The desire to have what someone else has.

In Western traditions, envy is one of the seven capital sins. In Buddhism (Tibetan: phrag-dog; Sanskrit: irsa), envy is one of the five poisons (dug-lhga).

Spiritual development requires that envy be transmuted into its pure form: philanthropy or happiness for others, which is related to Jupiter (Zachariel).

Aristotle was asked, "Why is it that the envious are always sorrowing?" Aristotle replied, "Because they sorrow not only at any adcversity that befalls them, they sorrow equally at any good that is granted to other people."

"...envy is one of the most powerful triggers of social machinery. Why do so many people want to progress? Why do so many people want to have beautiful residences and very elegant cars? The entire world envies what belongs to others. Envy is regret for others’ well-being. Elegant women are envied by other less elegant women and this serves to intensify their struggle and pain. Those who do not have, want to have, and will choose to not eat in order to buy all types of clothes and adornments. They do this with the sole objective of not being less than anyone else. Every paladin of a great cause is mortally hated by the envious. The envy of the impotent, of the vanquished, of the mean person, is disguised with the judge’s toga, or with the robe of sanctity and of mastery, or with the sophism of applause, or with the beauty of humility. If we integrally comprehend that we are envious, it is logical that envy will then end and in its place will appear the star that rejoices and shines for others’ well-being." - Samael Aun Weor, The Revolution of the Dialectic


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