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Divine Science

Prayers and Mantras for Protection, Meditation, and Awakening

A Book by Samael Aun Weor

Sacred words and phrases are utilized in every religion and mystical tradition. The word mantra literally means “mind protection,” which indicates their main purpose: spiritual defense. 

The Divine Science collects three books by Samael Aun Weor about the power of sacred words, and how spiritual aspirants use prayer and mantra to protect themselves and others, awaken consciousness, and help humanity. Here you will learn how to protect yourself from black magic, negative forces, witches, sorcerers, and more. Includes techniques for awakening consciousness in the internal worlds, prayers for spiritual defense and healing, and how to recognize and protect against the influences of black magicians.

“When phonetic combinations are made with wisdom, mantras are produced. Therefore, a mantra is a wise combination of letters whose sounds determine spiritual, psychic, and also physical effects.” —Samael Aun Weor

Collects Three Books in One:

  • Logos Mantra Theurgy: Includes hundreds of proven techniques, such mantras for protection, awakening chakras, astral projection, healing, and much, much more.
  • Esoteric Treatise of Theurgy: An extensive investigation in the internal worlds regarding the “Conjuration of Solomon,” from which we learn about the types of awakened beings in the internal worlds and how to work with them safely.
  • The Seven Words: Explains many details about the development of the astral body, and how to get daily spiritual strength by means of blessed food and drink (Eucharist).

Paperback available direct from the publisher:


Available in print and ebook editions from booksellers worldwide, including:

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The book by Samael Aun Weor
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The book by Samael Aun Weor
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More Information:

  • Paperback: 234 pages
  • Extensively illustrated; ebook is in color
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • ISBN 978-1-934206-40-9

What's new in this edition:

  • Added footnotes to aid the reader with difficult and obscure terminology
  • Corrections and improvements

Topics include:The Logos: Invocation: The Holy Spirit, the Third Logos (Binah); Liberation of the Energy of the Third Logos; The Second Logos (Chokmah); Experience within the Venustic Initiation; Transmutation into Jesus Christ; The Ancient of Days: The First Logos; The Holy Four; The Ain Soph; The Superior Beings of the Ain Soph; The Impossibility of Those Superior Beings; Reincarnation of those Beings; Incarnation of the Logos and of the Kundalini; Mantra; The Universal Sound; The Keynote and the Seven Vowels; Vibratory Affinity; Geometry of the Word; Sexual - Laryngeal Relationship; The Arcanum AZF and the Third Logos; The Christified Word is Sexual; Deformation of the Word; The Priesthood of Theurgy; The “Psychological I” is Satan; Was the “Psychological I” the Theurgist?; Soul: Atman-Buddhi and Bodhisattva; The Theurgist Is The Internal Christ; The Dissolution of the ‘I’ of the Theurgist; Theurgy, Science of Gods!; The Angel Aroch; Invocation of Aroch; The Tenebrous Ones of Drukpa; Defamation against Gnosticism; Mantra for Kundalini; The Jinn State; Mantra and “Jinn”; “Jinn” Paradise, the Garden of Delights; The Bird of Minerva; The Quetzal; Mantra for “Sexual Magic”; Projection of the Fire to the Chakras; Restoration, Transformation and Invisibility; The Chakras; The Vowels and the Faculties of the Chakras; Exercise for the Prostatic/Uterine Chakra; Astral Travel Experiences; Projection of the Theurgist; Clairvoyance (Retrospection); Reincarnation and Special Mantra; Special Mantras for Clairaudience; Special Exercise for the Heart Chakra; Special Exercise for the Solar Plexus; Special Exercise for the Internal Worlds; Light and Darkness; Esoteric Antithesis; Diverse Methods of Attack by the Tenebrous Ones; Oneiric Seduction by Black Magicians; Temptations in the Vigil State; The Vigil State and Bewitchments; Symptoms and Theurgic Therapy; Invocation of Solomon; Destruction of Malignant Fluids and Larvae by means of Fire; Black Elementals, Bats; How to Surprisingly Trap Sorceresses; Magical Circle; White Magic and Black Magic; Obsessed and Possessed; Conjuration of the Four; The Elemental of the Maguey (Agave Americana); Vices and Bad Habits; False Prophets; Intervention of “Elementaries”; The Akasha and the Tattwas; Theurgy, Goeteia and Spiritualism; The Conjuration of the Seven; and much, much more.

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