A word invented in 1868 by German physicist Rudolph Clausius (1822-1888). Derived from Greek entropia "a turning toward," from en "in" + trope "a turning, a transformation." It became a defining term of thermodynamics.

Samael Aun Weor adopted the term to refer to the devolving principle in nature that simplifies aggregated (evolved) phenomena, which he called "equalization." In this sense, entropy is the process of things returning to their lowest, simplest form.

Entropy is how energy disperses unless actively stopped from doing so. Nature's systems always move towards entropy, unless a superior force prevents it. A simple example is your own body: it is sustained by nourishment; to nourish the body, one must act continually. If you stop nourishing your body, entropy will immediately begin to devolve it: the body will stop functioning, and all of its parts will be reduced by nature back to the simplest possible forms; it will be equalized with its environment: the elements are returned to nature. This is true for all aggreated phenomena in nature: without sacrifice, the application of superior forces, all aggreated phenomena devolve.

If you put a glass full of hot water next to another glass full of cold water, you will see how entropy precipitates: there is an exchange of heat and cold, and finally, entropy wins and both are equal. 

Millions of people today, for example, are stuck in the path of entropy; since they don't work on themselves, they become more stupid every day, their minds atrophy, the centers of the organic machine are more and more degenerated, all the areas of their brains no longer work, and thus, the day will come when that the law of entropy will equalize them all down there, in the "Tartarus"...

Haven't you noticed how entropy equalizes people? Someone can be buried in a gold coffin and another in a wooden coffin, and no matter how beautiful the grave is, in the long run they remain the same: as bony as the other (the "baldhead death" equalizes everyone, that's obvious; that's entropy).

So, these "humanoids" that populate the face of the Earth, these "three-brained bipeds" or "three-centered bipeds", one day they will all be the same (degenerate and incapable); so alike that they will be barely distinguishable from each other. - Faith, the Earthly Human and Heavenly Human, Entropy and Sacrifice

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