The Yoga that we require today is actually ancient Gnostic Christian Yoga, which absolutely rejects the idea of Hatha Yoga. We do not recommend Hatha Yoga simply because, spiritually speaking, the acrobatics of this discipline are fruitless; they should be left to the acrobats of the circus.

We very sincerely believe that the greatest thing in life is love. The divine enchantment of love can never be replaced by circus acrobatics. In the mysteries of Eleusis, men and women would magnetize one another while performing the mysterious dances of love.

During the great celebrations of Eleusis, happiness, dancing, kissing, and performing sexual magic transformed human beings into true Gods. At that time, no one thought about perversities, only about holy and pure matters.

Within the delights of love, men and women can enchant and awaken the sleeping beauty, the divine serpent Kundalini . When one woman and one man adore each other sexually, they accumulate the terribly divine power of the Cosmic Mother.

These frightful, yet divine, sparkling forces overflow with great splendor and activate the chakras of the internal bodies of the human being. Chakras are the great energy centers that resemble wheels or lotus flowers.

The fires of the spinal medulla are Jehovistic; the fires of the heart are Christic and the fires of the head (between the eyebrows) spark the terribly divine rays of the Father.

Essentially, these three types of energy are transmuted semen. [Editor’s Note: Here, “semen” refers to sexual energy in both men and women.] The code or key of human redemption is found in the seminal liquor.

The seminal energy must he sublimated towards the heart. The Divine Mother finds Her Son, the internal Christ, within the heart.

The Mother and Her Son live within the heart temple; the cross of initiation is received in the heart temple.

There must be a sexual connection between the couple; however, it is better to die than to commit the crime of spilling the semen.

When the magician spills the Glass of Hermes, the terribly divine forces of the Goddess Isis (whose veil no mortal has lifted) withdraw. Then, these forces fuse within the universal currents and the human being submerges into the Abyss.

The tremendous mantra I. A. O. [pronounced eeeee as in “tree,” aaaa as in “tall” and oooo as in “so”] synthesizes the science of the Arcanum A.Z.F. This mantra should be vocalized during the beloved ecstasy of sexual magic.

  • I (Ignis, Fire)
  • A (Aqua, Water)
  • O (Origo, Principal Spirit)

The fire fecundates the waters of life in order to give birth to the Son of Man.

The Son of Man is always the son of one man and one woman. When they adore each other and perform the Arcanum A.Z.F. they are inevitably converted into Gods.

We should cultivate happiness, music, and flowers in our homes. The couple must forgive one another, for they have many human defects. Nobody is perfect; the couple must mutually forgive their very human errors.

Love is not guilty of the discords between the lovers who adore one another. Discord belongs to the psychological “I” (Satan).

Gnostic Christian Yoga is composed of love, music, dance, perfumes, kisses, adoration, pranayama, meditation, illumination, wisdom, and happiness. This modern Yoga follows Christ and adores the woman. The times in which the anchorites were tortured by Hatha Yoga has passed. Now, the modern male and female Yogis can be loving and adoring.

Love is ineffable. Love is terribly divine.

Experience for oneself the reality of the ancient and mysterious Divine Mother Kundalini, spoken of in all the world’s great religions as Isis, Mary, Maya, Cybele, Ima, Hera, Shakti, Durga, Athena, and countless more.

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