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Children of Wisdom

True Gnostic matrimonies can and must engender children of wisdom. Beloved disciples, please understand that the children of wisdom are not offspring of fornication.

When Gnostic matrimonies want to give a physical body to a great Master of the White Lodge, they then must inevitably descend into the ninth sphere with the Ninth Arcanum of the Tarot. This Arcanum is sex.

The mother of a child of wisdom must prepare herself for a period of nine months before she can create with the power of “Kriya-Shakti.” During this period of time, she must be in constant prayer to the Divine Mother. She must beg her Divine Mother with all of her heart and soul to give her the joy of conceiving a great Master within her womb, one that will help humanity.

The mother of a child of wisdom must undergo nine months of preparation, chastity, saintliness, and meditation before she can perform the sacred sexual act with her husband.

The father of a child of wisdom must not fornicate; he must also abstain from sex for a period of nine months.

The couple must be in constant prayer to the Divine Mother, beseeching her so that they can have the happiness of having a great Master as their child. They must be chaste in thought, words, and action.

The sacred copula is performed in the spring during the month of May, the month of flowers. Throughout the duration of this month, the Buddha descends in order to bless humanity. The sacred sexual act must be performed on a Friday at dawn. The morning star is vibrating intensely at dawn.

The couple must complete the act without ejaculating the seminal liquor (without reaching the orgasm). The Lunar Hierarchy knows how to utilize one masculine gamete and one feminine ovum in order to fecundate the womb.

The mother must sleep in a different position each month, one month on her right side and the following month on her left side. This is how the body of the child, which is in the womb, will receive all of the cosmic benefits.

During the Lemurian epoch, this work was performed inside the great temples of mysteries. Painful labor during childbirth did not exist back then. This is how the children of wisdom were brought into the world. This is the “Kriya-Shakti” method for creation.

Now, with this very ancient method, which has been lost in the nights of the centuries, any couple that practices Gnostic Christian Yoga could give a physical body to a great Master of the venerable White Lodge.

This marvelous code evidently proves that it is not necessary to ejaculate seven million sperm in order to create a new human being. God said, “Be fruitful and multiply.” God did not say, “Be fruitful and fornicate.” Therefore, seminal ejaculation is a crime; seminal ejaculation is brutal fornication.

In ancient times, in paradise, reproduction was performed without seminal ejaculation, without the orgasm of man or woman.

The tenebrous lucifers of the ancient Earth-Moon taught the humans how to ejaculate the semen. This is how humans lost their powers. This is represented by Adam and Eve’s departure from Eden.

Therefore, Gnosis does not teach anything that goes against Nature. Not spilling the semen is what is natural, what is normal.

Hence, Gnosis does not teach sexual refinement, it teaches what is truly natural and normal.

People are slanderous regarding this subject, because the philosophical stone is the stumbling stone; it is sex. It is the offensive rock for the evil ones.

Evil ones hate sexual magic. All that abolishes the simple satisfaction of their carnal passions repulses them. This is why they feel repugnance towards chastity.

Such is the law of these poor people. They live for the joy of carnal passion and they hate chastity.