Daily Life on the Path

"If a person begins his day consciously, then it is evident that such a day would be very different compared to other days.

"When the day one is living is taken as the totality of one’s life, when one does not leave for tomorrow what one must do this very day, then indeed one gets to know what the work on oneself really means.

"A day never lacks importance; therefore, if we really want to transform ourselves radically, we must then see, observe and comprehend ourselves daily." —Samael Aun Weor, Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology

Gnosis is lived. Here are some practical guidelines to make your life spiritually practical.

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FAQs about Daily Life on the Path

How Does My Home Influence Me Spiritually?

The home of Gnostic initiates must be full of beauty. The flowers that perfume the air with their aroma, beautiful sculptures, perfect order and cleanliness make of each home a true Gnostic sanctuary. - Samael Aun WeorThe Perfect Matrimony

The home of the Gnostic student, no matter how grand or humble, becomes a sacred temple and place of worship when it is magnetized by the continual flow of uplifing energy generated though constant spiritual practice. 

Flowers, perfumes, symbolic pictures, and beautiful music contribute to creating an environment filled with wisdom and love. - Samael Aun WeorThe Yellow Book

What Should My Daily Schedule Be?

Our daily schedule must balance our responsibilities, both spiritual and terrestrial. Since our daily responsibilities are highly variable and will change throughout our life, our schedule will also vary and change. Nevertheless, there are certain fundamental elements that will contribute towards ensuring spiritual progress.

Generally speaking, it is advisable to rise early to meditate and pray. Many students find that Runes and Rites are effective complements to their morning observances.

Of course, throughout the day, one must be strengthening self-observation and serlf-remembering.

In the evening, it is essential to practice retrospection meditation and contemplation of the day's experiences. Without this, progress is impossible.


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