Although books like the Tao Te Ching are widely known and respected, few realize that they are manuals of sexual transmutation.

The root purpose of Chinese Alchemy or Nei Dan is to attain immortality by preseving and elevating the basis of life: the sexual power.

"Follow one's desire, bring a birth.
Reverse one's desire, become an immortal."

The techniques of sexual alchemy have been known and secretly practiced in China and nearby countries for ages, under the guise of an uncountable number of schools, teachers, and traditions. Equally diverse have been the interpretations and divergences from the original root knowledge, thus students of modern Taoism or Chinese Alchemy are hard-pressed to discover what is pure and what is degenerated. However, by comparison with other root texts on this website, especially those from India and Tibet, such students can easily determine what Chinese texts are reliable and those that are not. Here we present some examples of importance.

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