Seven Words

"When the initiate has made the Kundalini of his Astral Body arrive at the heart, then he experiences the symbolic death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ in the internal worlds. Then, in the internal worlds, the initiate lives out the whole drama of Golgotha in his Astral Body." —Samael Aun Weor

This stirring book is an unprecedented and unsurpassed revelation of the terrors and beauties of the Christification of the Solar Astral Body. This stage of initiation is also known as the Third Initiation of Major Mysteries, or the Third Serpent of Fire, and occurs only after the initiate has successfully completed the previous stages of initiation in the internal worlds. For more information about the initiations read The Perfect Matrimony and The Revolution of Beelzebub.

He also explains how by means of the Eucharist (Unction) anyone can receive help from the root energy of spiritual awakening.

The Seven Words was originally published in Spanish as "Las Seite Palabras" (1953), and is included in the Glorian edition of The Divine Science.

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