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Primary Clairaudient and Clairvoyant Experiences

If the yogi persists with internal meditation constantly, tenaciously and with infinite patience, then within a period of time, clairvoyant perceptions will begin to develop. In the early stages of development, luminous spots will appear. Later, as the development continues, faces and objects and pictures of Nature will appear. Objects will seem dreamlike, as in the moments of transition that exist between vigil and dream.

The disciple’s enthusiasm increases when clairvoyant perceptions begin to take place.

These perceptions inform the disciple that his internal powers are being activated.

It is extremely important that the disciple does not become weary. A great deal of patience is required for the development of internal powers. It is very difficult to develop internal powers. Many disciples begin this difficult process, but there are very few disciples who have the patience of Saint Job. Impatience will only impede our steps along the path towards realization of the Self. Such esoteric practices are for those that are tenacious and patient.

In the sacred India of the Vedas, yogis practice internal meditation four times a day.

However, in our occidental world, due to the preoccupation with our daily lives, and the difficult battle for existence, if we practice meditation only once a day, then this is sufficient. Yet, what is important is to practice consistently, and without missing a day.

With intense repetition and tenacious practices, we will eventually put our chakras into rotation. Thus, after some time, primary clairvoyant and clairaudient perceptions will begin.

Luminous spots, pictures of light, living figures, sounds of bells and animals and the voices of people, etc. accurately indicate the disciple’s progress. These perceptions appear in the instant when the disciple is submerged in profound meditation and during the sleepy state.

Many types of light begin to appear with the practice of internal meditation. In early stages of development, the devotee perceives very brilliant white lights. These lights correspond to the eye of wisdom, which is located between the eyebrows. The white, yellow, red, blue, and green lights as well as lightning, the sun, moon, stars, sparks, flames, etc. are all particles which are forms of the supra-sensible elements (tanmatric particles).

When small luminous balls appear, shining with white and red colors, this is then an absolutely positive sign that we are progressing in our practices of concentration of thought.

There will come a time when the devotee will see Angels, Archangels, Thrones, Potentates, Virtues, etc. Within his/her dreams, while in meditation, the student may also see grand temples, rivers, valleys, mountains, and beautiful enchanted gardens.

Commonly, during the practice of meditation, certain strange sensations occur that may fill the devotee with fear. One of these sensations is an electric shock in the chakra of the coccyx. Also the lotus of a thousand petals, which is situated in the upper part of the brain, will feel electric sensations.

The devotee must defeat this fear if he wants to progress in the development of his internal powers.

The time in which these visions appear depends on the individual himself. Some students have these visions within a few days of practice; others begin to have these visions after six months of daily exercises.

Within the first period of daily training we are in contact with the beings of the Astral plane.

Within the second period of esoteric training we make contact with the beings of the Mental plane.

Within the third period of esoteric training we are in contact with the beings of the purely Spiritual plane.

We then begin to convert ourselves into competent investigators of the superior worlds.

The devotee, who has begun to experience his initial perceptions in the superior worlds, must in the beginning be like a garden that is sealed with seven seals.

Those students who tell others about what they have experienced crumble in their studies, because the doors to the superior worlds become closed to them. One of the gravest dangers that attack the devotee is vanity and pride. The devotee fills himself with pride and vanity when he begins to perceive reality in the supra-sensible worlds. He thinks of himself as a master, yet he has not achieved the complete development of his internal powers.

He then begins to judge others incorrectly, according to his incomplete clairvoyant perceptions. The result of these incorrect judgments is a great deal of karma. The devotee attracts this karma to himself because he has become a slanderer of his own neighbors. He fills the world with pain and tears.

The student that has experienced primary clairvoyant perceptions must be like a garden that is sealed with seven seals. He must remain as such, until his Internal Master initiates him into the Great Mysteries and gives him the order to speak.

The devotee who is submitted to esoteric discipline also makes another grave error: he disregards imagination. We have learned that imagination is translucent. It is the mirror of the soul; it is divine clairvoyance. In order for the devotee to see, he must use his imagination. When the chakra of the forehead begins to rotate, then the images that are seen with translucent imagination become more brilliant, splendorous and luminous.

The devotee must distinguish between imagination and fantasy. Conscious imagination is positive, yet, fantasy is negative and harmful for the mind because it could lead us to have hallucinations or to reach madness.

Some wish to awaken their clairvoyance while disregarding imagination. If they disregard imagination, then they will fall under the same absurdity as those who wish to practice meditation without the sleepy state. These people fail to develop their internal powers. These people break the laws of Nature and inevitably failure is the result.

Imagination, inspiration, and intuition are the three mandatory factors of initiation. In the beginning, images appear and in the end we penetrate into the purely Spiritual world.

Initiation is necessary for all clairvoyants. To have clairvoyance without esoteric initiation leads the student into the world of delinquency. Therefore, it is urgent to receive the cosmic initiation.

If a clairvoyant penetrates into the subconsciousness of Nature, he can then read all of the past history of the Earth and its races. He will also find his most beloved relatives. He may see, for example, his beloved wife married with other men. He may also see her committing adultery. If the clairvoyant has not reached initiation, he may mistake the past for the present. He will then slander his wife saying, “She is betraying me, she is an adulterer. I am clairvoyant and I am seeing her in the internal worlds committing adultery.”

All of the records of our past reincarnations exist within the subconsciousness of Nature.

If a clairvoyant penetrates into the infra-consciousness of Nature, he will then discover all of the evil of humanity.

The Satan of every human being dwells within the infra-consciousness of Nature.

If the clairvoyant has not received initiation, he will then see the Satan of the Saints continually reviving the crimes and evil actions that the Saints committed in their ancient reincarnations, before they became Saints.

The inexperienced clairvoyant who is lacking Initiation cannot distinguish between the past and the present, or between the Satan of a human and the real Being of a human, thus resulting in slanderous behavior.

The inexperienced clairvoyant may say, “That man believes he is a saint, yet he is an assassin, a thief and a terrible black magician. I know this, because I saw it with my clairvoyance.”

This is precisely what we call a slanderer. Many clairvoyants have become horribly degenerated slanderers. One of the grave dangers of this behavior is homicide.

Within the infra-consciousness of Nature, a jealous, distrustful, and unworthy man will find that all of his doubts and suspicions are converted into reality. He then begins to slander his wife, friends, neighbors, and masters saying, “You see, I have reason for my doubts, my friend is a thief, a black magician, and an assassin; my wife is committing adultery, just as I suspected. My clairvoyance never fails me, I am always right, etc., etc.”

Due to the lack of initiation, the poor man does not have the capability to sufficiently analyze in order to understand that he has penetrated into the subconsciousness of Nature. It is there where his own mental creations live.

Therefore, considering all of these dangers, it is necessary that the esoteric student does not pass judgment against anyone. Do not judge in order not to be judged. The devotee must be like a garden that is sealed with seven seals. Whosoever has primary clairvoyant and clairaudient perceptions is an inexperienced clairvoyant. Thus, if he does not know how to remain in silence, he will begin to slander others.

Only the great clairvoyant Initiates do not fall. Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus Christ, etc., were truly infallible and omniscient clairvoyants.