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During the moments in which I write this prologue, before my sight within this park of the city of Mexico D.F., I observe some people seated on benches contemplating the beauties of nature: beautiful trees, gorgeous fields, and some children playing in the warm rays of the sun.

Many scenes emerge from within my memory... dramas, extraordinary events from ancient times, like: initiatic colleges, solitary hermitages, where, amidst singing rivulets running precipitately along their bed of rocks, the anchorites meditated in silence; marvelous Sibyls from the druids of Europe, and from primeval times, the hermits of the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs, etc.

There is no doubt, brothers and sisters, that in those times of yore, within the mysteries of Eleusis, Troy, Rome, Carthage, Egypt, etc., the psychological and the physical were marching in a harmonious, perfect, parallel way.

For instance, in these moments I remember the Pythagorean Mysteries to which, in ancient times, those who lacked mathematical knowledge were not admitted.

Remember the whirling dervishes, the magnificent runes, the beautiful dances of India, the perfect rhythmical movements of the Egyptian initiates: in them all you will see, brothers and sisters, the extraordinary parallel which always has existed between the spiritual, the psychological, and the physical.

Indubitably, we have a body of bones and flesh; that body possesses a marvelous eurhythmy, and many powers that must be awakened are latent within the brain. Thus, it is indispensable to learn how to handle our body, to know how to take, to extract, the sweetest melodies from it. It is important to make it to vibrate as a symphony of the miraculous harp of the universe.

It is absurd, beloved brothers and sisters of mine, to allow Heropass [time] to damage this precious physical vehicle, which has been granted unto us for the realization of our own Inner Self. Verily, I tell you, brothers and sisters, that we, the Gnostics, have precise methods in order to rejuvenate the organism and cure all sicknesses. It is unquestionable that we can learn how to heal ourselves. Each one of us can be converted into our own physician by learning how to heal ourselves without the necessity of “medicine”—lo and behold, the most beloved ideal.

It is urgent to preserve the physical body in perfect health for many years so that we can use this precious physical vehicle for the realization of our own Inner Self.

Here we deliver the necessary exercises for the preservation of health and for the prolongation of life. Here you have, brothers and sisters, the precious methods by means of which you (if you are old) can re-conquer youth, and if you are young, can prolong such youth in an indefinite manner.

Therefore, understand by reading with attention, and then practice. It would be worthless for you to just theorize, thus it is necessary to go to the point, straight to the facts, because this is simultaneously an eminently practical and didactical book.

These teachings are delivered in a dialectical way. However, I repeat, do not become content only with bookish information: transform the doctrine into facts, because the teachings that we deliver in this book are also for the awakening of the consciousness. Yes, the hour, the moment, has arrived for the awakening of the consciousness; why should we continue with our consciousness asleep, when the one hundred percent efficient and absolutely practical procedures for awakening are delivered in this book?

Thus, if each one of the devotees practices meditation in the manner that we have taught, they will then, any day, reach Samadhi.

Now, with the precise didactical and practical exercises given, any sincere aspirant can provoke the great permutation— that is, the authentic, radical transformation.

First of all, what is indeed most essential is to have a continuity of purpose: it is not enough to practice today, and forget about it tomorrow. Thus, it is necessary to practice and to practice intensely for our entire life until reaching the goal: the ultimate triumph.

May peace be with all of humanity. 

sacred rites for rejuvenation

This chapter is from Sacred Rites for Rejuvenation by Samael Aun Weor.

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