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Donum Dei is Latin for “a gift from God.” That gift is the fire of God, the Gibor, the "gift-born" or the Gibur, the “gift-burn.” The Donum Dei is the gift of the Holy Spirit.

It is necessary to receive the Donum-Dei in order to comprehend all the science of the Great Work. The true repentance has its foundation in the sexual mysteries." – Samael Aun Weor, Pistis Sophia Unveiled

rune-giborWhen we investigate the Rune Gibor we find it has different shapes in different religions, different philosophies, but especially in the Futharkh, the Nordic alphabet. The Rune Gibor is usually formed by an X, or by the other Rune which is called Eiwaz, which we spoke of in the previous lecture, which is cut by the Rune Is, which is also called Isa, which is a vertical line. Also, the Rune Gibor is formed with the Rune Sig, which is similar to the Eiwaz, also cut by a vertical line in order to make the shape of the Gibor. All of these symbols enclose the meaning and the deep significance of the Rune Gibor.

In the Greek alphabet we find the letter Chi, which is an X, with which the Greeks write the first letter of the name Christ. If you examine the symbols of Greek Orthodox religion, you find that the main symbol for Christ is an X cut in the middle by the letter R, which in the Greek alphabet looks like a Latin P. With that symbol they form the first letters of the name Christ, Chi and Rho, a very common symbol.

It is also very significant and profound that the letter Chi, or the X of the Greeks, is also symbolized by another cross which has the X on top of it, which is really another Gibor. The X, which is on top of the other common cross, forms an octagon, which as you can see has eight points forming the eight pointed star. The octagon is usually used in the Greek Orthodox Church for the baptismal fount that is formed by two crosses. This two cross symbol is also found in the flag of England, and as a single cross in the flag of Greece. Both countries are honoring the “G” of Saint George, a patron saint of England and of Greece.

According to the Runic alphabet, Gibor is the letter “G.” This is the letter “G” of Gnosis, the letter “G” of Glorian (which uses a cross as a symbol). If we examine the octagon we find two crosses, or in other words two G's, which we also find in the word George—yes, the two G's are the two crosses found in the word George. The word George comes from Greek Geórgios, from Geo or Ge, Gea, Gaia, "earth," and ergon, "work,” or worker. Geórgios in Greek means a worker of the field, a farmer, which is profoundly significant because this is precisely what the Rune Gibor encloses.

The symbol of the cross—the horizontal line and the vertical line—is a symbol of the Sephirah Malkuth, which is at the very bottom of the Tree of Life. This symbol is feminine, because we have always stated that Malkuth is feminine. Above Malkuth is Yesod, which is masculine; these are the two polarities of the cross. So if we place the X in Yesod and the ansate cross in Malkuth, we have Yesod Malkuth together, which means the man and the woman—two crosses. This brings into our memory two saints or two apostles of the Lord. The first is Peter, related to the first cross, who was crucified on top of it; and Andrew, related to the second cross, who is crucified on top of the cross as an “X.”  These are beautiful symbols hiding different meanings that only those who meditate and enter into esotericism of the word of God can discover.

So you see how the Chi of the Greeks, the cross, and different Runes that we are studying, are hiding the gift of God (Donum Dei), because this is what Gibor means: gift. Gibor is also related with different meanings, like Giborn, "gift born," which means that the cross, the Gibor, hides the secret, the gift of to be born again, which is a gift of the Holy Spirit.

When speaking about the Rune Gibor, Samael Aun Weor stated:

The electric force is the cross in movement or the swastika. It is the continuous movement, the transcendent electricity which spins around like a vortex. It has served me in order to form the Gnostic Movement.

The cross in the profane and the profaners is not a swastika because the movement ends once they conclude their chemical copulation. On the contrary, in the Gnostic cross, the movement does not end because the electricity itself is transmuted continuously.

The normal duration of sexual work must be a minimum of one hour.

In India, the degree of culture is measured according to the time-span that the chemical copulation is endured. Whosoever endures three hours is respected and is a “lord.”

The swastika in movement generates the transcendental sexual electricity. - Samael Aun Weor, The Revolution of the Dialectic


This is why it is called the Gnostic movement, because we use the swastika (the cross in movement), which is the Gibor.  

Let us study what the book of Revelation states in Chapter 9: 1-6:

And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit. And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power. And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads. And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man. And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

One wonders; who is the fifth angel? We are stating in different lectures that it is Samael, which is precisely in the very center of the Aztec calendar, and who is called Tonatiuh, who has a sharp two-edged sword or dagger as tongue, and whose countenance is as the sun shining in his strength. On top of that face of the center of the Aztec calendar we find a horn, a thorn that symbolizes that he commands the fifth horn. There are seven horns according to the book of Revelation that the lamb has on its head. The fifth horn is on top of the fifth sun, which is Tonatiuh. This symbol is showing us what the fifth angel is doing in this day and age through the Gnostic doctrine.


Remember that it is stated: "And the fifth angel sounded." When you see the center of the Aztec calendar you see the open mouth of Tonatiuh breathing; in order to sound any wind instrument, that is, in order to blow a trumpet you need the breath. The trumpet of revelation is a symbol of the doctrine, of the truth that is coming from the mouth of Tonatiuh, or the fifth angel who is Samael.  

"And the angel sounded and I saw a star fall from Heaven." Many times, in many lectures we have stated that Kabbalistically; the head is the heaven. So when we talk about heaven we have to talk about the throat and the head in order to understand heaven. What do we have in the head? We have the pineal gland, the pituitary gland, the brain, and all the forces, or archetypes that the physical body has inside, that all of us have.

Now listen, we talk about a star falling from heaven unto the earth, and that “and to this star was given the key of the bottomless pit.” Thus, imagine a key. The star is coming from your face or head, down unto your body (the earth), and unto it was given the key of the bottomless pit. What is this key which is in your head, in your face? When you study the science of breathing then you discover that the force of the breath is the key that comes from your face, down to the abyss, which in this case is the Sephirah Yesod. Yes, the bottomless pit is the bottomless abyss, or the Sephirah Yesod, which relates to the sexual force.

When we investigate the Christian esotericism, we discover that Jesus talking to Peter says;

I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of Heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on Earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt loose on Earth shall be loosed in heaven. - Matthew 16:19

Thus, Peter’s keys are related with heaven (your head) and hell (or Yesod, the Ninth Sphere inside the Earth).

When we study Peter, we discover that Peter is related with Faith, related with the pineal gland. Studying endocrinology, you find that the pineal gland is related with the sexual glands. So the hormones of the sexual glands contribute with the development of the pineal gland, and vice-versa. Peter is in the pineal gland, and Peter is crucified upside down. This is telling us that the science of breath should go down to Yesod. So the keys of Peter are of course the keys of the two polarities which are called the gold and the silver, or those two ganglionic cords that are entwined in the spinal column which are called Ida and Pingala, the two witnesses of revelation. Remember that occult anatomy states that the nostrils are connected to the testicles and the ovaries by these two cords, which relate to the cross of Peter and the two keys that Peter has in his hand.

Thus, the key in order to transmute the sexual energy (Yesod-Malkuth, the Earth) is in the science of breathing (Heaven, the head). When you learn how to breathe you can then transmute the sexual energy, especially when you are in the sexual act. It is very clear that when a couple is in the sexual act, if they are not controlling their breathing system, their breath is agitated. Thus, when their agitated breathing is increasing and increasing they reach the orgasm.

So the Rune Gibor, which is the science of Peter, is telling us that the key in order to transmute the sexual force rests precisely in the science of breathing. This is precisely what we have to understand. That's why in the center of the Aztec calendar you see the face with an open mouth, and that ornament underneath the nose which is telling the secret that in order to turn the Nahui-Ollin, which is the cross in movement, in order to make it to spin - as the Master says: that the spinning swastika served him in order to form the Gnostic movement – the key-mystery rests precisely in the science of breathing because without the breath of God nothing can turn around. And likewise with our own sexual energy; Peter is telling us when crucified upside down that we have to utilize the breathing science or the science of the breath in order to transmute the fire that comes from the bottomless pit. So, the fifth angel with the key of the bottomless pit is precisely opening the mystery of the abyss when teaching the science of Peter. And this is precisely the great significance of his teachings.

Listen carefully because we are teaching about the Futharkh or Nordic alphabet. There are two Runes related to the Nordic alphabet that form the Rune Gibor. First, the Rune Ar, which is the Rune related with the Man, or with the Woman, that works with the solar light, because Ar backwards is Ra, and this is something that you have to comprehend. When we talk about the man, we are not talking about the ordinary common human being, they don't do this. The Master states; the swastika is the Gnostic cross in movement. When ordinary people do the sexual cross, they just fornicate. They don't put the cross in movement.  

There is another Rune called Kaun, which is a vertical line with one arm pointing up which shows you heaven, or one arm that points at heaven for you, because it is at the level of the head, which is called heaven. The Rune Kaun means heaven. It lines up like the Nazi salute to Hitler, Heil Hitler, when the arm is raised up. They were performing this Rune which is called Kaun. It's a feminine Rune related with the Priestess wife (Mary Magdalene), many say it is a woman, no. It is the Priestess wife, which is Mary Magdalene, a woman that knows about sexual transmutation. So if you unite the Kaun Rune with the Rune Ar, you make then the Rune Gibor, the Priestess united with the man who knows to work with the solar light. This is how you see it. The Rune Ar is form with an open leg, and the Rune Kaun, is form with the right arm above like the Heil of the Nazis. The secret organization of Hitler's Nazis knew about the Runes, not all of them though. If you observe the last speech of Hitler, you will see in that speech how Hitler is using the Rune Dagaz, the Rune Kaun, the Rune Sig, the Rune Eiwaz for his own benefit; the people only mechanically performed the Kaun when they saluted him; "Heil Hitler" thus Hitler was receiving the energy, the force. Thus, he was taking the people’s force with his extended arm and then bending it in order to make the Eiwaz with his body; that is, the hand of his left arm was at the level of his waist held by the thumb, thus making a bent elbow with his arm. When he was making this bent elbow, with his right arm and hand he made the other part of the Eiwaz, which is the Rune of the word. I told you in the last lecture that the word Eiwaz is like Ieouamz. The M in Ieouamz is the upside down W of Eiwaz. So the Eiwaz Rune hides the same meaning as Ieouamz, John, Johannes, the word. So, in that speech Hitler is using the word with a lot of strength, he is taking such a force from his people, every time they say "Heil" and raise their arm they are bringing the energy from heaven to the Earth. And this is precisely the mystery of the Gibor, one arm is up to heaven and the leg is down to the Earth.

Kaun is shown in two manners, two Rune graphics called Kaun: the Rune Kaun, which is a vertical line with the arm extended up to heaven, is also represented in this other way: two lines forming an horizontal open angle, like the vertical angle you see on top of the head of Tonatiuh in the Aztec calendar: although Kaun is an horizontal angle - as you can see - two opened lines form a vertical angle, the Rune Kaun, on top of the head of Tonatiuh, which means the Rune of heaven. The Rune that opens heaven (the pineal gland) is a feminine Rune related to “Ida”, the Priestess wife and also to the sword of the magician. Behold here the similitude and how everything is hidden within this mysterious Rune Gibor.   

For instance: among the Futharkh, Nordic alphabet there is a Rune that is called Perth, the Rune Perth, which is also called Perthro or Perthra which reminds us of Peter, the stone, Petra. The Rune Perth is made by a vertical line and two Kaun Runes: One Kaun up to heaven and the other Kaun down to the Earth. One down and one up, this is how you form the famous Rune Perth, which is the rune of Peter. What does this symbolize? The vertical line symbolizes the spinal column which is related to the science of breathing where you find Ida and Pingala, which are Peter’s keys of heaven and earth. And that's why the first Kaun is open to heaven (Virgin Mary) but the second is open to hell, to the Earth (Mary Magdalene). Both Runes are feminine. The first Kaun relates to your throat which is feminine. And the second Kaun which is on the bottom, relates to the sexual organs which are also feminine, given that the mystery of Perth Rune is to take and give. And in order to take and give you have to spin the Rune Gibor.

When you spin the Gibor you see then, four Kaun Runes, one in each open angle of the Rune Gibor. The Rune Gibor therefore is the mystery of the union of the two Kaun of the woman with the two Kaun of the man, which is precisely the science of Peter the apostle who has the two keys. One key that is gold is the man (Pingala) and the other key that is silver, is the woman (Ida); Ida and Pingala. Thus, Peter in the pineal gland is faith, which develops with the transmutation of the “Kaun” feminine forces in both man and woman.

You find in certain apocrypha gospels that Peter always talks against women, or that he is enraged against Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene or Mary the Mother of Jesus, in Hebrew, is written with two “Mems”; Mary in Hebrew is pronounced “Miriam;” thus “Miriam.” the Hebrew for “Mary has two Mems.” The word Miriam is equal to “Mayim,” water, the only difference between these two words is the R, that when written in-between the word Mayim it forms the name Miriam. This shows us that the letter Reish in Kabbalah - which symbolizes the head (Rosh), which is Aries - is in the head, in the pineal gland, there we have Peter, who is the one who controls the science of breathing because he has the keys to open heaven. The pineal gland is the door to heaven that is connected to the Priestess wife, Mary Magdalene, the sexual organs through “Ida”. When the Chakra Sahasrara, the pineal gland, is opened then the soul can enter into heaven. The one that opens that door is Peter. It is not Peter who lived two thousand years ago, but our own particular Peter which is in our pineal gland. But for that, he has to control the head. And in the head you have the first Mem of Miriam, because the letter Reish of the word Miriam is telling us that the mother of Jesus is here in Daath, which is the first open Kaun, which is feminine, she is in the throat of the Rune Perth which is the “P” of Peter, the stone. In the stone of the Aztec calendar, the whole stone is Peter. This is why all the monuments of Aztecs and Mayans were made in stone, because the whole secret of every stone is Peter, is Gibor, the alchemy. This is why the God of life among the Aztecs has the swastika in the forehead.

And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power. And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads. – Revelation 9: 3, 4

The seal of God in their forehead is the swastika, because the sexual energy has to rise, the sexual energy that in the Rune Perth is symbolized by the Rune Kaun which goes to the Earth, this means that Mary Magdalene is from the Earth, represented in our physicality. In the Christian gospel we find many Marys. Mary the mother of Jesus, Mary the mother of some of the apostles of Jesus, Mary Magdalene; formerly we talked about the mystery of the Three Marys, yet let us talk about Mary Magdalene. Who is Mary Magdalene? She represents our physicality or our sinful Mother Nature that has to learn how to be holy, whether you are a woman or a man. And how do we do this? We do it through the keys of Peter. Because Mary Magdalene was a prostitute, what is a prostitute? A prostitute is a physical body that fornicates, that adulterates, that commits fornication, in synthesis, a person that squanders the sexual energy, that doesn't know how to utilize the Cross, the Rune Gibor. And this is why Peter states:

My Lord, we will not endure this woman, for she taketh the opportunity from us and hath let none of us speak, but she discourseth many times. - Pistis Sophia Ch: 36

The Pistis Sophia states that every time that the apostles want to give a solution to our repentance, Mary intervenes, since Mary also relates to the Rune IS, and the Rune Sig, the sexual force or the serpent that Moses put on top of the cross by the commands of Jehovah, the serpent that was healing the Israelites in the wilderness.

In other words, the science of Peter is related to two feminine aspects: the science of breathing which obviously also relates to the science of speaking the word, because without the air we cannot utter any words. And it also relates to the sexual force, Ida, which is also feminine. Now we understand why Peter always blames women, which is not actually addressing the physical aspect of any woman, he is addressing the sexual organs or the throat which relates to Daath, the tree of good and evil. In other words, in order to acquire chastity we have to know how to use the throat and how to use the sexual force. And this is why when you know how to use the throat which is feminine and you utter the right mantras in the sexual act, and if you transmute with the science of Peter - which are the two keys, Ida and Pingala – and learn how to elevate the sexual force with the vocalization of the mantras, then Two Marys, in other words, two feminine forces (the throat and the genitalia) are working together with Peter.

This is why Peter and Mary are related in any repentance, as the Master Samael states in The Pistis Sophia Unveiled:

The true Repentance has its foundation in the sexual mysteries…

Peter, Patar, with his radical letters, knows very well that the key of repentance is in sex…

One hundred percent of the psychic aggregates can never be disintegrated outside of the Ninth Sphere. – Samael Aun Weor

Thus, if you want to repent you have to know how to utilize your sexual force, and in order to know how to use the sexual force, you need the science of Peter. This is why Peter was crucified upside down. Through his cross Peter is telling us: use your head, use your will, your faith, your breathing power in order to transmute the sexual force which is Mary, the feminine force of the Holy Spirit; since we have in the pineal gland the atom of the Holy Spirit.

andrew-crossNow, listen carefully, there is another apostle that was crucified who was the brother of Peter whose name was Andrew, he was crucified on the cross in X, on the Gibor. Andrew the brother of Peter symbolizes fortitude and strength, but nor physical strength but sexual strength. Andrew is related with the kidneys; above the kidneys we have the suprarenal glands. Anyone who studies Taoism knows that the strength of the kidneys is related to the testicles and ovaries, with the sexual strength in both sexes, yet Andrew is a masculine power. Why? It is simple and very easy to know. Andrew comes from the Greek Andros, which means man, male power. Thus, female and male have the manpower in their kidneys. The kidneys are connected to the testicles and ovaries, each kidney’s force crossing into the testicles and ovaries are showing us the crossing of two forces: sulfur and mercury. Sulfur is fire, Mercury is water (the semen) that we have in our sexual glands. So the cross in “X”, the Gibor, is making the crossing between the testicles or ovaries and kidneys or suprarenal glands. If you want to have strength in your sexual act, you need the power of the kidneys, of Andrew. This is why Andrew is crucified on the X cross and Peter is crucified in the upside down cross, both crosses relate to the feminine forces, because as you can see, the crosses of Saint Andrew and Peter have four Kaun Runes, one in each angle, which show us the feminine and masculine forces in relation with the two apostles.

Now, how do you call this crossing of forces that manifest in the shape of an X?

qiIn Chinese you call it Chi or Qi which is also Romanized as Chi in Chinese or Ki in Japanese, is a fundamental concept of traditional Asian culture. Qi is believed to be part of everything that exists, as in “life force” or “spiritual energy”. It is most often translated as “energy flow,” or literally as “air” or “breath”.

The Chinese character of Chi itself is a representation of steam or breath rising from rice. When I say “rising” this brings into my mind the name Miriam in Hebrew. What does Miriam means in Hebrew, it means rising, lifting; such is the beautiful meaning of the word “Miriam or Mary” in Hebrew. Behold here how everything is connected.

Chi was apparently seen as the release of energy from the rice when this concept was first developed.

To clarify, the character for rice is shown to the right. The Qi / Chi / Ki character is still used in compound words to mean steam or vapor.

This character shows us precisely the cross of Peter plus the cross of Andrew in X. In Asia the symbol of the sperm, whether the sperm of the man or the ovum of a woman, is symbolized with rice, in the MiddleEast with wheat, and here in America with corn. Corn, rice, or wheat is a symbol of the Chi energy. This means that the energy which is rising from the rice, wheat or corn is the energy from the sexual seed. That is the real Qi or Chi or Tai-Chi. When you see for instance any dance or exercise of Tai Chi, if you carefully observe the movements of the dancer that is doing Tai Chi you see how the dancer takes hold of the Chi energy with feet, body, and hands.

When the Master was alive in Mexico I asked him; "Master, what do you think about Karate and Kung Fu?" and he looked at me and said; "That is vulgarity;" better to learn Tai Chi, the way in which we manipulate and control the energy. You have to feel the energy. When you perform the Runes, you have to feel the energy as when you do Tai Chi.  You have to feel the energy, remember this, carefully, because the Runic Exercises relate to what is called Martian Arts, or Martial Arts, the Judo of the Spirit, related with the force of Mars.

Chi in Kabbalah is something very important; Chi is mentioned in Genesis 1: 24 as an energy that is a “creeping thing… that creepeth upon the earth [our whole body] after his kind (Minah-sex),” this “Chi” is related to the locusts. When you observe such a  little animal or insect - the locust or the cricket - you see how this animal is associated with the Chi energy, and with the consciousness. Because when you are performing the Runes or the Tai Chi, you have to remember your Self in order to consciously manipulate the energy of the Gibor. In Mexico there is a hill that is called Chapultepec, or the hill of the chapulin, which means the hill of the cricket. It also comes to my mind the tale of Walt Disney, Pinocchio, in which the consciousness of Pinocchio is a cricket. This is not just an accident, the cricket, the locust, is related to the life force of Mars or Geburah.

The positive ray of Mars or Geburah is called Elohim Gibor. Do you remember one of the conjuration of the Seven: “By Samael Sabbaoth and in the name of Elohim Gibor get thee hence Andrameleck.” Who is Andrameleck? Andra means below and Meleck means king; thus, Andrameleck means King of the underworld.

This is why Andrameleck is placed in Malkuth, because Malkuth is the physical body. In this physical world, whether you work for Andrameleck, the king of the underworld, or for Elohim Gibor, the positive ray of Mars.

There were giants (Nephilim) in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare [children] to them, the same [became] mighty men (Gibborim) which [were] of old, men of renown. – Genesis 6: 4

So Elohim Gibor is the one that spins the swastika clockwise, but all of those black magicians from the underworld spin the swastika counter-clockwise, thus, the Nephilim go down into devolution and the others, the “Gibborim” go up to heaven. So, all depends on how you spin the swastika.

Remember that the wheel, the Rune Gibor in motion that is related to the counter-clockwise rotation is related to the wheel of Samsara: in the left, descends Typhon, devolving and in the right ascends the evolving Anubis; but these relate to the wheel of Samsara that turns mechanically.  Hitler was using this counter-clockwise, in the opposite way unfortunately. But here in Gnosticism we have to learn how to rotate the Gibor clockwise. Because if we do it clockwise then we receive the seal of God in our forehead, like the Gods of the Aztec Pantheon, and in our hands, which of course is the positive form of the Gibor.

For instance, when you want to defend yourself against the negative forces from the underworld, Master Samael teaches that we must point the Earth with our left hand forming an angle with our left bent arm; and with our right bent arm we must point with our hand to Heaven, thus forming the Gibor by placing our left knee on the ground, and our right foot on the ground, thus forming two angles with our left and right legs, this is how we make the sign of the swastika.

All of these runic movements are meaningless and worthless if we fornicate. We can learn all these movements of the Rune Gibor, but if we don't transmute the sexual force, we will then have no Chi energy. Such Chi energy relates precisely to the igneous principles of Geburah, which spins with the G or Rune Gibor. This is why the Master Samael gives the secret of the Rune Gibor, or the cross in movement, which is the way in which you put into motion, that “creeping thing” which is the energy that creeps in the flesh and in the sexual organs.

Remember that Genesis states that in the sixth day God said:

Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so. And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good.

Remember that the Earth is our physicality. In the sixth day God created Behemoth (the Chi energy in the solar plexus) and “Chaiah” which is translated as beast of the earth, but which also means life. And God also created that creeping thing… that creeps upon the earth. That creeping thing is precisely the particles of Geburah, which are called locusts or crickets. These are part of the consciousness (Geburah) that comes into our body. When you practice Tai Chi you have to learn how to feel that creeping thing or Chi energy which is in your flesh, which is in your hands, that is in your head, which is in your feet, in your legs. In Tai Chi when you move you feel the Chi energy, thus you combine the rhythmic movements with breathing, with the science of the breath.

This is precisely why the fifth angel in Revelation 9 is related with locusts. When people read about locusts, they don't realize the mystery of them. They only think about insects. They don't realize that in Kabbalah locust symbolize the life energy of Geburah. For instance, what is the life energy of Chesed? It is fish, because Chesed is water, but Geburah is the fire that goes to the Earth. When you feel the fire in your physicality, in the sexual act, you feel it in all your body, especially in the sexual organs. This fire related with the sense of touch is the force of Samael, it is that creeping thing that the bible calls locusts, and that the fornicator man does not know how to control. Thus, the fornicators create Kamaduro and Kamasaya, both karmas endure five months. They want to die psychologically and they cannot because Kamaduro and Kamasaya are non-negotiable karmas. But when you are transmuting your Chi energy then you are controlling the locusts. This is why it is stated that the locusts hurt only those people who did not have the seal of God on their forehead, meaning those people who are not transmuting the Sexual Chi Energy.

The fornicators do not sublimate the Sexual Chi Energy to their foreheads, they are not utilizing the keys of Peter in order to be born again, because Gibor means gift-born, the gift of to be born with the cross, and also means Gibur or gift-burn, the gift of burning your psychological defects with the cross. Every time you want to annihilate an ego, you have to utilize the cross, the cross of Peter and the cross of Andrew; the two crosses which form the orthodox baptismal font.

A new born baby is baptized in order to receive the strength of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is masculine in the pineal gland and feminine in the sexual organs. In the pineal gland is faith, masculine faith. Yet in the sexual glands we have the femenina, feminine, the feminine faith. In other words; Fe or Faith derives from “fides” faith in Latin, the “fides minimum” is the small faith, represented in Mary Magdalene. Thus you have to teach your sexual organ “fidelity” to the pineal gland, that is, how to transmute the Chi in order to develop “faithfulness”, because the sexual energy, the Chi energy, when it rises to the pineal gland develops “faithfulness,” which opens the doors of heaven. This is how you find the relationship of the apostles of Jesus with Mary, with the transmutatory science that relates to the Rune Gibor.

There is something significant that you have to learn; Samael Aun Weor stated in The Pistis Sophia Unveiled:

Peter, Patar, with his radical letters, knows very well that the key of repentance is in sex. The three radical letters of Peter, Patar, are ‘P-T-R’. Only the power of the Spirit can comprehend the words of the Intimate Christ. It is necessary to receive the ‘Donum-Dei’ in order to comprehend all the science of the Great Work. The true Repentance has its foundation in the sexual Mysteries. Peter is the one who has to express the idea of repentance in the midst of his brethren. The brethren of Peter are the autonomous and Self-cognizant parts of our own individual Being.

The brethren of Peter are the archetypes that we have within. Peter is in the pineal gland together with the atom of the Holy Spirit and the Sahasrara Chakra related to Kether the crown. This is why Peter is the first, without Peter we cannot be born again because he gives us the breathing science in order to know how to transmute, because he has the two keys, the two polarities.  And also, Andrew, with his cross in X.

From the Aztec pantheon we have the God named Xochipilli, who is looking up to heaven in the attitude of meditation while doing a mudra with his index fingers touching the thumbs. You might think that this is a mudra from India, but this is also from Mexico, his position of meditation is called Padmasana. As you see, his knees are a little uplifted, why? It is because he is showing us his two leg bones. Remember the sign of danger, the two leg bones with the skull in the middle; imagine that the face of Xochipilli is the skull and the two bones in cross are the two legs, which are forming the Gibor. The God Xochipilli is also named Prince Flower or Child Flower.


If you study the Aztec flower symbol you will understand why in the Aztec calendar this is related with the twentieth day. In the Aztec calendar, the circle immediately after Tonatiuh -  which is forming the spinning Gibor in the center - has twenty squares. The twentieth square is called Xochild, which means flower. The Twentieth Kabbalistic Arcanum is resurrection. So what this Xochild sign is telling us after the rotating Gibor, the Nahui-Ollin in the center of the Aztec calendar? It is telling us that through the Gibor we have to reach such circle, in order to attain the resurrection in the fire and resurrection in the light. This is why it is stated in the beginning of the book The Pistis Sophia, that when the master Jesus appeared to the apostles, it was after his resurrection, and thereafter they experienced his ascension, which happened eleven years after his resurrection. When you study Pistis Sophia - if you are an esotericist - you know that Jesus appeared to the apostles after resurrecting from the fire and after resurrecting in the light, resurrections which are related to the seven radicals, the seven initiations that all of us have to develop within.

This is why that arrow or Rune Kaun which is the horn on top of the head of Tonatiuh is pointing to the twentieth square, which is resurrection. But it is also pointing to the number one, which is a crocodile or the first square. This means that those who do not achieve resurrection, they turn not into twenty (Xochild) but into twenty-one (demons with the face of a crocodile): meaning, with the twenty-one, they fall into devolution and begin another rotation in the wheel; the twenty-one Arcanum is precisely the fool. Who is the fool? It is also the one who does not disintegrate the ego after reaching the resurrection in the fire and the resurrection in the light, in other words, after reaching the first mountain, they become the fool. Here we are talking about the revolution of the sun which is Tonatiuh. The sun is Christ; it is the force of Christ that is given that impulse in order for us to be born again and to receive the resurrection in the fire and the resurrection in the light.

Related to these twenty and twenty-one Arcana, there is something very significant that the Master Samael Aun Weor mentioned in a lecture related with the end of times. He said:

You will be witnesses within a very short time, in your bodies of bones and flesh, of the events which will occur between the years of 1982 and 1992. You will remember by yourselves and then you will remember what we have written here. Alas, it is necessary for us to pay attention to these times, for the end is at hand.

With solar mechanics we can demonstrate that the solar system is arriving at the end of a great voyage. Truthfully, I say unto you that every voyage of the solar system around the zodiacal belt has always finished in a great catastrophe for our planet.

Kabbalistically the year 1982 equals 20; 1+9+8+2=20 and the year 1992 equals 21; 1+9+9+2=21. The number ten is in between these two Kabbalistic dates, ten is the wheel of Samsara, the wheel of the Aztec calendar. Thus, it is a very Kabbalistic statement.

People who don't understand what a master of Kabbalah teaches think that the Master Samael was talking literally about the year 1982 and the year 1992. No. He was not talking literally. He said: “You will be witnesses within a very short time, in your bodies of bones and flesh, of the events which will occur between the years of 1982 and 1992.” Between 20 and 21 is the horn of Tonatiuh which is pointing up towards the 13th Mystery, which is at the very top of the Aztec calendar, between the tails of the two serpents, Xiuhcóatls. The date Thirteen Cane (13-Acatl) in the Aztec calendar. If you count the little dots – each dot symbolizes a day - it has Thirteen dots and in the middle is the symbol Acatl, which means Cane. Cane-Acatl is the symbol of the spinal column, which means, in the cane is the outcome of the work with the wheel, the Nahui-Ollin, the Rune Gibor or the transmutatory science in relation with death.

13-Acatl, Death is in between the two serpents. It relates to those who go up in order to practice and to experience the Thirteen repentances of Pistis Sophia. What are these Thirteen repentances of Pistis Sophia? These are the Thirteen Aeons. The Thirteenth Aeon is “Ain” symbolized as 13-Acatl at the top of the Aztec calendar.  

We cannot experience these Thirteen repentances without previously reaching resurrection in the fire and in the light, symbolized precisely by “Xochild” (the flower) which the arrow is pointing at. Thus, if you don't reach resurrection if you are not able to do it then you go to the twenty-one which is the fool.

So what is in between 1982 and 1992 is the secret of the annihilation of the ego or the confrontation between good and evil, which is related with the transformation of Peter’s cane into a blooming bush (13-Acatl), because in order to control the sexual glands (symbolized in Mary Magdalene) Peter teaches the transmutatory breathing science in the head; and the birth of the word, which in Daath is the outcome of the breathing force of the throat, the feminine organ, Mary, the Serpent of our magical powers.

The final outcome is to go beyond good and evil, symbolized by the two serpents that descend from the thirteenth Arcanum (13-Acatl), which is shown at the very top. In the left descends the Kundabuffer, and in the right descends the Kundalini. This means that you have to descend in order to annihilate the ego whether in the right or whether in the left all depends on how you turn the Rune Gibor, the science of the cross of Peter and Andrew.

If we don't annihilate our ego willingly, then twenty-one begins to the left and we descend into devolution so that the Earth will annihilate our ego in hell; yet, if we decide to do it willingly, then we go to the right, to the clockwise rotation of the Rune Gibor. Clockwise goes to the right and counter-clockwise to the left. Thus, if you turn the Rune Gibor counter-clockwise then you go to the left with Typhon, to hell.

Such is the Kabbalistic mystery in between the symbol of those years that the Master Samael stated; why in between? It is because the whole of his doctrine was already given at the time when he was giving that lecture. Thus, He also said: “I only see a harvest of hasnamussen.” Meaning, initiates who were going to the left, to the twenty-one, the fool. Who is the chief of the hasnamussen? His name is Andrameleck, who represents the negative ray of Mars, hasnamussen are those who do not know how to handle the locusts, or the life force of Geburah, the life force of Mars, which all of us have in our bodies and that we have to learn how to control.

Now you know why in Revelation 9, the name of the angel of the abyss who controls those locusts is Apollo, which is the God of the sun, Apollyon (Destroyer) which means destroyer of the ego; so, whether your ego is destroyed by the forces of Apollo or Apollyon by devolving in hell, or by utilizing the power of Kundalini, the serpent in the right side of the Aztec Calendar.


This is why we find in the Aztec calendar that the cross of Saint Andrew and Peter are precisely pointed or depicted by eight Kaun Runes. If you observe the Aztec calendar you find that there are four Kaun Runes forming the cross of Peter and other four Kaun Runes forming the cross of Saint Andrew. Behold each pointing head arrow is a Kaun Rune. Do you think that these eight head arrows were placed there just by accident? No. Remember that the initiate has to receive the Eight Venustic Gnostic Initiations. The Eight Venustic Initiations are the way in which Tonatiuh develops through the eight radicals of the fire and the light. Nobody who is not working with the number eight can go up, which is related with the Rune Gibor, with the Chi.  

Now we understand why the Chi energy is related to the locusts and the crickets, to the consciousness of Geburah, which is the spiritual soul, the spiritual consciousness; likewise we understand why John the Baptist was eating locusts and wild honey. When you read the gospels, alchemically you understand that the initiation of John the Baptist relates to the Venustic Initiation in Yesod that is part of the Bodhisattva’s eightfold path, who is working with the eight. The gospel states that John was eating locusts.

For this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Isaiah, saying, The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight. And the same John had his raiment of camel's hair, and a leathern girdle about his loins; and his meat was locusts and wild honey. – Matthew 3: 3, 4

John the Baptist was a Master, yet people imagine John the Baptist poorly dressed because it is symbolically stated that he was wearing a camel's hair and living in the wilderness and eating locusts and wild honey, like a wild person from the caves. People imagine John the Baptist living in the wilderness and chasing locusts in order to eat and trying to find hives with wild honey in trees as a bear in order to feed himself; thus, because he was poor and without money, he was using a camel's skin. Listen, everything is symbolic. The camel is the symbol of the karma that we have to carry in our hunchback, the camel’s hunchback that everyone has to carry, that is the symbol of that skin that the initiate wears in order to live in the desert of life. Eating locusts or crickets doesn't mean that John was really eating locusts. To imagine that John the Baptist was only eating crickets is frightfully ludicrous. Locusts and crickets symbolize the life force, the Chi energy of Geburah. The life force, the Chi energy of Geburah is in Scorpio, in the bottomless pit of Yesod. Likewise, the life forces of the sun Apollo, are the symbol of wild honey, because the bee transmute the solar light into honey. We have to do the same thing. We have to transmute the solar light into honey; that is transmutation; that is alchemy. Eating locusts means that he was utilizing the forces of Samael, the locusts, in the right way.

Now, given that the science of Peter was delivered to humanity by Samael Archangel, what is going on right now? The locusts are going everywhere, that is, the fire or life principles, the force of Samael, the Chi energy of Geburah is everywhere. Everybody is receiving the doctrine. Now, the question is, are you eating locusts or are the locusts eating you? Because it is written that the locusts were like scorpions, and Scorpio is the sign of sex that is ruled by Samael.

Remember: “And it was commanded them (the locusts) that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those (fornicator) men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads (because they are not utilizing the life force of Geburah in the right way). And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months. That is, those who are following the path will feel the necessity of annihilating their defects of lust and shall desire to die in their lust, and death shall flee from them because the locusts will torment them five months. Five is karma, meaning that the karma of fornication and adultery is in relation with Kamaduro and Karmasaya must be paid first. Only those that work very hard with the lance of Saint George, working with Gaia, the Earth, with the Glorian, with Gnosis, with the three factors of the revolution of the consciousness will succeed; because the science of Andrew - which is the man Andros in Greek – relates to three factors:

The first factor is the Gibor, the gift of born, to be born again by utilizing that cross. The second factor, the gift burn, the Gibur. The science of annihilating the ego and experiencing those tortures that Andrew experienced on the cross, an X.

There is another meaning for Gibor. From the G of Gibor we find the words Gift, Give, Generosity. We have to be generous. Did you ever inquire about the meaning of the word Generosity? It derives from Genes. When you give from your own genes you are generating dharma, and that is why we always insist in the third factor, if you don't give you don't gather. That's the law of the Rune Gibor, the rotating cross, you Gather, you Give; you Give, you Gather. But if you only gather and don't give, you are Greedy. As you see, there is again the G in greed. Greedy are precisely those that only gather. That is why on our website we put "donation" (Gift), because we want you to develop but we don't want to force you. Because in this day and age there are a lot of organizations, philosophies, schools that have transform the doctrine of Christ into a business. Yet if we ask for donations in order to print books, in order to have the website, in order for you to develop, then they qualify us as merchants, this is how humanity is!  
Listen, if you are tight with your pocket and you don't give, how are you going to gather?

Bring [Get] ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith saith צבאות יהוה (Yod-Havah Sabbaoth) if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. – Malachi 3: 10

In its exoteric or public aspect within the Jewish legislation, the tithe is the universal obligation that all the brethren of the Path have, which is to loyally contribute part of their income —that should not be inferior to the tithe—in a free and eligible way, in accordance to what the brethren judge to be more opportune and effective in order to support the cause of truth and justice... - Samael Aun Weor, The Three Mountains 

The Rune Gibor, the cross in movement, is mathematical; this is how we experience it. For instance, the meaning of the Rune Perth: I was investigating the Rune Perth of Peter, since there is no information about it, it is secret. I sat down to meditate and said; "God, give me the secret of the Rune Perth and I will give it to the public tomorrow if you allow me." Then I entered into deep meditation. There was a cricket whispering into my ear the meaning of Perth. The cricket is my consciousness united with my God and with Samael, the fifth archangel. And why was it whispering? It is because the meaning of the word Rune is "to whisper". Rune means; secret. Rune means; mystery. And that mystery is given by God, because between the graphic symbol and the word is a whisper. Like Elijah, waiting for the answer. This is how I received that the science of Peter is the science of breathing, because he has two nostrils, the two keys, Ida and Pingala in order to transmute the sexual force. Without the breathing science, you cannot work with the two keys of Peter. Peter is in your pineal gland. Peter is your faith and your willpower. And his brother is Andrew, that works with the X cross that gives you the sexual strength, but you have to control Mary. Remember that Peter doesn't like weak women, only strong warrior women, like Mary Magdalene that repents and gives the solution to the repentance in Pistis Sophia. There is no repentance where Mary and Peter are not present, together with all his brethren which are all the glands and forces which are in your physicality, Malkuth, which is the first cross, and in your Yesod which is the cross in X which is your Chi energy, your sexual force, your locusts, even your fish, if you want too, from Chesed. All of this is hidden in the mystery of the Rune Gibor. This is why I admire and enjoy looking at Tai Chi dancers, because they are manipulating the Chi energy, the force of the body marvelously. Yet the clue is also to control the sexual Chi or the sexual energy, because if we don't go to the center, to the bottomless pit, which is our sexual force, then we are wasting our time.

If you are doing the Runes but you are not practicing psychological death, and sexual transmutation, then you are wasting your time. Three factors must be practiced, these three factors relate to the Gibor, Gibur, Gyfu (Gift) to give and gather. This is why the meaning of the Rune Gibor, Gebo, Gyfu is Gift. The gift of God, and God, my friends, begins with G. Now you understand why two Kaun Runes, one above forming the compass, and the other forming the square of the Masons has a G in the middle, Geometry. This is how matter is form, with geometry, with the Gibor. This is the marvelous mystery of this Rune, which we have to inquire Thus, the deeper you go the deeper you find the mysteries as Xochipilli, the Prince of the flowers because he works with the Gibor, which is at the very bottom, Xochipilli is showing the Rune Gibor in the sex, you see? If you go directly to the two legs that are forming his legs you go directly into his sexual organs. Xochipilli is controlling his sexual organs, his feminine force. That faith which is minimum, minute, small, or Minit (מינית) as it is said in Hebrew for the sexual force. And that is why Xochipilli was venerated, because when he is in meditation he is not sleeping as other people do, yes, they just make their mudra, their finger and thumb together, they cross their legs in Padmasana, they then close their eyes and go ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz. Snoring. This is why the eyes of Xochipilli are open to heaven, meaning that he is spinning the Gibor in meditation, because the Gibor, the Chi energy has to be active in meditation. Your body is passive, your mind is quiet, your emotions are also quiet, but the consciousness, the Chi, the locusts are liberated; because we want to make the man made of wood a man made of flesh.

You remember that the Aztecs state; the Gods created man out of wood. What wood? It is the wood of the Eiwaz, the tree of good and evil, the Yew tree. And after creating them they fused them with divinity. Thus, in order to be fused the man with divinity we have to practice meditation at the style of Xochipilli, meaning dying in oneself, because this is what the Gibor also states, death. Death, Birth, and Sacrifice for humanity, and in that level you walk away ahead. Remember, the thirteen eons or repentances are experienced in the second mountain, not in the first. In the first you experience certain levels of the Sephiroth. But the thirteen repentances that the Master Samael Aun Weor taught in Pistis Sophia is an experience of Jesus together with the apostles. Jesus is savior and in order to incarnate Jesus, Yeshua, the Savior, you have to reach the fifth initiation, because the one who talks about the repentances is Jesus from the center of the Tree of life which is Tiphereth, which is Tonatiuh in the center of the Aztec calendar. Yes, from there, from Tiphereth, Jesus talks to the apostles which are around working with him as archetypes.

When Jesus resurrected and ascended up to heaven, what happened to the apostles?

These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brethren. – Acts 1: 14

They were together with Mary, there were no names of other women there, only Mary and Matthias who was taken instead of Judas Iscariot. There were twelve apostles and Mary, and they experienced the Pentecost after the resurrection in the fire and in the light. And this is how they received that power from heaven, but through initiation. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't practice meditation in you ego, you should practice meditation, annihilation of the ego, but in order to reach to the very root of your ego, to the causal aspect of the ego, Master Samael states; "Only Jesus can do it together with Tiphereth.

So we have to incarnate the word in order to advance a lot; yes, in order to reach absolute death we have to incarnate the Lord, Yeshua, the Savior. And for that we have to be born again.

We have to work with the three factors of the revolution of the consciousness. That is the mystery of Gibor, Gibur, Gyfu Gift, generosity, the three factors of the revolution of the consciousness.

There is a practice that the Master Samael gives in the book "The Doomed Aryan Race" which is a Christmas message. 

After meditating as Xochipilli - concentrate and meditate on any ego that you want to annihilate, any defect, any error. Then you have to perform the Rune Sig. The Rune Sig is easy to make.

First, kneel down. Second, sit on your heels in the Muslim style. Third, extend your arms to form the horizontal beam of a cross. Fourth, pray to your Divine Mother and bend your trunk forward, then backwards while keeping your arms extended and while remaining firmly seated on your heels.

After having comprehended this or that psychological defect in all and each one of the subconscious levels of the mind, we must pray for help to our particular Divine Mother; thus, we beg her to eliminate from the lunar bodies the “I,” the entity which personifies such a defect.

Without the help of our Divine Mother, it is impossible to eliminate the demonic “I’s” that live within the lunar bodies. Previous comprehension of any psychological defect is indispensable before our Divine Mother proceeds to eliminate the submerged entity that personifies that I.

When the Master says: “After having comprehended this or that psychological defect in all and each one of the subconscious levels of the mind,” He doesn't mean that you have to comprehend it in the 49 levels in that very moment. It means, if you comprehend your defect in the first level of the mind, very well, now annihilate it. Then, another aggregate of the same defect in the second level after many days then annihilate it, and likewise is the process of all the aggregates of the same defect in every level, until you reach the forty-ninth. Because when people read this they understand that they have to comprehend the ego in that very moment in the forty-nine levels, and this is impossible, because in order to comprehend the forty-nine you have to be awakened in the other levels. So first eliminate on the first level which is the intellect, and when you catch another ego in other levels, comprehend them and annihilate them there.

Thus, in that posture is how you ask your divine Mother. Seated on your heels, extend your arms like a cross (making the Gibor), bend your torso, like the Muslims, down. But remember that the Muslims, they don't put their arms in a cross, here we are putting them in a cross in order to make the movement of the Gibor related with the divine Mother, because the cross that we are doing with extended arms is the Gibor. And the Rune Sig that we are doing with the body is the Rune of the divine Mother. When you perform that, pronounce the mantras: Sulu Sigi Sig, Sulu Sigi Sig, which is the name of the divine Mother in the Runic alphabet. Concentrate on her and pronounce “Ssssuuullluuu Sssiiigggiii Sssiiiggg, my divine Mother, my Goddess, please annihilate this defect from me, from my psyche. Destroy it with the energy movement of this cross that I am performing” then you bend back and forth, back and forth. Gibor is movement; remember pronounce Ssssuuullluuu Sssiiigggiii Sssiiiggg while moving backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, without moving your butt from your heels, just the torso, don't lift your butt, that doesn't work, that is the position precisely of this practice that the Master Samael teaches in "the Doomed Aryan Race'. If you have the book you can read it there. This is the way to activate your divine Mother, Sulu Sigi Sig, in order to annihilate your ego, previously comprehended in any of the forty-nine levels of the mind, This is how you advance. This is the practice of the Gibor, first to be born again, and for that you have to practice sexual magic with the science of Peter. And then this practice that we are teaching you, meditation of the style of Xochipilli in which you are activating the Gibor in order to comprehend yourself, and activate your Chi. And finally doing that practice of the annihilation of the ego, which is Gibur, Giburn, because you burn your ego with that exercise. But you have to first transmute your sexual energy. And third, be generous, don't be selfish, because the selfish does not advance on this path. That is why every initiate was always given and given and given the Gibor, the gift of God, until God will give you the Donum-Dei. Because the Donum-Dei is the fire of the Holy Spirit that develops in different levels in accordance with your work with your level of Being.

Questions and Answers

Question: Will God also direct you towards the person that you are supposed to interact with for sexual magic? Or will you be told who that person shall be?

Answer: Yes, of course. God, which is the G of Gibor, knows that you need a man in order to practice the Rune Gibor. If you are patient you will find that man that will help you to put in activity the cross, the swastika, and from that you will advance. The same goes for everybody, but sometimes we are impatient and we get married to somebody that isn't going to give us that help completely; since there are different marriages in relation with karma and dharma. But if you are serious in yourself, if you practice for instance, death with the Rune Gibor in the way that we are teaching here, and generosity, sacrifice for humanity, then God will give you that gift. Remember, this physical body receives a lot of forces from heaven. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who when they discover the mysteries they use it to do evil. For Instance, the example of Hitler; in the beginning he was working good, yet after he was accumulating all of that force with the Gibor, he was using it to burn, not his defects, but other people. That was really bad. You have to use it for yourself; otherwise we are precisely on the path of the hasnamussen. Sacrifice for humanity is generosity. But do not fall into the mistake that some Gnostics do, they go to other groups and pull those people into their group, and they think that that is sacrifice. That is called stealing, not sacrifice. Sacrifice is when you teach for the first time, to the people, the doctrine. That is sacrifice. And if the people like it and stay, good, and if they leave, it is good too because we have to respect the free will that rotates the Gibor. Everybody who wants to go to the left will go to the left counterclockwise, if you want to go to the right, come here and we will teach you how to turn the Gibor in the right way, clockwise.

Question: Is there a relationship between the swirling swastika and the spinning movement of the whirling Dervishes that were doing the Tibetan rites?

Answer: Of course there is a relation, because every spinning aspect of every practice is related with Gibor. Of course the top of the spinning of that energy is in the sexual act, and which the secret is; no movement with movement, because you are moving the energy but if you do not know how to control the movement, stop movement in order for that cross to continue its movement. But if you are identified with your beast, with your animal, and then the movement continues and falls into the orgasm and then you lose the Chi, and then the locusts come against you and you don't receive the seal of God, but the seal of the devil, which are the horns.

Question: How is Gibraltar related with Gibor?

Answer: Master Samael explains that Gibraltar is Gibur or Gibor-altar. The altar is the Rune Ar and the Rune Kaun. Rune Ar is the man, the solar man that is practicing the transmutation, the son of Ra, the sun. And Kaun is the priestess wife. United together are forming the Ar-Kaun, the secret Arcanum, sexual magic. That is the altar of God. There is another altar which is related with the work of the rituals and masses of all religions, that altar is also related with Peter, the force of the heart, that is the altar, your heart that you have to place in the sexual act in order to turn the swastika clockwise, for your own benefit in order for the Nahui-Ollin in the center of the Aztec calendar to turn to your advantage in order to go up to the twentieth day which is Xochild, the resurrection in the fire and in the light, and then into the Thirteen Cane (13 Acatl), which is the symbol of the serpent, thirteen, the way in which the divine Mother destroys the ego.

Question: Was the actual rock of Gibraltar used for rituals?

Answer: Gibraltar was used in order to teach what we are teaching here to the initiates. It was a secret and in order to receive it in ancient times you needed to awaken your consciousness first. Now we are giving all these secrets publicly; very difficultly because there are symbols that you have to study. This is why it is necessary for you to have all the Runic letters and see all the symbols of the Runic letters. These Runic letters are also in the Aztec pantheon.

Question: How are we to breath correctly to circulate our Chi?

Answer: You have to learn how to breath, this is necessary; the control of the breath in indispensable because that is the key of Peter in order to control the sexual transmutation, and you know that when you learn Pranayama. You learn, but in the sexual act is the moment in which you have to increase that breathing aspect; if you want Peter to open the doors of heaven, the pineal gland, for you. But you have to control your Mary Magdalene, which is your body. And your body is also accustomed to fornicate. So of course you have to apply a lot of time in order to teach your body how to breath because usually the way in which the physical body breaths is backwards, instead of Ham Sah, the body is doing Sah Ham. Backwards, meaning fornicating. So we have to learn to teach it Ham Sah in order to breath from outside to inside, from the periphery to the center of your Gibor. So practice a lot of Pranayama. Any type of Pranayama helps in order for your body to learn how to manipulate the Chi energy. Perform the Runes, because the Runes also assist you in order to transmute the Chi energy. And the dances of Martial Arts related precisely to the Tai Chi, which if you learn very well, it will help you a lot to manipulate the Chi, the energy with the breathing exercise. But it takes time.

Question: Towards the beginning of the lecture you made a connection between the fifth angel of the book of Revelation with Tonatiuh in the center of the Aztec calendar. How did you establish that link?

Answer: It is established precisely in the very Aztec calendar because the days of the Aztec calendar are pointed with small circles, and in the very center of the Aztec calendar you find four circles, each one above and below the face of Tonatiuh. 1, 2, 3, 4, it's called Nahui, four. And Ollin means to turn. And it's also pointing to the four other suns that were in the past before him, the four elements, the four root races before our fifth root race. And it also relates to the four gospels, the gospel of Matthew, the gospel of Mark, gospel of Luke, and gospel of John. Or the four bodies of sin that you have to control and in the middle is Tonatiuh, the fifth, because we are in the fifth root race. So Tonatiuh of course is called the sun of movement, because Nahui-Ollin is one symbol among the symbols around the twenty days that are around Tonatiuh. Thus one of the days is precisely called Ollin which means to turn, to go. And this is precisely what the fifth sun does, to turn with the four forces of the elements, water air earth and fire, to turn, it turns into the Nahui-Ollin. The center is the Akashic force, the sexual force. For instance, Samael. The horn above the head of Tonatiuh is Aries. Aries is ruled by Samael which is the fifth mighty ray of the seven horns. So this horn is the fifth horn, because it belongs to the fifth, Sun. And Samael also rules Scorpio, which is the sexual force. Aries and Scorpio. That is why to Samael was given the keys of the bottomless pit, because he is the fifth Apollo, the fifth sun, Apollyon, Tiphereth. Because when Samael unites with Tiphereth, which is the center of the tree of life, behold Tonatiuh working

Question: Is it important to close the nostril alternately during the Ham Sah as shown in the books?

Answer: No, this is only for Ton-Sah-Ham Ton-Ra-Ham which is the Egyptian Pranayama. When you do Ham Sah you just transmute without touching your nostrils, but any Pranayama helps. Remember that the face in the center of the Aztec calendar is giving us a clue, the nose is related with the breathing force, the mouth with the word. The mantra is uttered with the word.

Question: Of all the books you are publishing here, what would you recommend starting with?

Answer: In relation to this lecture, study the book about the Runes by Samael Aun Weor: "The Gnostic Magic of the Runes". The master gives only the synthesis, but when you meditate on it then you discover a lot of mysteries. Runes are very profound; they are the very root of the Hebrew alphabet.

Question: Does the Hebrew letter related to the cross come into the Gnostic teachings?

Answer: The Hebrew letter related to the cross is the letter Tav, yet the G of Gibor is the letter Gimel.