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After explaining the previous topics related with the runes Ur, Is and Sig, we have opened the doors necessary to enter into the theme of karma, which relates to the meanings of the runes Rita, Ehe and Not. Rita, Ehe and Not are the runes related directly with the Trogoautoegocratic Law, which we have discussed in previous lectures, and which is the law that emanates from the Solar Absolute. Remember that the Buddha Siddhartha Gautama stated that there are three eternal things in the universe: space, nirvana and karma. Karma is the law of cause and effect that emanates directly from the Solar Absolute, the Protocosmos, which, as we stated in previous lectures, is related to the One Law.

Remember, the universe exists because of karma; thus, the present cosmic day or "Mahamanvantara" exists because of the law of cause and effect, which we explained briefly in the previous lecture about the Rune Ur. We explained that the present cosmic day is an effect of a previous epoch that is called the "Chootboglitanical" period in which the Solar Absolute was infected by certain vibrations of the Megalocosmos that should not have entered into the Abstract Absolute Solar Space. As we explained in the lecture on the Rune Ur, that type of alteration – which is called a "Geneotriamatzicamnian contact" – was caused by certain sacred individuals; thus, that contact caused an alteration to the Solar Absolute, since these sacred individuals brought from the Megalocosmos certain subjective elements that should not exist within that perfected solar force. Because of that infection, the Solar Absolute was forced to change the laws of the Protocosmos and to create the present universe. We already stated that previously the Protocosmos or Solar Absolute was Autoegocratic, meaning that it was sustained by itself without the help of the Universe, or Megalocosmos. Yet because of that infection which entered from the Megalocosmos, the Solar Absolute became Trogoautoegocratic, which is the effect of such a geneotriamazikamnian contact (cause). So that is what we call karma, cause and effect.

Now, the Trogoautoegocratic function of the Protocosmos or Solar Absolute is the law that acts directly in accordance with cause and effect, in accordance with the law of karma. Remember that when we talk about the law of karma we do not speak of it as being outside of us, but rather inside. This is because each one of us, in our most profound depths, has part of that Absolute, and that part is what we call the Ain Soph. From the Ain Soph or the Limitless, from that inner star – the inner star that guides our interior – emerges the Glorian, which is also called the Ray of Okidanokh, the Ray of Creation. The Glorian is formed by three primary forces: Father, Son and Holy Spirit in Christianity; Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva in Hinduism; Wotan, Wili and Weh in the runic Futharkh of the Germanic Poetic Edda that we are discussing. These three primary forces exist within the Ain Soph, which projects them through the Ray of Creation in order to develop all their infinite possibilities in the Universe and to acquire the realization of those possibilitiesKabbalah the Tree of Life

The Ain Soph is the true reality, the true Self in the very depth of our Being. This is the Self of what we call self-realization. That is why – since all of us have our own particular Ain Soph – we are in this Universe: because we have the duty of realize those potentialities that exist within each one of us. But we have to understand that in order for us to execute the development of those possibilities, we have to do it in accordance with the law of karma, cause and effect, since during our process of development we tend to ignore our own reality, and thus we commit mistakes. That is why Madame Blavatsky, the great martyr of the nineteenth century, stated: the Ray of Okidanokh, the Glorian or that Ray of Creation that emanates from our particular star, is the eternal breath profoundly unknowable to itself. Thus, the duty of the Ain Soph is to become knowable to itself through the manifestation of its three primary forces in the universe. But mistakes happen when the Ain Soph still has not acquired a hundred percent of cognizance of its own creative properties. And this is why, during that epoch called the Chootboglitanical period, certain sacred elements or Ain Sophs – whose Triamatzicamnian elements still were not perfected – infected the atmosphere of the Ain Soph Aur.

Let us directly study the Tree of Life. Remember that the Absolute is formed by three parts: the Ain, the Ain Soph and the Ain Soph Aur. So when we say that the Solar Absolute was infected by certain Triamatzicamnian elements from the outside, from the universe, we are talking about the third aspect of the Absolute which is the Ain Soph Aur. The Solar Absolute is directly above the Sephirah Kether.

Previously, we explained that the word "Aur" encloses the mystery of the Solar Absolute; Aur, which is pronounced "Or," means "light" in Hebrew. So Aur is precisely that creative light within which our Glorians are sparks or light-rays, whose creative powers depend on our inner development. Within the light Aur, all Glorians are one. Thus, when those sacred individuals entered the Aur with certain subjective elements from the outside, from the universe, the Megalocosmos, that pure and perfect light called "Aur" was altered. It is necessary that we understand this so that we can comprehend the different events that happened in our present cosmic day, when certain mistakes were committed by Cosmocreators.

What is a Cosmocreator? It is an Ain Soph that already acquired the realization of itself, of its own capabilities. But remember that in that epoch, the Chootboglitanical period, the Absolute was infected by certain individuals who entered into it with certain negative elements, thus infecting the Aur atmosphere. That caused disturbances in the Cosmos, in the organization of planets, suns, comets, etc. Behold that the necessity for the Solar Absolute to initiate this Cosmic Day was in order to balance, to equilibrate and to fix those mistakes. When we read this, please understand that in the depths all of us we have part of Aur, because we are atoms of that Abstract Absolute Space. Do not ever consider your Selves (Ain Sophs) as separate elements; understand that our Ain Sophs are particles of the Abstract Space that still have not developed their creative parts as other Ain Soph particles have. So when we speak about Cosmocreators, we are referring to those Ain Sophs or elements of the Abstract Space that are already helping the Aur or Solar Absolute in world creation and world maintenance, because they acquired that in previous Cosmic Days. All of this enters into the topic of karma, because the law of karma is that law that equilibrates, that balances the universe. Karma helps us to comprehend that we still have not acquired that equilibrium of the forces within ourselves.

This is why we show you the image of the back of a human body in the pictograph of the Tree of Life. In many of his books the Master Samael Aun Weor stated that the Tree of Life is the spinal column. So when we see the Tree of Life we always mention left, right and center, yet many Gnostics still place the Tree of Life in the front of a human body, facing them. But it is precisely the opposite: it is the back of a human body, because the Tree of Life represents the spinal column. So every time that we see a Tree of Life, we have to see the back of ourselves. If we imagine a huge human being, we have to imagine the back of him, not the front. As you can see, by looking at the Tree of Life in that way we understand why we say that Klipoth – that comes after Malkuth – relates to the Kundabuffer organ, the dark lunar forces related with the shadow of the Tree of Life.

If the Tree of Life grows from the coccyx up to the brain, the Tree of Death is from the coccyx down to the atomic inferior dimensions of nature and of the human being. This is how we have to see it in order to comprehend it. So, the Tree of Life and the Tree of Death are two aspects of the same thing, which in Runic language is called Yew, the Yew tree.

The Yew tree, which relates to the Rune Ehe, is also called the Rune Eihwaz. This Rune - which is spelled E or Ehe or only Eh and also Eihwaz - is going to be explained in this lecture in order for us to understand the mystery of the Yew tree in relation to the runes. But first we have to study the Rune Rita, which is the rune related with the interior judge, the judgment that we have to develop and which is part of our own spiritual reality. That judge relates to our own particular karma. Thus, we are going to explain how this Rune Rita relates to the Tree of Life.

The shape of the Rune Rita is made by a vertical line, by the Rune Is (also called Isa) which is just a vertical line. In previous lectures we explained that the Rune Isa relates to the Innermost and to that feminine part from which the Innermost emerged, the Divine Mother Space or the Divine Mother Kundalini, the origin of our own Innermost, our own Spirit. So, that is the Rune Is.

But here we are going to explain how the Innermost appeared, that is, how it appeared in the universe through the letter "R." Remember that in previous lectures we explained that in the Hebrew Kabbalistic alphabet the letter "R" is Reish or Rosh, which means "head." If we observe the Tree of Life we find that the first "R" that appears above it is in the word "Aur."

We told you that the "U" of "Aur" refers to the Ur rune. Moreover, we also find the name of the Ur rune here in "Aur": A-Ur. The "U" relates to the Ain Soph, to our own particular Ain Soph. The "A" of "Aur" relates to the Rune Ar, which (as we explained in a previous lecture) is the Altar. As "Aur" has an "R," the Rune Ar and the Ur rune also have an "R" in it. The Rune Ar is "RA" hidden in the word "Aur." Thus, "RA" (the Rune Ar) and the Rune "R" (Rune Rita) are at the very beginning and end of the Trinitarian word "Aur." This means Kabbalistically that "A" (the Ain) fecundates the "U" (the Ain Soph), the Uterus, in order to project the "R" (Ra, "Aur" the Solar Logos) from within the absolute.

The "R" is in "Aur" because the light "Ar" or "Ra," which emerges from the Ain Soph "Ur," emerges from it in accordance to Rita, karma: Aurrrrr. That "rrrrr" is the karma in action, and thus the Ar-Ra (or the light) enters into the universe in accordance with karma.

Rune RitaNow, if you observe the Rune "R" (Rune Rita) you will see very clearly that, as we said, it is formed by the Rune Is, which is directly related with the central column of the Tree of Life that goes from Kether down to the ninth sphere, Yesod, which correlates to the center of the planet Earth (Malkuth, Kingdom, Reich). But it does not go straight: according to the Tree of Life, the Ray of Creation goes in a zigzag. Remember that the zigzag is formed by the Rune Sig, which we have already discussed, and which is related to the Divine Mother. Now, if you carefully observe the Rune Rita (or Rit), you will see clearly that the Rune Sig is there, attached to the Rune Isa – but it is inverted, flipped horizontally, thus forming the remaining part of the "R." So you can see that the Rune Rita is formed by the Is and Sig runes joined together.

Thus, the zigzag of the rune Sig shows the way that the light "Aur" (Triamazikamno) descends down through the Tree of Life, zigzagging five times (through the worlds of Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah, Assiah) until it reaches Klipoth or hell. Likewise, remember that there are five aspects of the Divine Mother coming from the space into Kether, a Sephirah that also has an "R" at the end: Kether is the "crown" in Kabbalistic words. So Kether is the beginning of the Rune Rita, and this is why Kether is called the head (or "rosh") of the universe and the One Law in us: Kether the Law connects us to the Ain Soph. This is why when we talk about the One Law, we refer to the Glorian. The Glorian is Father, Son and Holy Spirit plus the Ain Soph, the Holy Tetragrammaton, the holy name of God.

The Tetragrammaton is the only law in the depths of each one of us. So that is why "Aur" and "Kether" have the letter R; the vertical line of the "R" symbolizes the Innermost and the flipped Sig on its right is the lightning, the Glorian that emerges from the abstract space down into the universe.

"The Glorian is the ray who 'strikes His bell' when He comes into the physical world. The Glorian is the Law and the incognito root of the human being. The Glorian is the Being of our Being. The Glorian is the Law within our Selves." – Samael Aun Weor

Now, as you read here, in the Tree of Life there is a third Sephirah that has the letter "R" in it: Geburah, the second manifested Sephirah with the "R" in it. The Ain Soph Aur is the first, but really it is unmanifested, while Kether is the first manifested and thereafter Geburah the second. Kether is the Law manifested in the world of Atziluth, and Geburah manifests the Law again in the world of Briah. Finally, the Law of the Rita rune ends in Tiphereth, which is another aspect of the Monad that has the letter "R" in it. So when we talk about the Law inside of us, the upper part of it is the Ain Soph Aur, the Solar Absolute, which is the first Law within our Glorian that manifests through our particular individual Kether, our Ancient of Days. And from Kether it descends into Geburah and from Geburah into Tiphereth.

By observing the shape of the Rune Rita, we make precisely the first two lines of the inverted Rune Sig – that form the shape of the "R" – from Kether to Geburah and then from Geburah to Tiphereth, and the third line of the inverted Rune Sig from Tiphereth to Hod. Here, we are tracing the "R" on our back. When we trace the "R" or Rita we do it toward the right, but remember that we are here showing our spinal column. If I make the rune with my body, I form the first two lines by placing my left hand on my waist, then stretching my left leg in order to form the third line of the Sig rune, thus making the "R" seen from the front. But if I turn my back toward you, then the R is in the opposite direction – because left and right on the Tree of Life are related to the spinal column, to our back.

So when we see a man performing the shape of the Rune Rita, the position is made with the left arm and leg. It is with the left because our own particular karma is in Geburah, which is in the left of the tree of life, and from Geburah it reaches the heart, which is the Sun. Remember that Tiphereth is the Sun and the Sun relates directly to the Ain Soph Aur, our own particular Law. So it is in Tiphereth (the human soul) that we can manage the Law. The Bible refers to Geburah and Tiphereth in different ways, but you have to see them in this way in order to understand what we are saying here. From Tiphereth it goes into the Sephirah Hod, which is the Astral Light. That is the end of the shape of the Rune Rita.

So think about and analyze that in order to make the shape of the Rune Rita in the Tree of Life, we have to trace the Rune Sig from the top of the vertical center line (the spinal column): The Sig is traced from Kether to Geburah, to Tiphereth, and to Hod. This is the shape of the "ritter," which means the knight-rider in German, who is the "richter," the judge who executes, who pronounces judgment.

In the German language you find words that relate to the letter "R" and to the Cosmic Law, like "retter" (German for savior), the "ritter" (knight-rider) of the white horse who is "called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war" (Revelation 19:11). So when we think about Rita, the "R," we have to understand that it is on karma that Rita, the "ritter" (knight-rider) or "retter" (savior), rides).

Rita, ritter (knight-rider) or retter (savior) is, of course, that human being who acquires perfection in himself through the Rune Is, which is the spinal column, and the Rune Sig, which is the front part of the Rune Rita that relates to the Divine Mother Kundalini. He is a Rita, ritter (knight-rider) or retter (savior) who works with the solar force of the Divine Mother (RAM-IO) in his spinal column.

Rita is the "R," (of "richter,") within the "RA," the solar light "Aur," the retter (savior) who rides on the white horse symbolized by the Rune Ehe or Eihwaz.

Remember that Eihwaz relates to the Yew tree, which relates to the forces of good and evil. The fruits of this Yew tree, symbol of the Eihwaz rune, resemble red berries. Usually a small fruit like the red berry, in any tree, is astrologically related to Mars. The color of Mars is red, so when we find any small red fruit like the Yew tree berries, we say that this fruit is related with the planet Mars, which rules Geburah. In our physicality Geburah is related with the liver, so Mars rules the liver in the physical body. Thus, in order to comprehend the Rune Ehe (or Eihwaz, another name for it which is just a derivative of that rune that we have to comprehend) we have to study the tree of knowledge. As we explained in other lectures, the Yew tree in biblical terms is the Tree of Good and Evil, or Life and Death (Death or Klipoth is suspended from the bottom of the Tree of Life), Thus life force and death force depend on how we use the Yew tree in us, that is, life and death depend on how we behave with the creative energies that we have.

One of the shapes of the Rune Eihwaz is made by a vertical double-arrowed line; it has a small line resembling one half part of an arrow toward the upper right and a third line that resembles the left half of an arrow pointing downward. These three lines make the shape of the Rune Eihwaz, which is also called Ehe. The vertical line with the small upper line to the right reminds us of the Rune Laf, the philosophical stone; the other small line to the bottom left is precisely the same Rune Laf but upside down. If you imagine the Tree of Life, the right is the man and the left is the woman. From the upper right side (Rune Laf), the solar energies (Pingala) descend to the very bottom of sex (upside down Rune Laf), which is the sexual force (Ida) that has to rise to the left in order to acquire perfection. This is why the shape of this Rune Eihwaz is very powerful.

Rune Ehe

The second shape of the Rune Ehe or Eihwaz is made again by the Rune Is, a vertical line crossed by a transversal line that comes from the upper left of a front body to the lower right of it. Imagine within a circle the front of a standing human body with open arms, the left arm up and the right arm down: the left arm is forming 45 degrees, and the right is forming 135 degrees, in relation to the circle that has 360 degrees.

Now, the third shape of the Rune Ehe looks like an "M." But if you observe its shape, you see that the "M" is formed by two Laf runes facing each other. These two Laf runes facing each other are man and woman. If you put your imagination in that double Rune Laf, it resembles the number 1 (one) facing another horizontally flipped number 1 (one). So, in other words, it resembles the number 11 (eleven), which is formed by two 1s (ones) facing each other; the two ones are forming what we call man and woman. This is why when we discuss the Rune Eihwaz or Ehe, we always connect it to the wedding, the marriage of one Laf with the other Laf, because the Laf rune represents the philosophical stone which is the sexual force.

Therefore, if likewise we want to imagine the masculine sexual force above and the feminine below, then the upside-down Laf is the woman who, through a straight line, receives the man above. Both sexual forces united make the vertical double arrowed line shape of the Rune Eihwaz.

The M-shaped Ehe or Eihwaz rune is also called the "Horse Rune" because the horse or equine (from Latin equus, an adjective that means "equal" or "steady," "stable," "stallion") means that the Law is working equally between man and woman. This is why the horse is also a symbol of the Law that is accomplished in the Perfect Matrimony, the perfect couple: because it is through the sexual act that we manage the Ray of Creation, which is the One Law. You cannot control the Ray of Creation with only one polarity, because in order to create you need the two polarities; there is no such thing as a man or a woman that can create with only one polarity. So this is why the M-shaped Ehe rune is the mystery of matrimony, a word also written with the Latin "M," whose shape symbolizes a horse. Whosoever wants to become a ritter (knight-rider) has to control the law of karma, and must to do it through the matrimony in order to develop all the qualities and capabilities of our own Ain Soph equally and evenly. Thus, we need to be married in order to control the Ray of Creation, and that is precisely the mystery of the Rune Ehe.

If you know how to control the Ray of Creation, you then will know how to develop your own qualities and you will know how to control your own karma:

"The Law is like this, equal (equus – equine). One has to operate by the action of the wand and by the action of the sword." – Gnostic Axiom

This is why the horse is symbolized by the "M," a horse in profile. If you want to see it, just put the head in one side of the M and the tail in its other side, and there you will have the horse shape, the "M" that you have to ride. The two vertical lines of the "M" are the horse legs and the two little lines formed by two Laf runes make up the chair where the rider sits; the rider is the letter "R" (rune Rita) because the rider is working with the Rune Sig (in order to control the sexual act) in his Is (spinal column). No matter whether the rider is a man or a woman, the matrimony is the horse. When you start taming the horse it is black, and it has to become white: we have to transform our animal nature into spiritual nature. Remember that the energy that you need in order to realize your Self is in the physical body, which is the horse.

In reality the four lines of the "M" symbolize four horses: the physical body, the vital body, the astral body and the mental body; or physical, ethereal, emotional and mental forces. These are also represented in many images of a master riding four horses. The Book of Revelation describes four horses; those four horses are mind, emotion, vital and physical. So we have to control the inferior quaternary, the animals that we have. Remember that the animals that we have within are represented in their negative aspect as Medusa; she represents all the negativity and animality that we have within.

Perseus on Pegasus Slaying MedusaIn Greek mythology, when Perseus cut off the head of Medusa and dropped it in the sea, from the sea emerged Pegasus, the white winged horse. Pegasus represents the metamorphosis, or the transformation of the animal soul into a perfect spiritual soul by means of sexual transmutation. The sea symbolizes the sexual force. So when we decapitate Medusa inside of us, the outcome will be Pegasus, or the white winged horse, which is the symbol of the absolute control of the animal force that we have. This is why the winged horse is the symbol of the mercury. Yet if the horse is tamed or transformed into a white winged horse it is because the Rita, the ritter (knight-rider), is doing it. You cannot find a rider on horseback that has not first tamed the horse. The horse has to be controlled by the rider, and in order to control the horse you have to sit on it. Sitting on the horse refers to man and woman performing the sexual act in order to control the solar and lunar forces of creation, because creation comes from the union of a sperm and an ovum. Remember that when we talk about matrimony, if what we want is to transform ourselves into human beings, we are talking about the marital union of a man with a woman.

So we have to ride the white horse of chastity, which is the symbol of the Kalki Avatar. According to Hinduism, the Kalki Avatar appears riding a white horse; this means that the rider teaches how to acquire the complete dominion of Ehe, matrimony. This is why Master Samael Aun Weor's first book is titled "The Perfect Matrimony." In that book the rider of the white horse wrote the precise meaning of the Rune Ehe. Likewise, in the Bible:

And I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse (Rune Ehe), and he (the ritter, Rune Rita) that sat upon him (Rune Ehe) was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness (redlichkeit) he doth judge (richter) and make war. – Revelation 19:11

The white horse is the sexual force, the animal force, already transformed into a Pegasus. It is perfect scientific chastity. And he that sat upon him was called faithful and true, and in righteousness he judges and makes war: this means that in righteousness he executes karma. "In righteousness" also means through Geburah, because Geburah is that part of the karmic law that makes war inside of us in order to acquire perfection.

His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself. And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God (Dabar HaElohim). – Revelation 19:12, 13

In Hebrew "Dabar HaElohim" means "The Word of the Gods." "Dabar" reminds us that "bar" is son in Aramaic. "Bar" contains the runes Bar, Ar, and Rita.

The "D" of "Dabar" is the Rune Dorn or Thor (the Holy Spirit), the Daleth in the throat, "Daath," that utters or gestates the "Bar," the Son, the Logos or Word from the solar forces of the Reish, Reich (German for Kingdom) of God, the Rosh, Head, Kether. This is why the book of Deuteronomy (the second law) is called in Hebrew "Debarim" (plural for "words"), given that the Second Law relates to further actualizations or results of the Sacred Theomertmalogos, which is "Aur," the First Lawfulness or prime arising of the Unmanifested Solar Absolute.

So, the ninety-degree angle of the "R" or Rune Rita is formed by Kether, Geburah and Tiphereth together with the single line that from Tiphereth touches Hod. Together they obey the vertical line or law forces that descend from the Ain Soph Aur in order to ride on the white horse or Rune Ehe. This is represented by the name Samael Aun Weor.

ThorBehold the runic mystery of the name Samael Aun Weor: Samael (Severity of God) appears riding a white horse or "Aun" (און sexual strength). This means that the Severity (Rita, the Law, Judgment) of God (Samael) is controlling the Rune Ehe, the white horse – "Aun" (און sexual strength), the animal nature – through Weor or Weh (the Nordic Holy Spirit). Weor (ואור) is the "Aur" (light) in the "Vav" (spinal column). Thus, "Aur" are the consecrated light forces of Donar or Thor (the Holy Spirit) from his hammer (his Phallus), in the spinal column.

And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. – Revelation 19:14

Behind him comes the armies of nirvana, or heaven, of masters who are also riding white horses – all of them are ritters (knight-riders). So, in order to acquire the level of ritter, the one who controls the Rune Ehe, the horse, you have to be a rider. In order to be a ritter you have to reach the level of Tiphereth (the Knight). You reach the level of Tiphereth by controlling the four horses: physical body, vital body, astral body, and mental body, to finally reach the causal body or body of willpower. Thus you become a ritter in order to continue perfecting the Self according to Geburah, which is the Law, because each one of us has his own particular Rita, richter, karma.

This is why karma relates to Rita, Rota, Taro, Thor, Tora the Law, or the way in which we have to manage our own particular karma through the forces of creation (or Rune Ehe). The forces of creation are related to the three primary forces, the Triamatzikamno Law (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) that we perform when performing the sexual act. The man is the affirming force, the woman is the negating force or the receptive or passive force, and the force that unites both forces is the neutral force, the sexual energy. Thus, this is how we ride.

So, esoterically speaking, when somebody is controlling the sexual energy – whether a man or a woman – she or he is a good rider. But if we are falling from the horse – meaning transmuting and dropping – we are then bad riders. Alchemically we say: this fellow is falling from the horse many times, his horse is very wild, and every time it is throwing him on the ground; obviously, he needs to tame his horse more if what he wants is to become a good rider.

Here you see very clearly why the mystery of Dabar HaElohim, the Word of God, relates to the taming of the horse or is riding the white horse. Within the Runic Alphabet or the Futharkh, "Dabar" is the word or mantra through which you put the creative forces of "Hod" into activity when following your intuition. Tiphereth (intuition) is the heart that controls Geburah the Law in each one of us. Such Law is "Rita" that emanates from Kether and from "Ain Soph Aur." Behold the Sig Sag (of the flipped Rune Sig on the "R") from Kether, to Geburah, to Tiphereth, to Hod that point at us when we do or did something wrong in our past, which is called remorse. Hopefully all of us have remorse of consciousness, because when it is lost then one does negative and wrong things and does not feel remorse of consciousness, does not feel bad. This is the level that this humanity has reached: they do bad things to themselves and to their neighbors and they feel proud of it. "Here I am," they say, "I am a degenerate one and I am out of the closet," and everybody applauds them. Sadly, they do not feel any remorse when confessing their degeneration.

Remember, generation means coming into being, creation; we generate, we breed, we create by means of the Ray of Creation. Yet, when we use the Ray of Creation in our body in the wrong way, then we degenerate, causing the function of the Ray of Creation within us to decline from its natural, original state. So if somebody is a degenerate, it is not because anyone is giving that title to the person. You are your own judge, your own Kaom (this is what the Inner Judge is called in esoteric terms). So be your own judge: examine your consciousness and see if you are using the Ray of Creation (your sexual energy) in the right manner. Ask yourself: "Am I creating for my Spirit or am I using the Ray of Creation in a degenerate manner?" So, if the answer that you receive is "degenerate," it is because the normal way for the sexual energy to generate is between man and woman; this is how we create. We cannot create physical offspring by other means. Nobody is physically born from the air or from the wind, even though it is written:

That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.
 Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again. The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit. – John 3:6-8

In Christianity they say: "Mary was pregnant by the Holy Spirit," but in Gnosticism we know that the Holy Spirit is the sexual force. So when Mary was pregnant by the Holy Spirit it means that the Divine Mother Kundalini was pregnant by the sexual force between a man and a woman through alchemy. The Rune Ehe is hidden within that mystery: the Holy Spirit is precisely the "R" riding the "M," riding the winged horse (the mercury), and this is something that we must comprehend in relation to the law of karma. Now, it is stated:

And Iod-Havah Elohim said: It is not good that Adam should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. – Genesis 2:18

Here Adam reminds us of the Lemurian race, which in the beginning was androgynous, having both sexes at the same time. But according to the law of involution the time came when those androgynous beings have to be divided into separate sexes, man and woman, and this is why it is written:

And out of the ground Iod-Havah Elohim formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof. And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him. – Genesis 2:19, 20

The former verses explain that the division of sexes (male-female) happened first in the animal kingdom, and then eventually happened in the human kingdom, because nature never jumps. So when you read the former verses carefully, in them it is very clearly explained that the division of sexes happened first in the animal kingdom or beast kingdom, and only later appeared in the human kingdom. This is why after that it is written:

And Iod-Havah Elohim caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which Iod-Havah Elohim had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. – Genesis 2:21-23

In order to understand the former verses, we have to go into the Tree of Life. Remember that we always state that the left side of the Tree of Life is the woman and the right side is the man. Thus, when we read "and he took one of his ribs," it is from the left, that is, "this is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh." So it is from the left, and what do we find in the left? We find the Rune Rita, the Rune Sig, the feminine aspect, the force of the Divine Mother. This is very important to comprehend, because it is through the woman that the Divine Mother, Is, or Sig works.

We all have our own particular Divine Mother, but the woman represents that left part, physically speaking. And this is why it is necessary to perform the Ehe rune, the "M" of matrimony, in order to complete the Tree of Life. We need the sexual connection in order for the man to take the feminine aspect, which is in the left, within which we find the serpent "Ida"; and for the woman to take the masculine aspect, which is right, the man. The woman needs the right part because she is the left. Remember that one (1) and one (1) make the M.

"My number is 11, as are the numbers of those [in matrimony] who follow me." – Gnostic Axiom

This is why the woman is the only being that can be close to the man and the man is the only being that can be close to the woman, because the two polarities (Adam and Eve) are represented in the Tree of Life in that way. Together they form the "M" of matrimony, or the "Horse Rune"; thus, when you ride, remember that you always ride with the forces of your left side, Ida, which is the horse of the rider. Why the left? Because the right is the Sun and the left is the Moon. The Moon relates to creation.

Now, we have to enter into this other karmic topic in order to explain the Terrestrial Period: in the beginning of the physical-chemical materialization of this planet on which we presently live, the Earth was crystallizing little by little from the higher dimensions into the lower dimensions or the tridimensional world.

Remember that we presently live in what we call the Forth Round, which relates to the physical plane. Prior to this round we were in the Ethereal Round, the fourth dimension; prior to the Ethereal Round we were in the Astral Round, the fifth dimension; and prior to Astral Round we were in the Mental Round within an upper dimension of the same fifth dimension. This is how the Mahamanvantara develops mind or the mental, emotion or the astral, ethereal or the vital, and finally physical.

So we are now in the Terrestrial Physical Round. Imagine these multidimensional cosmic phenomena in order to understand what we are going to explain to you. Physically, we are the outcome of a sperm and an ovum; we are the outcome of a sexual act. There is nothing new here – all of us know that a man and a woman, called father and mother, united sexually and this is how we were physically created. We were in the womb of our mother for nine months, thanks to the seed that our physical father put into our physical mother's womb. Similarly, in cosmic terms, we, the children of this Terrestrial Period are children of the Sun and the Moon. The Sun is the father and the Moon is the mother. The Sun is the Solar Period and the Moon is the Lunar Period, or in other words, the Astral and Ethereal Rounds.

So, when we examine our physical bodies we say: My physicality was made thanks to the inheritance that was placed in the sperm of my father within the ovum of the womb of my mother; so I also have the inheritance of my mother within my physical body. In other words, my father and my mother are fragments of my physical life. They are not fragments that came from my physical body; quite the opposite, those fragments are the origin of this fragment which is my physical body, my own humanity. So if I go into my past in order to investigate the genes or DNA of my physical body, then I see that my mother and father are the cause of it. That is called karma, cause and effect. Thus, because of karma I have this body and you have the body that you have. Can you understand this? It is not difficult to comprehend that, right?

As below, so above; as above, so below. The planet Earth is also the outcome of fragments from other cosmic days. The Moon is the mother of the Earth. Some personalities, who could not understand the message in the internal planes, mistakenly supposed that the Moon is a fragment of the Earth, which is absolutely wrong. It is like saying that my mother is the outcome of my body; no, my body is the outcome of my mother. So when talking about those fragments, Gurdjieff, in his "Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson," states that the Earth has two fragments in space, which are part of it – yes, they are part of it, but not in the way that he explains it. Quite the opposite, the Earth is the outcome of those fragments, because those fragments or moons belong to previous cosmic days.

The moon that shines at night is called Nahemah in Kabbalah, and the other moon is Lilith. The Earth has two moons: Lilith, which is called the "Black Moon," is a little bit further from Earth than Nahemah or the "White Moon." Lilith is very small, about 18 kilometers in diameter; this is why when you see it through a telescope it looks like a small lentil beyond the big moon. Usually astronomers think it is just an asteroid that is passing through, but it is actually the moon Lilith. Kabbalistically we state that Lilith is a fallen eighth infra-sphere. The "eighth sphere" refers to the Tree of Life. What is the ninth sphere? It is Yesod, which is related to the Moon. But we also explained that Hod is related to the Moon – not only to the White Moon, but also to the Black Moon Lilith, because it is a fallen eighth sphere, and the eighth sphere is Hod. Thus, from these two spheres (or two moons or fragments) the planet Earth received its own inheritance. This planet Earth is the outcome of those White and Black Moons, which are fragments of past cosmic days. The planet Earth has to control them because all the life that was on the Moon in the past cosmic day has to pass into our planet; in esoteric terms we may call this relocation of the Anima Mundi or the soul of the Earth, "cosmic relocation" or "karmic cosmic relocation."

Thus, in the same way that we received the physical values and vital or ethereal values from our physical father and mother during their sexual act, values that developed during the nine months within our mother's womb, in the same way the cosmic values from the solar and lunar periods condensed into a nebula, little by little crystallizing physically as the planet Earth. Thus, Kabbalistically we state: the Earth was sucking those values from the two moons Lilith and Nahemah.

The Earth's atmosphere and organic life are the main elements that the planet needs to sustain its rotation, the gravitation of those two moons that belong to our planet. So Kabbalistically we state that these two moons are fragments of the Earth. But understand this statement carefully: when we state that these two moons are fragments of the Earth, we are not saying they are fragments detached from the physicality of the Earth, but cosmic fragments in another cosmic sense. That is, in past cosmic days these were crystallizations of the Anima Mundi or the soul of the Earth. Therefore, now they have the duty of transferring all of those cosmic values according to karma into the planet Earth.

So we sustain the big moon and the small moon because of karma, because these two moons belong to us according to the Ray of Creation, according to karma. These two moons do not belong to Mars, and they do not belong to Venus; they belong to the Earth.

In the present cosmic day when the atmosphere and organic life of the Earth was still physically forming and sustaining the two moons, that is, when the Earth was sucking the light forces of the moon and Lilith in order to continue its evolution and development, there was a mistake in the solar system. A comet collided with this planet when it was starting to crystallize in the tridimensional world, and this is what Gurdjieff also talks about. Now, he states that because of that collision, two fragments went into space, and these are the two moons. This is wrong, because when that comet passed through, these fragments were already there, since they belong to past cosmic manifestations of the Earth. Yes, these are past crystallized fragments from the soul of the Earth from past cosmic forces, which were transferring their vital forces to the new cosmic body. This is what Gurdjieff could not understand; this is why he committed the mistake of stating that because of that collision the two fragments went into space. In fact, those two fragments were already there.

Sequentially, because of that collision, those two fragments – which indeed belong to the karma of the Earth – damaged the evolution of the psyche of this humanity. This is quite different from Gurdjieff's description. Master Samael Aun Weor explains very well that, psychologically speaking, Adam had two wives: Lilith and Nahemah. Lilith and Nahemah are those parts of our psychology related with those two moons that work in a very mistaken manner in us because of that mistake committed in Cosmocreation, because of the collision of that comet that should not have collided with the Earth, but that collided because of a mistake. When we delve into that mistake, we must understand it by remembering the Chootboglitanical period; it was not an intentional mistake. I understand that this accident happened because there are still certain things that have to be corrected in this cosmic day, the outcome of that far-away Chootboglitanical period.

Now, in the internal planes I asked a master: "Master, I understand the planets and creation, and I understand the maintenance of this universe, but there is something that I still do not grasp: what is a comet? A comet does not come around like other planets, it has another orbit. What is a comet?" And the master said: "Simple: a comet is like a sperm – a sperm that carries the principles of life to the entire solar system. The magnetism of the planets attracts those solar comet principles, and the planets are fecundated by them in order to cosmically develop. Imagine the planets like ovums within the womb of Mother Space. How many ovums (planets) does Mother Space have? A lot, so every planet is an ovum. And those sperms or comets are principles of the Father that go everywhere in order to fecundate life." Then I said: "Perfect – that fits into my brain very well in relation with Cosmocreation."

The comet that Gurdjieff talks about is the comet Kondoor, which was starting its voyage, its orbit around the Solar System. And because of an erroneous calculation by certain Cosmocreators, it entered into the orbit of this big ovum named planet Earth and collided with it, causing a lot of problems, since the atmosphere of the Earth was still in development. Thus, our planet was trembling, struggling in order to sustain its two moons.

Now, in order to sustain the two moons, the planet needs organic life. Moreover, humanity at that time was reaching the level in which they were going to be divided into two sexes.

So behold that here the karma of the Earth, the Rita, the Cosmic Law, is very clear. Because of that collision many parts of the continent Mu (which was already crystallized in the tridimensional world) were sinking, and a lot of people were dying. Yet according to the evolution of the intellectual animas (souls), their reasoning was reaching that level in which they were guessing that all of these calamities were falling on their psyche, meaning, they understood that their psyche had to control not only the trembling of this planet but moreover to sustain the orbit of its two moons around it in order for the planet to suck all the life that at that time was being transferred into our tridimensional world.

That is why it is stated that a great commission came to the Earth in order to establish equilibrium for this planet because of that mistake, because of that collision. The Angel Sakaki came to the Earth with a great commission and concluded that the only way to help the planet was to give the Kundabuffer organ to humanity.

If you observe the graphic of the Tree of Life, you will see that the Kundabuffer organ is the Lunar Fire, it is a Luciferic, negative, fatal fire related to Klipoth, related with the two moons, the forces of the Moon, the forces of creation. How did they implant that organ? Easily: they took control of that part of the Monad that is called Lucifer. Each one of us has our own particular Lucifer. Lucifer is that part of the Monad that gives sexual potency to the man and humidity to the woman, in order to perform the sexual act.

Lucifer is active in the animal kingdom. The animal kingdom was already divided in two sexes, and there Lilith was acting freely. Who is this Lilith? It is related with desire; in the animal kingdom fornication, orgasm or spasm is normal. Observe two horses, two bulls, two dogs, two cats: they ejaculate their libido, but only in certain periods in accordance with the laws of nature. This is called desire, animal desire. And that is precisely what happened in Lemuria: animals were already fornicating, yet humanity was innocent. Since they performed the sexual act only in the temples and not like animals, they were not fornicating, they still did not experience the orgasm.

Unquestionably, only over Satan, never over the Logos, falls the shame of [animal] generation. The latter [is Lucifer, who] lost his highest virginal state of Kumara when he ate the forbidden fruit. – Samael Aun Weor

Thus, the committee of Cosmocreators that came from other planets arrived at the conclusion that the only way to crystallize and stabilize the inner layers of the Earth was by channeling the forces of the Moon faster in order to stimulate the inner layers. The only way to do this was by working with the fires of the Moon, that is, with the Kundabuffer organ. So they gave freedom to the inner Lucifer of each Lemurian, in order for that humanity to fornicate. However, this is something very normal that happens in all planets because in order to be like the Elohim we had to know good and evil. Evil, in this sense, refers to fornication in the human level as we are discussing here.

So that is what happened. Humanity received the Kundabuffer organ, and Lemurians started performing the sexual act outside of the temples. The outcome was the orgasm, the spasm. This is how they fell into the Itoklanus level (which we previously explained) – that is, into animal generation, into the animal kingdom. Thus, a tail started to develop physically that came to work as a buffer in order to stabilize the Earth. This tail is called the Kundabuffer. Thus, the forces of Lilith and Nahemah, the white and the black Moon, were acting on the Lemurian humanity by means of the transferring of their forces, and finally the problem was resolved. But there was a miscalculation of the duration of time that the organ was to stay in the human anatomy; it passed the time logically established in accordance with the law of karma. The Anima Mundi of our planet Earth has a lot of karma from previous cosmic days that caused trouble in the development of the human being.

When that commission returned to the planet Earth they realized that there had been a big mistake, since the organ they implanted should have been kept for a certain span of time, but that time was mistakenly prolonged. They took the organ out of the physical body of humanity; this is precisely the mystery that is written in the Book of Genesis, in Eden, when Lucifer entered the terrestrial paradise and tempted Eve, which relates to the negative aspect of reproduction of that humanity. Thus, Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge because of Lucifer. To eat the fruit means to reach the animal orgasm.

On other planets the Cosmocreators take the Kundabuffer organ out and the humans/intellectual animals quickly develop their knowledge of good and evil, but on our planet there was a big mistake in which all of us are involved. The consequences of that Kundabuffer organ developed more than normal. On other planets the awful consequences develop as much as ten percent, and those humanities continue living in paradises developing the knowledge of good and evil. Sadly, here the awful consequences developed 97 percent. So, behold the big mistake committed on this planet Earth.

This is why it is Kabbalistically stated that Adam had two wives, Lilith and Nahemah. In the time of Lemuria, when that continent was sinking into the Pacific Ocean, there were many male survivors still physically alive with the Kundabuffer, while most of the females or Eves were disappearing and dying. So those males whose sexual desire (an awful consequence of the Kundabuffer organ) was still alive in them were copulating with female creatures evolving from the animal kingdom. These were entities who in the previous cosmic rounds had already reached the level of humanoid but who never attained the true human stage or self-realization; so these were animal souls from an extinct humanoid race, who reached the humanoid level in previous rounds. In the internal planes they had the human shape, but in the physical plane they had a hairy animal shape. They show to the Lemurians their internal human shape but physically still a female hairy animal with a lot of desire, who belonged to previous evolving cycles. They are what we call the crystallization of Lilith (desire). Most of them were feminine. The fallen male Lemurian creatures had intercourse with those animals that in previous cosmic days had reached the level of humanoid, but who had never reached perfection. They still had lunar mind, and they were speechless but very human-like. In Greek mythology they appear as satyrs: half animal, half human.

When the fallen male Lemurian creatures had sexual intercourse with those creatures or animals, it caused another accident. These three-centered Lemurian males were still creatively related with the Triamatzikamno, the Law of Three, in the sense that their bodies were like our bodies, related with three brains and with the Three Primary Forces. So when they intermingled their human sexual seed with these beasts (which internally resembled humans but were still speechless animals), they created the gorillas, the orangutans, the chimpanzees and other big apes that were the outcome of that bestiality. Master Samael Aun Weor states that as a result of this Geneotriamatzicamnian human-beast sexual contact, in accordance with karma or cause and effect, another creature humanoid also appeared amongst those apes. That hybrid inherited the animal and the human genes. It appeared in Atlantis and is still alive in this tridimensional world: it is our own particular Aryan Root Race made of speaking animals that sexually still behave as animals, because we multiply like animals. Nevertheless, because of karma, cause and effect, we still have the human inheritance in our sexual genes.

Thus, this humanity is the outcome of an accident that happened because of mistakes. Yet remember that all of us, whether directly or indirectly, are part of that in our depths. This is why the Zohar states that the first wife of Adam (of the fallen Adam, the Adam that was already fallen because of the Kundabuffer organ) was Lilith, and his second wife was Nahemah. Later on, with the correction that these angels made according to karma, Adam begat Seth in his own image and likeness. This happened when the Lemurians were mating with the right women, with the right mate, not with animals. The problem is that at that time the animal kingdom and the human kingdom were intermingled.

Remember also that the monads that were coming from the animal kingdom were inheriting the human bodies of the human beings in order to self realize themselves as true humans; but there were also these creatures that we call Lilith which were animals with a human hairy shape. This is why Lilith is represented with long hair, symbolically speaking. Here, when we talk about Adam, we are addressing the Lemurian race. This is precisely what we have to comprehend and understand.

Samael Aun Weor talks about that in his book The Major Mysteries. He says:

Lucifer tempted the human being and the human being fell into temptation. Lucifer as a black magician wears a bloody colored tunic and covers his head with a red cap like the Bons and the Drukpas from oriental Tibet.

Yes, there is a demon called Lucifer, a black magician; but remember that internally, we have our own particular Lucifer which is our sexual potency, part of our Being.

The lustful forces of the Luciferians awoke animal passion within human beings; then men and women started to ejaculate their semen. This is why the Lemurian tribes were expelled from the temples. Then, in those times of yore, the Kundalini that was victoriously lifted up in the medullar canal descended to the coccygeal bone, and in it lingered enclosed within the chakra Muladhara. The lamp of the temple was snuffed out and the human being sunk himself into profound darkness. This is how the Edenic Being died and the Luciferian being was born.

The Luciferian being is the one that ejaculates the sexual force, while the Edenic being does not.

Then when the Edenic man ate from the forbidden fruit, Lord Jehovah said: Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil.

It is necessary to reach the Luciferian level in order to know good and evil. In other words, desire is necessary in the animal kingdom. Desire is also necessary in the humanoid kingdom in order to control it, to transform it into willpower. Remember that we have to ride on the white horse. In the beginning you perform the sexual act with desire, but you have to control it. You have to exercise dominion of your horse, because it is through the knowledge of desire that you acquire knowledge of good and evil. The problem in this planet is that desire developed too much and humanity is still a slave of desire. It is very rare to find knight riders. Horses are everywhere but where do you find a good knight rider? Jesus was a good rider and he even showed it by entering in Jerusalem riding a donkey, which is worse, because this animal (the donkey) is a great fornicator. So we have the good knight rider, Jesus, riding a white donkey or white horse. This is why Samael Aun Weor is represented riding a white horse. Anyone who wants to escape the degeneration of this Aryan Root Race has to ride the horse, which is animal desire. In the end we have to transform desire into willpower. Our motto is Thelema – willpower.

When the billions of inhabitants of the planet Earth perform the sexual act, they feel sensation-desire. But the Gnostic transforms sensation-desire into sensation-willpower, which means that the sexual act is always pleasurable. With a good rider, Tiphereth, or willpower, we manage to control the sexual energy. That is the sensation-willpower that we have to develop in order to become a knight rider, a good rider.

This is done through the Ehe rune, whose left arm relates to the Sephirah Binah, and whose right arm relates to the Sephirah Chesed, which means mercy.

This is why matrimony or the Rune Ehe is represented by the left arm taking the blessings of Binah (Yod-Havah Elohim) and placing them into Chesed. Who is Chesed? We said Chesed is the Innermost, the true Adam, our own particular Spirit that controls the waters of Genesis. Remember that in the beginning the Ruach Elohim was floating upon the (sexual) waters; it descends into Malkuth, and that is what we call the Holy Matrimony – the matrimony in accordance with the Law of God.

The matrimony in accordance with the Law of God is not a ceremony celebrated in any religion or in any church (i.e. the priest appears there, blesses you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, then you are married); that is not the matrimony that we are talking about here. I do not care if you are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, etc.; the real matrimony is when the Ruach Elohim, which is in the right arm of the Rune Ehe (who is Chesed or mercy) is obeying the commands of Yod-Havah Elohim (Binah) in the sexual act, in the Holy Matrimony. This is how the matrimony becomes holy, because it is through the Ruach Elohim (our own particular Spirit or Innermost) that Jehovah Elohim (the Creator) controls the sexual energy.

And Yod-Havah Elohim (Binah) took Adam (Chesed), and put him into the Garden of Eden (Yesod-Malkuth) to dress it and to keep it. And Yod-Havah Elohim commanded Adam, saying, of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. – Genesis 2:15-17

This quotation relates to the law of karma, of cause and effect. Behold the cause: "in the day that thou eatest thereof." Behold the effect: "thou shalt surely die." This is how we create larma, the opposite of the Rune Ehe, dharma. The Rune Not exists in order to negotiate our karma.

Rune NotThe Rune Not is completely the opposite of the Rune Ehe. The right arm is above, pointing toward Chokmah, and the left is below, pointing toward the Sephirah Geburah. This is why when you see the sign of the Rune Not it means that the Law is against you according to your actions. There is a Gnostic axiom that states:

Do what thou wilt; this is the only Law, but think that thou shall have to answer for all thy deeds.

Through the Rune Not we negotiate. As we have explained in other lectures, in Geburah is placed the inheritance of the Cosmocreators, inheritance that we need to develop in order to acquire that self-realization based on our own karma, Geburah. This is why you see that from Chokmah, the right arm, we go in to Geburah, the left arm. There is the need to know precisely how to handle our own karma: this is what the Rune Not is teaching us.

The Rune Not relates to Nut (the Divine Mother) on the left side of the Tree of Life, who in Geburah is Isis, the priestess and warrior woman, the feminine aspect of the soul. Nut or the Divine Mother's number is 56. This is formed by adding 5 (Geburah) to 6 (Tiphereth), resulting in 56. Nut works through the Law, through Geburah and through 6, the human soul. By making the addition of 5 and 6 we get 11, the two ones of the "M," the Horse Rune. The two ones, man and woman, are united in matrimony; that is 56, which is 11. Those couples that know how to control the sexual energy in the sexual act know how to ride. If they do not know how to ride they create ego, because the sexual energy creates, and if you do not know how to control it you create children for Lilith and Nahemah, psychological defects, vices and errors within your psyche – not outside but inside of you; that is the ego. That is why it is also stated that the number of the ego is 56. This is easy to understand because in the ego we have the karma (the 5), and the ego is created because of the wrong use of willpower (which is Tiphereth, the human soul, the number 6) in the sexual act. In some of the Master Samael Aun Weor's books, we read that the number of the ego is 56, and the number of the Divine Mother is also 56. When you read with the eyes of the Spirit and with Kabbalah you understand and say: "Yes, of course, I understand why: because the Rune Sig, the Divine Mother, is there between 5 and 6 (Geburah and Tiphereth), between 11." So it depends on how we utilize the sexual energy (which is the energy of the Divine Mother) in order either to be a good rider or to fall from the horse and to go into Klipoth with our ego very fat. "Woe to thee, oh warrior, oh fighter, if thy servant collapses!"

So all is up to us. It is not a matter of believing in something, accepting or rejecting; it is how we behave with our sexual force, whether we are generating or regenerating or degenerating ourselves. Here we teach regeneration. We do not need to explain generation, because all of us are the outcome of generation. We do not need to explain degeneration, because it is very easy to figure out how to degenerate ourselves. The point of the Gnostic doctrine is regeneration.

We have to balance Ida and Pingala, because the Rune Not also relates to the forces of the kidneys, the scales of the constellation of Libra. Remember that Nut is the Divine Mother; Nut reminds us of the Rune Not. The Divine Mother is the sacred cobra of the great mysteries who rewards or chastises her children according to their own actions. She can even forgive the karma of her child.

But how does she discover the behavior of her child? She does it through the scales of Libra, the kidneys. Remember that we already talked about the kidneys in our lecture on the Rune Gibor, when we discussed the relationship between the cross in the letter "X" and the kidneys, related to Andrew (from Greek Andreas, Andreios, Andros, "man"), to the male forces of sex. In Taoism we know that the forces of the kidneys nourish the sexual glands. It is written:

I am the one who searches the kidneys and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your deeds. – Revelation 2:23

In other translations we read "reins" instead of kidneys. What are the reins? They are a pair of long straps made of leather, used to control a horse or a beast. When you are riding the horse you have to hold the reins.

Behold the shape of the letter "R," the Rune Rita: the vertical line is the spinal column of the ritter (the rider of the horse), his face is made by the 45-degree upper angle, and the arm that is holding the rein is made by the small lower line underneath his face and projected to the right.

The spinal column is the Rune Is, and the face and arm are a flipped Rune Sig. Both runes represent the Divine Mother – she is the one who searches the reins and the hearts, and will give unto every one according to their deeds.

Thus, what Revelation 2:23 states is sexual; it is related to the creative force of the Ray of Creation. It does not mean that someone will come and punish you; rather, it means that if you use your sexual force in the wrong way, you will suffer the consequences physically and psychologically, even if it were not written in the Book of Revelation. Study the anatomy of the physical body and you will realize that the kidneys are related with the sexual force and the heart. In this day and age, it is broadcasted that if you have problems with your heart, you should not take pills that increase your sexual strength. Why? Because sexual strength is related to the flow of blood. So these pills that men take in order to have the sexual erection, very common and well-known in this day and age, are related to the heart – they are pills that increase the flow of blood going into the male organ to create an erection. Yet sexual strength is also related to the kidneys. So, when Revelation 2:23 states, "I am the one who searches the kidneys and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your deeds," this is absolutely a sexual statement.

Now you understand why Ehe and Not are the runes of our physical Natura: NOT - UR - EH, nature. As you can see, the English word "nature" is formed by the Rune Not, the Rune Ur and the Rune Ehe. Ehe could also be Ra, as in the Latin "natura."

The Rune Not teaches us how to negotiate our karma. So when an event related to karma comes into your life, work with the Rune Not through an exercise that you perform by combining the Rune Not with the Rune Ehe. The Rune Not, which is the Law of God and falls into Geburah according to your deeds, is the opposite of the Rune Ehe, which is mercy from God.

We practice the Rune Not by balancing Mercy and Justice within us. This is not only an exercise – you have to already know what karmic debt you want to negotiate, which is the reason why perform the practice. Behold that the exercise of the Rune Not relates to karma negotiation:

We alternately combine the Rune Ehe and the Rune Not – left and right, right and left – while vocalizing: NA - NE - NI - NO - NU. Through this, by balancing Mercy and Justice within us, we ask for the help that we are begging to receive from the Divine Law. But please understand that prior to performing this runic exercise, you also have to comprehend in meditation the karmic reason why you are doing it.

Mercy and Justice reminds us the work that Abraham in the Bible shows through his initiation. In the Invocation of Solomon we pronounce the following verse:

Mercy (Chesed) and Justice (Geburah), be ye the equilibrium and Splendor (Tiphereth) of my life.

So we are Tiphereth, the human soul that through knowledge is acquiring equilibrium on the path. Study the story of Abraham, in which he receives the first initiation of Major Mysteries, which is symbolized by the engendering of Isaac, his son. Then the Rune Not, Justice, come against him, and Jehovah Elohim appears to him and says:

Abraham: and he said, Behold, here I am. And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of. – Genesis 22:1, 2

If you read the former quotation literally, you might think that Abraham is going to kill his own physical son. This is wrong: understand that this is a symbol of the work that we do with karma. Sometimes in your path you are doing something good, you are developing, and then the Law comes to punish you: you have developed spiritually, and materially you have a house, but remember that in your past life you were exploiting people. Now, in the first initiation, according to karma, you have to lose something – non-attachment will balance your psyche. Thus, you are working with the Law, with Geburah, which as we Kabbalistically know, is working through Isaac. Then the Divine Law decrees: this is what you love the most, right? You worked for this through your life. Well, now you have to sacrifice it, you are going to lose it. But the Gnostic knows very well how to negotiate with the Law and he says: the Law, the Rune Not, the law of karma is against me now – what do I have to do? I have to negotiate with the Law, and for that I have to balance my psyche. I am going to work with the Rune Ehe, the sexual energy, the matrimony, to be chaste. Through Ehe I will receive mercy (Chesed).

Kabbalistically, who are Chesed and Geburah? We have said many times that Chesed is Abraham and Geburah is Isaac. So Abraham is going to sacrifice Isaac because the Divine Law (Rune Not) that descends from Chokmah (יהוה) into Geburah is against him. But then, because of the negotiation, because of the work that he is doing for others, the angel of Geburah appears and holds his arm:

And the angel of יהוה called unto him out of (the) heaven (of Geburah), and said, Abraham, Abraham: and he said, Here am I. And he said, Lay not thine hand upon the lad, neither do thou any thing unto him: for now I know that thou fearest Elohim, seeing thou hast not withheld thy son, thine only son from me. And Abraham lifted up his eyes, and looked, and behold behind him a ram caught in a thicket by his horns: and Abraham went and took the ram, and offered him up for a burnt offering in the stead of his son. – Genesis 22:11-13

This means that what you love the most (after יהוה) will not be sacrificed; you are forgiven. The Divine Law is now in your favor. In order to do what you have to do, and in order to receive forgiveness, you have to sacrifice this lamb. Likewise, this does not literally mean (as people think) that Abraham found an innocent lamb and killed it. Listen: the ram or the lamb symbolizes the forces of Aries, the head, which is the way that Chokmah (the right side of the brain, the Divine Law) negotiates that karma by sacrificing this instead of that, by losing what you have to lose, by giving what you have to give – that is, by compassion. You have to do something, to sacrifice something for others.

I remember in the past when I saw the law of karma coming against me. I thought: "I have to do a negotiation," and so I did it. While in meditation, I said: "I promise that I will accomplish this if you take this karma from me." So they did, and I accomplished week after week what I had promised, until they told me: this is enough, your sacrifice is taken, and that karma was taken out from you. This is what I experienced by working with the Rune Not. So when you practice the Rune Not you can do karmic negotiations.

Samael Aun Weor explains in his book on runes that we also exercise the Rune Not by remembering our past lives during meditation. You sink into yourself and ask to your Innermost: "Show me my past lives." If you are receiving very strong karma, then meditate and say: "Why am I receiving this type of karma?" Then the answer, the cause, is found in your past lives, because karma is cause and effect. Thereafter you do the negotiation and say: "Please take this karma out of me and I promise to do such and such," Believe me: if it is a negotiation that can be done, that karma is taken out of you – but you have to pay. If that karma is taken out and you do not pay what you promised, then that karma will come back even more heavily for you.

So if you do this type of negotiation that Master Samael explains in his books, you have to accomplish what you promise, because if you do not do it you are playing with the Law. Karma is not like the law created by the humanoids of this planet, since they play with it. The judges and lawyers play with this invented law, and make a big game of it, but with the Cosmic Law you cannot play. If you promise and make a negotiation you have to accomplish it otherwise the Kaom inside of you will accuse you. Remember that the Master Samael Aun Weor talks about the Kaom. The police of karma, the Kaom, is one part of Geburah in you, related to the inheritance that you receive from your Cosmocreator. The Kaom is the internal police. Each one of us has that Kaom inside that emerges within those intimate regions where love is missing. It is impossible to flee from the agents of karma, since inside of each one of us exists the police who inevitably will conduct us toward the cosmic tribunals. If you wonder how the law of karma is controlling all these billions of people, the answer is easy: the police inside of you take you when you commit a mistake. Everything is written in the Akashic records, and you cannot escape from your own consciousness. The soul is lost when the people do not feel remorse, because remorse comes from the internal Kaom that accuses you, that tells you: "You did this; sorry, but now do you feel remorse? I have to tell the Lords of Karma up there about what you did. That is my mission, that is my duty as an archetype within your consciousness, and it is for your own good."

So when you go in the temple of the Lords of Karma and you ask for your book, they have your book, within which is written all good and evil deeds that you have done. You might say, "How did they write all of this? Who wrote it?" Listen: you wrote it! Part of you yourself wrote it, that is, your inner Kaom, your internal police, your conscience. You have to understand that.

When you are performing the sexual act in the right manner and you are transmuting your sexual force, who do you think is the one who informs the Lords of Karma? "This fellow is doing very well." It is the Kaom, of course. But when you fall, the Kaom says: "This fellow is doing the effort but still is falling, you know"; it is the Kaom also informing about it. So you cannot escape from the Law. You cannot escape from your own Being. He knows very well what you do. Thus, you cannot hide from God. You can hide from your sister, from your mother, from your father and secretly do bad things without anybody seeing you, but God is watching you. The Kaom is watching you, looking at you, and so the law of karma knows everything that you do. But if you think that what you do is good, listen, your Kaom knows what is good and what is bad, so you have to learn from him. What you have to see is that the Law is an angel inside of you; if you still have that connection with your inner Kaom, good for you, because then you have good judgment within you when you are acting. When bad karma comes to you, you have to perform the Rune Not in order to negotiate it or develop your inner Mercy and Judgment.

The Master Samael Aun Weor also explains that in order to develop remorse of conscience or to develop that internal judge that will give you that remorse (because remorse is what we need), we need to be masters of good end evil we need to know what is good and what is evil. We need to know the evil from the good and the good from the evil. And how will we know that? By liberating the internal Kaom, the internal judge inside of us; by performing the Rune Rita. You perform the Rune Rita by executing its shape with your body. Remember that the symbol of the Rune Rita (when doing its shape with the human body) is related with Geburah, with Tiphereth and with Hod. These three Sephiroth show us how to manage the force of Rita, remorse. Then you chant:

Rrrrrraaaaaa Rrrrrreeeeee Rrrrrriiiiii Rrrrrroooooo Rrrrrruuuuuu

While concentrated in Kether (the First Law), in Geburah (your internal Kaom), in Tiphereth (your human soul), and in Hod (your Astral force). This is how you imagine the Ray of Creation coming from your head into your liver, into your heart, into your spleen – because through them acts remorse, your karma. So the Rune Rita will develop internal judgment within you, which is what we need.

If you still feel remorse when you do something bad, that is good, and to develop more remorse is even better. People exist that do not have remorse, and when they do bad things they feel like heroes. This is really bad, since they are far from the inner Monad – so they need to perform this Rune a lot in order to liberate their internal judgment. They must also practice the Rune Ehe. Remember that Ehe develops mercy. It develops when you manage the forces of matrimony, the forces of your kidneys, your horse. And finally, you should perform the Rune Not when karma is against you.

However, remember that there are two types of karma that cannot be negotiated. Once those karmas have entered into action, you have just to accept them and say: "Okay, that is the will of my inner Kaom." That karma is something that you are receiving because of the action of past lives or actions of this present life. For example, if you drink a lot of alcohol, your liver will have a lot of sickness (for instance, cirrhosis). Resign to that karma if it is already there. What can you do? Take medicine, do whatever is good for you. There are certain karmas that you cannot negotiate, namely: Kamaduro and Karmasaya. Kamaduro is related with fornication, Karmasaya with adultery. Kamaduro and fornication are related with Lilith, the origin of fornication: orgasm, spasm, animal behavior. In other words, Lilith is the desire inside of us. The origin of adultery is Nahemah. All of us are stamped on the forehead with those forces, Kamaduro and Karmasaya. All of us have that karma. Karmasaya relates to the heart, when you emotionally suffer in your heart because somebody betrayed you.

You cannot negotiate Karmasaya unless the person who is betraying you changes his or her behavior. But when a person acts against you in that way, it is because you deserve it. This is the law of cause and effect. If you protest against Karmasaya and say: "But I am a meek sheep, I am good, I do not deserve this," then the Law says: "Okay, here is another ton of that Karma for you, so that you will learn." And if you do not learn, then more and more weight is added. But when you say: "Okay, I am guilty and I receive the punishment," then that Karmasaya dissolves more quickly for you. Unfortunately, all of us feel that we are innocent, and that we do not deserve that Kamaduro or Karmasaya. Remember, negotiation is possible if it is not Kamaduro or Karmasaya that is already acting. For instance, Kamaduro is cancer for all this humanity. Whether you are Gnostic or not, you will die of cancer – or maybe another type of sickness, since fornication causes different types of sicknesses, among them cancer, AIDS and many others. Kamaduro causes earthquakes, tsunamis, different revolutions. It is the Law in action and it is not because we are meek sheep, but because we deserve it.

If we want to negotiate our own karma, here are two practices.

Practice #1

The practices of the Rune Not take us to the practice of Pranayama – that is to say, to the wise and intelligent combination of solar and lunar atoms. You must profoundly inhale the vital air, the Prana, the life, through the right nostril, and exhale it through the left nostril while mentally counting up to twelve. Then after, inhale through the left nostril and exhale through the right one, and vice versa. Continue with this exercise for ten minutes. In this practice, you must control your nostrils with your index finger and your thumb. Afterwards, you must either sit down or lay down in dorsal decubitus (on your back, facing upward). With the body relaxed, concentrate and try to remember your past lives.

Rune NotPractice # 2

If you require the assistance of Anubis and urgently need to negotiate with him, then you must open your arms to the sides. While in this position, you must form the rune by placing one arm at an angle of 135 degrees and the other arm at an angle of only 45 degrees.

The arm which is forming the angle of 45 degrees will move in order to form an angle of 135 degrees, and the other arm will move to form the angle of 45 degrees. During this exercise, you must alternately chant the Mantras:

NA...., NE...., NI...., NO...., NU...., while having your mind concentrated on Anubis, the Chief of Karma. In this manner, beseech him for the negotiation you wish, and ask him for the help urgently needed. You must observe well the form of the Rune Not, imitating this sign with your arms. The right and left arms must alternate in their movements.

Read the book "The Gnostic Magic of the Runes." In it you will find more explanations.

Questions and Answers

Q. About negotiation, can you promise to do something small...

A. When you negotiate a karma, you have to promise to do or to give what you can do or give. Do not promise something that you can not do or give. For instance, if you say: "Anubis and his 42 judges, take this karma from me and I promise that I will give away a million dollars every month." Well, can you do that? Maybe a billionaire can do that, but billionaires are not going to do anything like it. People who are rich are not thinking in doing negotiation like that.

You have to promise what you can give. In my case, when I negotiated my karma, many years ago, I gave what I could. I said, every week I will do this, and every week I did it and did it, for many years, until somebody came and said: "It is enough, do not do that anymore, we are going to do it. Why do you think you can go on doing this forever?

"No, I am not."

"Ok, we are going to do it."

"Okay," I said.


I did not even open my mouth. My negotiation had finished.

Q. In the Bible, what passage mentions that the division of sexes was made on animals before of that of humans?

A. It is shown in Genesis when it says:

It is not good that Adam should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. [...] And out of the ground Yod-Havah Elohim formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof. And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; [then it is added] but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him. – Genesis 2:18-20

This shows that the first division was amongst every beast and every fowl which were brought to Adam; and after that animal division of sexes Genesis says:

And Yod-Havah Elohim caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which Yod-Havah Elohim had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto Adam.
And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. – Genesis 2:21-23

So everything came according to evolution, according to natural steps: first the lower kingdoms, the animals, and then the human kingdom. The division of sexes appeared first in the animal level and then in the human level. Unfortunately, humans fell into fornication and started to mingle with beasts, and from that mixture emerged what we call now gorillas, chimpanzees, and orangutans. They are the outcome of an accident on this planet, and only on this planet.

Q. Did everyone mingle with the beasts or did there remain some pockets of pure humans?

A. Yes, of course, there were some pockets of human beings that were pure, that never mingled with beasts, and that is what the Bible calls Seth, the third son of Adam and Eve. Even up to today there are some pure Lemurians in certain special parts of the Earth. Nevertheless, most of the billions of inhabitants of this planet are the outcome of that mixture, because we have a lot of animal. That is our problem, and that is why we have to defeat Nahemah first, and then Lilith, and that is the work that we have to do through self-realization. All the great avatars and messengers came in order to teach us how to defeat the animal nature that we inherited because of the mistake of our parents, the Lemurian Race, and because of the mistake of the Cosmocreators with the comet Kondoor, and because of the merciless Heropass. This is precisely the story of the Universe.

Q. Is there a reason why in the Pranayama version of the Rune Not we begin to inhale through the right nostril, when in most versions of Pranayamas that I have seen we begin to inhale through the left nostril?

A. In men, the right nostril is related with the Moon and the left nostril is related with the Sun, while in women they are reversed. The way just described is the way that we have to do it. Remember that that Pranayama is related with Ida and Pingala, with the two forces of Ehe and Not, Mercy and Justice, to the equilibration of our own forces. If you meditate on it you will find many reasons, but always remember that Ida and Pingala are opposite in the man and the woman.

Q. Can we negotiate Kamaduro – or cancer, for instance – before it appears?

A. Yes. Once the Kamaduro is in action, no matter what you do, is not negotiable. But if you know – and all of us know that we have that type of Kamaduro or Karmasaya, none of us are meek sheep, all of us are cut with the same scissors – then you have to say: "My God, if I have this kind of sickness, could I have it at the end of my work? Because if it comes in the middle I will die, and that is not good." Sometimes mercy acts in your favor, and your Innermost or Chesed (which is mercy) arrives and says: "My son (the human soul) entered the path, and according to karma, my son has to die of cancer. Can we hold this karma until the end, because it is not active yet?" And the Masters of the Law might say: "Yes, if your son works good; if he does not, well, in accordance with this karma, he has to die at the age of 30. He is 25 now. Okay, we will hold this sickness until the age of 70, what do you think?" "Good, I will work with him." But in any case, you will have to pay it through cancer. So it is negotiable in the sense that you can receive it sooner or later, but in the end it is not negotiable because sooner or later you will receive it. Generally speaking, "negotiable" means that you have to suffer in a certain way, but the karma is taken out because you are doing something else instead. In the case of Abraham, he is going to kill Isaac but the angel says: "No, do not kill him, there is a sheep there instead." It is exchangeable. Kamaduro and Karmasaya are not exchangeable. Whether you pay now, later or whenever, you have to pay it with pain and suffering, because these are karmas against the Holy Ghost, which is the sexual energy. All sins are forgiven except Kamaduro and Karmasaya.

Q. In previous lectures it was mentioned that God and ego will not mix. How was the Ain Soph Aur infected with ego if God and ego will not mix?

A. The Ain Soph Aur was not infected with ego. The infection was the outcome of certain sins of the soul (the consciousness), because at that height where the Cosmocreators (those Being that achieved perfection and entered into the Solar Absolute) are, they already have no ego but still they need to balance certain elements which are very subtle. When I said they had no ego, I meant it in the sense of the ego that we have, very gross and animal. This is related to other topics that we need to learn about by listening to our previous lectures on the Paramitas. It relates to certain types of errors related with the soul, mistakes in which we find no perfection because there are certain subjective elements that we need to find. But do not worry about that, because you first have to escalate to higher initiations in order to reach those levels. Gurdjieff and Master Samael talked about those sins of the soul. Those elements still were not equilibrated within those sacred individuals, so when they into the Solar Absolute it caused a disequilibrium. I repeat: you need to meditate a lot in order to understand that, because it is not like the ego that we see in this day and age, very animal and degenerated. These types of elements are called "sins of the soul."

Q. Can a person pay another person's karma?

A. No, unless that person marries the other person and shares their Karma. Then they could do negotiations like that. Or, the only one that can forgive karma is Christ. If you reach the level of Tiphereth and choose to renounce nirvana and work for your fellowmen, then Christ incarnates in you and helps you to deal with your karma. Christ is the only being that can do it. And, sometimes, if someone interferes in the karma of others without respect for the Law, the disrespectful one will take the karma and will die together with the other one. Karma is karma. It is like saying: you have to die with this gunshot, because you committed suicide in your past lifetime, but I am going to take that bullet instead of you. I will die and the other person will die too, because it is his karma. So, no, another person cannot take unless it is a Cosmocreator. But I repeat, he has to incarnate in you as a savior in order to help you to negotiate. Yes, an awakened being can negotiate for you, saying: "I am going to do it, because you are not capable of doing it. Thus, we are going to do that negotiation for you. Do you agree to that?" "Yes." Then he can do it for you, but you have to do the work for such a negotiation, not the master – otherwise, what will be the benefit of it? You will be lazy, receiving the help and doing nothing – that would really be a waste of time. It is through karma that you learn your mistakes. If somebody does it for you, I do not see how you are going to learn.