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(Greek μαντεία) Literally, "way of determining the will of the gods; divination, prophecy" from manteuesthai, "to prophesy," from mantis, "prophet." Manteia is the root of -mancy, a suffix in many English words. Manteia is a term from the Eleusinian Mysteries referring to a state of consciousness in which the consciousness becomes free of the ego and can thereby perceive without egoic veils (the I).

"The initiate of Eleusis, while in the state of manteia (ecstasy), pronounced the sacred syllable. Then, the initiate’s Innermost appeared with light and beauty within the resplendent mirror... Many times the initiate provoked the state of manteia when drinking from the chalice of Soma. He was thus transported into the ineffable pleroma of love." - Samael Aun Weor, The Revolution of Beelzebub