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The word magic is derived from the ancient word "mag" that means priest. Genuine magic is the power of a priest or holy person to help others. Real magic is the work of a priest. A real magician is a priest.

"Religion is magic santioned by authority." - Eliphas Levi

Articles, Books, and Courses about Magic

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White Magic and Black Magic
Divine Science
Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic
Igneous Rose
Defense for Spiritual Warfare
How to Develop Magical Powers: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Astral Projection
Belilin: A Mantra for Defense Against Temptation and Black Magic
Natural Magic
Elemental Magic
Practical Magic
The Magic of the Roses

FAQs about Magic

What is magic?
Magic is the capacity of the consciousness to influence nature in its four kingdoms: mineral, plant, animal, and human.
Is magic real?
Are your thoughts, emotions, and desires real? Our psychology is interdependent, since if you sincerely observe yourself, your thoughts, emotions, and desires affect others on a moment to moment basis. When you learn to master your own mind, you can learn to positively influence others through an awakened consciousness: one that knows how to relate to others with ethics, compassion, and divine love.
What are the different types of magic?
There are three forms of magic or priesthood: elemental magic (health, healing, and protection through the souls of plants), ceremonial magic (the Eucharist or Gnostic Unction), and sexual magic (alchemy or the perfect matrimony).
What is white magic?
White magic is called "white" because of its purity. It is the ability of the consciousness to express divinity for the benefit of others. White magicians always respect people's free will while maintaining the highest ethical conduct and obedience to superior, divine laws.
What is black magic?
Black magic is called "black" because of its impurity. It is the coercive influence of our egotistical desires, which seek to gratify their most subconscious, unconscious, and infraconscious impulses at the expense of others' energy. Black magic therefore violates the harmonious balance of divine law, resulting in further conditioning and suffering.
How do I protect myself from black magic?
In the short term, learn the conjurations, invocations, and prayers of the Gnostic tradition, which are proven methods for rejecting negative influences in one's life. But ultimately, the best protection is to eliminate all of your psychological defects: pride, lust, envy, etc., since those are the tools that black magicians use to hurt you.
What is the best form of defense against black magic?
Fear and anger make us vulnerable to attack, whereas compassion and understanding makes one strong and invulnerable. Learn to use expedient methods or prayer and mantra to defend yourself when necessary.
How can I be attacked by black magicians?
In most cases, this occurs when the student is physically asleep. Learn to protect your mind, environment, and home on a daily basis by using prayers, mantras, incense, meditation, and other practices.
Why do I continue to be attacked by black magicians?
As students develop light, the forces of darkness become aware of their efforts. Do not fear attacks of black magic, because there can be no progress without resistance. If you are being attacked, it is also because you still have vulnerabilities in your mind: observe yourself, discover your defects, meditate on them and eliminate them.
How do I become a practical magician?
Practical magicians work daily with the three priesthoods: elemental, ceremonial, and sexual transmutation.
How do I become a priest or priestess?
The real priest is the Innermost, our spirit and divine magi. However, to become a priest or priestess of the Gnostic Church, a student must be a member of an established Gnostic school maintaining the three chamber system of Samael Aun Weor, and undergo many years of preparation.
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