book are the names of all the souls who must depart from the flesh. No one dies a day before his appointed time.

The angel of death simply removes the soul from the body. The soul is linked to the body by a fine, heavenly cord of a silvery color. The angel of death breaks the cord so that the soul cannot re-enter the body.

After death, souls see the Sun just as they used to, the clouds, the stars as always, everything just as before. For a while, the souls of the dead do not believe that they have died. These souls see all the things of the world just as they did before; therefore they do not believe that they have died.

The souls of the dead live in the Astral Light. The Astral Light is the light of all enchantments and magic spells. The Astral Light is related to the air; we eat it, we breathe it, but we can see it only with the eyes of the soul.

Souls see themselves wearing the same clothes that they wore in life. Little by little, the consciousness of those souls awakens and they begin to realize that they no longer belong to this material world of flesh and bones.

There are different secrets in order to converse with the souls of the dead; i.e. place in a room the picture of your deceased beloved, and every night, at midnight, enter the room. Put next to the picture the favorite food that your deceased beloved liked the most. Serve the food on the same plates that the deceased used. Light a candle and call him/her three times by name. Then, sit next to the picture and start to meditate personally on the life of the defunct one, their history, imagining what they were when they were alive, until you fall asleep. Every night you can perform the experiment at the same hour, in the same room, and seated on the same chair and in the same place, until you can see, hear, and converse personally with the deceased. What is important is that you are able to fall asleep in the moments in which you are meditating on the life of the defunct. So, in the moment of slumber, the deceased will appear and you can converse with them personally.

This is not Spiritism [Mediumism, channelling], but practical magic. The important thing is for you to have a lot of faith, patience, and much constancy. If you do not get weary, in the end, one given night, the soul of the beloved one will appear and then you will have the pleasure of conversing with the beloved relative that has departed to the beyond. What is important is to see, hear, touch, and perceive them.

In the East, there is a cave where those who want to see Buddha enter in order to invoke him. On a certain occasion, a Chinese man who wanted to see Buddha entered the cave and invoked him, yet the Buddha did not appear. Thus the man swore that he would never abandon the cave until the Buddha appeared before him. Thus, the man endured many days desperately calling the Buddha, until finally the Buddha appeared in the middle of the cave filled with light and beauty. Then the Buddha blessed the man, and he left the cave very happy. So, this is the same system of invocation used in order to see the souls of the dead and to converse with them.

  1. In Sanskrit, Antahkarana. In the Bible: “...or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern. Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.” —Ecclesiastes 12