The adorable Mother Kundalini is the burning fire of the Holy Spirit. She is Mary, Maya, Isis, Adonia, Insoberta, Rhea, Cybele, etc.

She has thousands of adorable names. She is love, electricity, universal magnetism, cosmic force. The laws of cohesion and planetary gravity were created by the Mother of all adoration. All of the brilliant, sparkling, and palpitating planets in the inalterable, adorable, infinite space rest within the delectable bosom of the blessed Mother Goddess of the world.

The Lady of supreme adoration takes Her children by the hand and guides them along the dangerous path of the razor’s edge.

The Divine Mother is entwined three and a half times within the coccygeal church. The Lady of all adoration opens the seven apocalyptic churches of the spinal medulla.

We must search for the Divine Mother within our heart temple. The cross of initiation is received within the Temple of the heart. She, the adorable Lady of love, is the only one who has the power of awakening Her children within the womb of the profound Universal Spirit of Life.

The mind must become a serene lake, without tempests, so that it will reflect the picture of the starry skies. When the mind is quiet and silent, the Divine Mother is pleased with us.

This is our blessing. Peace is possible only by controlling the mind. Purity of thought guides the yogi towards perfection.

We must venerate the Masters and we must practice our esoteric exercises filled with burning faith.

The initiates with faith will become ineffable beings. Wisdom and love will shine in the minds of those who have reached Samadhi, the ecstasy of Saints. All of our beloved disciples can become true Masters of Samadhi with this book of flaming fire.

Beloved brothers and sisters, arise upon the path of initiation prudently. Remember that this path is full of dangers internally and externally. This is the path of the razor’s edge.

Drink the nectar of immortality from the pure fountain of ecstasy. Tread the path of perfect sanctity.

The Divine Mother has the power to open up all of the chakras of the Astral Body. The Lady of perfection dwells within the electrons. Wise Gnostics meditate on Her. Mystics adore Her. Perfect couples lift Her up through the medullar canal by means of love.

Take care of your seminal liquor. Avoid nocturnal emissions by means of the Arcanum A.Z.F.

Muscles must be relaxed for meditation; the spine must be kept flexible. We must drink pure water and we must rise at dawn. Remember that honey (bee honey) is the food of the Universal White Fraternity. Eat fruits, grains, and vegetables often, and practice meditation daily. Remember that meditation is the daily bread of the wise.

The Yellow Book is a book of absolutely practical, transcendental occultism. Beloved brothers and sisters, here you have the Yoga that is required for this new Aquarian Era.

Be gentle in order to listen; merciful in order to judge.

May your Father who is in secret and may your Divine Mother Kundalini bless you.

Experience for oneself the reality of the ancient and mysterious Divine Mother Kundalini, spoken of in all the world’s great religions as Isis, Mary, Maya, Cybele, Ima, Hera, Shakti, Durga, Athena, and countless more.

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