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The Still Small Voice

There exists a particular mystical sound that the yogi must learn to hear. The Aztecs knew this mystical sound. Let us remember the hill of Chapultepec (note: chapul - cricket, tepec - hill: “The hill of the cricket”). A cricket upon a hill is represented in a Mexican codex.

In ancient Rome, during the time of the Caesars, the cricket was sold in golden cages at a very high price. Magicians of ancient Rome bought crickets in order to employ them in practical magic.

If we place the cricket close to the head of our bed and meditate on its beautiful song, we will hear the “still voice” in the moment of slumber. This phenomenon is equivalent to the phenomenon of two pianos that are equally in tune. If for example we play the note TI on either piano, the other piano will repeat the same note without the touch of the human hand. This vibratory phenomenon is very interesting, and it can be proven by anyone. This exact phenomenon also happens with the mysterious sound of the cricket. In the human brain there exists the musical sound that resounds when the cricket sings. It is a matter of affinity and vibration.

To nourish this little animal is no problem. We know that the cricket feeds itself on vegetables and also with clothes found in homes. Many people are afraid of the cricket because they do not want to ruin their clothes. This animal can be easily found in the countryside.

Whosoever hears the “still voice” can travel instantly into the Astral plane at any time. If the devotee concentrates on the sound of the cricket, or if the yogi meditates on the sound of the cricket and goes to sleep while listening to the sound of the cricket, the same mystic sound, tone or “still voice” will suddenly resound within his brain, and the doors of mystery will then be opened. During this instant, the Gnostic can naturally arise from his bed and depart from his home in the Astral Body.

What we are explaining must be experienced and understood in action not in thought or with the mind. The devotee must arise from his bed naturally. Nature will act by separating the Astral Body from the physical body. When we are out of the physical body, we feel a very light, delightful, spiritual voluptuousness. There is nothing more pleasurable than to feel the soul detached from the physical body.

In the superior worlds we can communicate with the ineffable Gods. In the superior worlds we can study at the feet of the Master. This is how we become free of many theories. This is how we drink from the fountain of living knowledge.

Every devotee must learn how to hear the “still voice.” The devotee can perform marvelous wonders and prodigies with this mystical sound.

If the devotee wants to hear this mystical sound his concentration must be perfect. To begin with, the student will hear many sounds; yet, if he concentrates intensively on the sound of the cricket, eventually he will hear this sound and will attain victory. We inevitably attain illumination with this mystical sound.

In its final synthesis, this mystical sound comes from a tranquil heart. The origin of this remote, mystical sound must be searched for within the Divine Mother. The devotee must pray constantly, beseeching his Divine Mother to give him the ability to hear the great mystical sound.

With the grace of the Divine Mother, every devotee can have the joy of hearing the mystical sound that grants us the instantaneous projection of the Astral Body.

The devotee who wishes to perform these practices successfully must meditate internally until he truly feels the state of slumber. You must know that every esoteric exercise of meditation, if practiced with a lack of the sleepy state, is useless, sterile, because it damages the mind and harms the brain.

Therefore, internal meditation must be combined intelligently with the sleepy state.

If the Gnostic student does not have this marvelous cricket when practicing this exercise, then he must pronounce the letter “S.” This letter must be pronounced like a fine and delicate whistle, like this: ssssssssssssssssssss (lips open and the upper and lower teeth together).

Behind this fine sound dwells the “still voice” that permits us to instantaneously project ourselves within the Astral Body.

The devotee should be in a very comfortable position in order to practice correct internal meditation.

We suggest two positions:

Position of the Corpse

Lay down in the corpse position on the bed or floor, placing your arms along the sides of your body. Straighten the legs and bring the heels of the feet together so they are touching.

However, the toes of the feet should be separated towards the left and right, like a fan.

Position of the Flaming Star

Lay down in the position of a flaming star with the arms and legs extended towards the right and left. Your body must be very relaxed. You should resemble the figure of the five-pointed star. This is the position of the Master. Great Masters utilize this position for the practice of internal meditation. When in this position, the black magicians will run away with terror. When the Master arises from this position, the impression of the star remains in that place. This keeps the black magicians away.

The devotee must not meditate with a full stomach. It is necessary for the devotee to abandon the sin of gluttony. We must eat only three meals per day.

Esoteric Diet

Breakfast: Toasted bread with pure honey, hot milk, and fruit.

Lunch: Must consist of vegetables, fruits, and any type of grain.

Dinner: Bread with pure honey and hot milk. Nothing more.

Meditation should he performed at 10:00 p.m. nightly. Meditation should also be performed at dawn. If the student meditates during these hours, he will progress rapidly.