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Sanskrit मन्थिन्, "semen, soma, agitating, afflicting, shaking, paining." An esoteric symbol in Hindu Tantra.

"He for whom knowing thus these Shukra and Manthin (cups) are drawn, prospers himself, his foe is defeated... The Shukra is yonder sun, the Manthin is the moon...  'Engendering heroic off spring, come forth, Shukra, with pure radiance', 'Engendering prolific offspring, come forth, Manthin, with mixed radiance..." -Yajur Veda, Kanda 4

"It would be absurd to imagine a temple of mysteries within which the blessed cup of all ages is missing. This brings to mind Guinevere, the queen of Jinn knights, who poured wine into the delicious cups of shukra and manthin for Lancelot." -Samael Aun Weor, The Great Rebellion

"To his oblation, swift as thought ye hurried and welcomed eagerly the prayers he offered. With arrows in his hand the Very Mighty forced from him all obedience of a servant. This is thy dwelling-place. Protect the people. Marka [demon, monkey, mind] hath been removed. Gods, drinkers of the Manthin, lead thee forward! Invincible art thou. Well stored with people and begetting people, with growth of wealth surround the Sacrificer. The Manthin joined with Heaven and Earth and with the Manthin-shining one. Expelled is Marka [demon, monkey, mind]. Thou art Manthin's dwelling." -White Yajur Veda, Book 7

"The Shukra and Manthin (grahas), forsooth, are his eyes. Now the Shukra, indeed, is he that burns yonder (the sun); and because it burns there therefore it is (called) Shukra ('bright'). And the Manthin, indeed, is the moon. He mixes it with (barley) meal: thus he makes it to be gruel (mantha), whence it is (called) Manthin. Now those two (sun and moon); forsooth, are the eyes of these creatures; for were those two not to rise, these (creatures) could not distinguish even their own hands. One of them is the eater, and the other the food to wit, the Shukra is the eater, and the Manthin the food. To one of them corresponds the eater, and to the other the food; to wit, the eater corresponds to the Shukra, and the food to the Manthin." -Satapatha Brahmana, Second Adhyâya. First Brâhmana

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